Cardi B & Offset are getting a divorce, irreconcilable differences is the reason

Cardi B and Offset calling it quits/

Cardi B & Offset gettin’ a divorce.

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ATLANTA — You can stick a fork in Cardi B’s marriage because it’s done. The 27-year-old rapper-turned-politician and her husband Offset are callin’ it quits after three years of holy matrimony. Cardi filed dissolution documents in Georgia on Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences. She’s asking the court for primary physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Kulture. But, to keep things amicable, she’s eschewing child support. Cardi is, however, seeking “an equitable division of all marital assets” which insinuates there’s no prenuptial agreement.

The hip-hop couple got hitched in 2017 after Offset proposed at the Philly Powerhouse concert. The Migos star got on bended knee in front of thousands of screaming fans and said “marry me.” Shortly after they both said “I do,” Cardi accused Offset of bangin’ other chicks and it’s been a bumpy ride ever since.

Do you agree with their decision to divorce?

Is Offset a serial cheater?

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    Cardi B can get another Offset but that nigga can’t get another Cardi B. I’d be sick bout that.

  2. When a woman is done with you…… it will come as a surprise. Stay cheating Offset. Cardi is better off without you!

  3. I knew they wouldn’t last. Cardi deserves way better than cheater Offset

  4. High quality men will never respect or look in the direction of the likes of Cardi B. Don’t thot it up and expect to land a high quality man.

  5. Once a cheater always a cheater 💔

  6. Gerardine Cizmar

    Good for her for finally waking up. He is a serial cheater and needs to be neutered.

  7. In Vino Veritas

    Offset was thinkin about Candace Owens while he slept with Cardi……

  8. Oh give it 2 more hours she will take him back. She’s not going nowhere!

  9. Great news. Time to make my move..

  10. cant turn a stripper into a housewife

  11. Candace Owens is like checkmate biaaatchhh

  12. Apparently white Male privilege is the cause of this divorce 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Daaaaayyyyuuum

  14. Well I guess that 🐱 wasn’t WAP enough

  15. Lmao don’t get married men


  17. Guess he couldn’t handle dat wap

  18. 🔴 Guess that W.A.P. really wasn’t all that after all.

  19. This is the best decision of her life. Offset always cheat on her, I hate him. Be strong Cardi, I love you

  20. You never know what you have till it’s gone… Good for Cardi. He’s ugly and a cheater… once a cheater, always a cheater

  21. I know y’all hate cardi but show a little respect y’all the girl just filed for divorce for her cheating husband

  22. Why would ANYONE divorce such a FINE specimen of a woman?????

  23. Offset got back together with Cardi because she started winning awards!!.I never thought these two belonged together in the first place
    Now their daughter Kulture will be like her siblings,Momma minus Daddy!!

  24. Allison McCall

    That is really sad and pray that they can reconcile I hate to see people divorce no matter what anyone says we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors

  25. Good for her. She’s better off without him.

  26. Didn’t She Sang in her Song She Don’t Cook and Clean and Still got a Husband because her Sugar Bowl Was So Good and Wet…I’m a OG and I know good and well If You are a Great Cook and Keep a Clean Home It Will Back Your Play No Matter What…She Lost Me with That part of the Song

  27. scary scary slowly


  28. Candace Owens Destroyed her career & Offset destroyed her WAP.

  29. Good job girl. Don’t stay with an unfaithful man

  30. Go on top of a mountain and beg for her back lmao

  31. Sorry not sorry

    I guess her wap is not as good as advertised. 😁

  32. We all knew this would end in divorce🙄. Common sense

  33. Cardi is a queen 👸🏻 and offset is a king 🤴🏿 at the end of the day BUT if The queen don’t see that then🤫🍷🦾🔑

  34. Bouquet of Roses


  35. That’s that karma catching up from when she used to drug and rob dudes

  36. The saying goes ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER. You can’t fix that shit.

  37. These hoes think that marriage is going to erase who they are. The only people you are fooling is the idiots who will repeat your mistakes.

  38. Lol offset got tired of cardi ugly ass 💯💯💯

  39. This is a stripper that slipped mickeys to men in order to rob them… she got the baby connection and she out… the hustle is real…

  40. Cardi is more successful than him. Not good for his ego…….

  41. I can barely understand her speech. Regardless, she sickens me. She’s the type who’d fart in your face, thinking it’s funny. And the sound effects she makes, the mispronunciation of words? She’s awful all around.

  42. Zachary Alcock

    Her wap wasn’t wap anymore

  43. Nigga finna have hella hoes after they split

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