Snoop Dogg calls Trump ‘racist’

Snoop calls Trump a racist/YouTube

Snoop Dogg rips President Trump.

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LOS ANGELES — Right now it’s open season on President Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg is the latest to put the Commander-in-Chief between the crosshairs of a social media rifle. The Dogfather went postal on Trump’s deportment during an Instagram Live polemic on Wednesday, calling him a racist for “disrespecting every color in the world.” Snoop also issued an ultimatum to whoever wins the presidential election. “So, me and my homeboys sittin’ up here talkin’ about all the people that President Trump disrespected. Women, gays, transgenders, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and now veterans,” Snoop ranted.

“Hmm… seems like he’s disrespecting every color in the world and everything that ain’t what he is, which is a racist. With that being said, the people that voted for him got exactly what they wanted. He gave ’em what he said he was gon’ give ’em. So, the next muthaf*cka, you better tell us what we gon’ get for your vote. You better show up and deliver, period. We just want some peace, love, equality, and tranquility for everybody. All lives. Just basic conversation. Now carry on.”

Do you agree with Snoop?

Is Trump a racist?

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  1. The Good Reverend Dr Isaacs Sr

    Snoop will be apologizing to Trump in a few days. He has no morals, values, ethics or intellectual consistency.

  2. MisanthropikOne

    Snoop became one of the biggest hypocrites in hip-hop. He needs to revisit his catalog before opening his mouth.

  3. Rafer Singleton

    only the extremely stupid, the racist, and the regiously insane vote trump or any republican.

  4. Snoop used to Fuck with trump but woke culture turned him to a bitch.Blacks4Trump2020.

  5. Snoop is apparently now Cardi B style Democrat spokesperson for Joe “1994 crime bill” Biden and his locking up of millions of black Americans and poor white Americans with the laws Joe Biden WROTE under Reagan, George H.W. Bush (Daddy-Bush) and first two years of Clinton presidency while Joe Biden was leading Senate’s Judiciary Committee and Democrats had a MAJORITY and Snoop loves the trans and LGBTQ movement and is a saint like Politically Correct figure now?

    Maybe Snoop has forgotten all about the insults Snoop directed himself towards “Women, gays, transgenders, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians” through his career and how Snoop worked as a recruiting tool for Crips for his whole career and is probably responsible for tens of thousands of black youths joining Crips and doing long bids in prison because of the laws Joe Biden wrote?

    Crips are robbing Mexican street vendors in LA but Snoop has NOTHING to say about that.
    Two sheriffs deputies just got shot in the head in LA in Compton and Snoop is SSHHHH Crickets about that too.

    Trump bad, Trump bad is the message from Snoop because Trump does not speak so nicely toward people who attack Trump but Snoop himself rapped about murdering people.

    At the same time Joe Biden has promised amnesty and US citizenship for all the ILLEGAL immigrants currently in USA that number 29.5 million according to MIT-Yale study from 2018 and that means 29.5 million new voters for Democrats making black vote totally meaningless and leading to many black Democrats being primaried by latinos and voted out by latinos and 29.5 million new potential users for SNAP-EBT, Section-8 housing, state welfare, federal tax credits, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that is guaranteed to lead to cuts in all of these programs for poor Black Americans and poor white Americans and the Joe Biden amnesty will attract tens of millions new ILLEGAL immigrants to come to USA to try to get into the Joe Biden amnesty and get US citizenship by lying they have been in USA before whatever the cut-off date is for the Joe Biden amnesty for current ILLEGAL immigrants to get amnesty and US citizenship or wait for the next amnesty and these tens of millions new ILLEGAL immigrants will even further lower/stagnate American working class wages more than the 29.5 million current ILLEGAL immigrants have already done and these tens of millions new ILLEGAL immigrants will steal tens of millions more jobs from Americans than the 29.5 million current ILLEGAL immigrants have already stolen.

    Snoop should STFU since he is an ignorant idiot at the mental level of Cardi B.

  6. Snoop is a fuckin idiot

  7. He’s worried about every color in the rainbow but has the nerve to publically disrespect black women. Black men and their armor for everyone but home.

  8. “We just want some peace, love, equality, and tranquillity for everybody”…and which human can make this possible Snoop? NONE!

  9. Snoop wears perms and fingernail polish.. Auntie snoop

  10. Amen, Snoop!

  11. Snoop the GOAT

  12. kingjaffe joeffer

    Snoop disrespected the same ppl go listen to his albums….

  13. A straight up G….love snoop

  14. Snoop you hit the nail on the head love you

  15. Cheryl Hoffman

    Snoop, I am discouraged in what you are saying. I had more faith in you than that


  17. God Bless that man

  18. F Snoop!!! Cornball

  19. SNOOP D O DOUBLE GEEE!!! 💯🇬🇷

  20. Bomb hills Not countries

    Snoop , just stick to the fakery G your better at acting then worrying about politics fam.

  21. Love me some Snoop reminds me of my brother lol

  22. future millionaire

    😂😂😂😂😂!!!snoop for president 2020!!

  23. preach,Snoop!

  24. If y’all vote for Biden I hope y’all get exactly what u deserve

  25. If snoop hated Trump so much then why did he take so many pictures with him over the years. countless rappers have mentioned wanting to be like Donald Trump in their rap songs. Seems like Trump’s only been labeled a racist after he became president to control the black vote.

  26. Uneducated af

  27. nxislayer宇宙戦争

    tell it how it is Snoop!

  28. Bobby Boombatz

    Snoop is lost 😢

  29. @FUN-TIME: Shut up Trump is racist and homophobic

  30. Snoop keeping it 💯
    Anyone thinking otherwise is a racist Trumptard. Suck on COVID-19

  31. Snoop dog is a sellout!!!

  32. Minerva Ortega

    Love Snoop Dogg 👏👏👏👏

  33. Fuck the president

  34. Bruno Genovese

    Dont need advice from rift raft clown I have my own mind to decide whom I vote for & surely wont vote for any scum democrat get it!!!!

  35. F*** Snoop!!!!!!!! 2pac 100%

  36. Leighton Fleming



  37. Tattered SilveRado

    Fuck Snoop

  38. Gangster Pranksters

    Obviously snoop been smoking too much weed

  39. For me Snoop Dogg is more patriot than most of US citizens

  40. Snoop is a wanna be ass gangsta…snitched in his murder case back then..then paid his way outta DEATH ROW..WITH NO LIMIT STEPPIN IN TO SO CALL HELP HIM OUT TOO..LMAO..HE IS A PUPPETEER… hate on that facts….

  41. Valore Dramack

    Anyone who votes for Donald Trump is a Nazi Clown.

  42. Snoop dog for president 2020

  43. Ramoune Romero

    Imagine sharing a blunt with doggy snoop

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