Attorney General William Barr compares coronavirus lockdown orders to ‘slavery’

William Barr in hot water/Getty Images

Attorney General attacks governors. 

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WASHINGTON — Attorney General William Barr ruffled some feathers on Wednesday when he drew parallels between coronavirus lockdown measures and slavery. The corpulent barrister called the national stay-at-home order the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties [in U.S. history] other than slavery.” Barr, 70, voiced the juxtaposition while speaking at a ‘Constitution Day’ celebration at Hillsdale College in Michigan. “You know, putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders, is like house arrest,” he told the event’s host as the audience erupted with a round of applause. “Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.”

Barr also accused state governors of abusing their executive power to proscribe citizens and businesses from returning to work. More than 30 million Americans are claiming unemployment benefits. “Most of the governors do what bureaucrats always do, which is they … defy common sense,” he fumed.

“They treat free citizens as babies that can’t take responsibility for themselves and others. We have to give business people an opportunity, tell them what the rules are (regarding face masks)… and then let them try to adapt their business to that, and you’ll have ingenuity and people will at least have the freedom to try to earn a living.”

Barr believes the “Black Lives Matter” movement uses African Americans as props for a political agenda.

“They’re not interested in Black lives, they’re interested in props,” he said, referring to BLM proponents. “A small number of Blacks were killed by police during conflict with police — usually less than a dozen a year — who they can use as props to achieve a much broader political agenda.”

Do you agree with Barr?

Are Americans being enslaved?

Watch Barr sink his teeth into U.S. prosecutors.

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  1. Bill Bar is why I went from supporting the police to supporting de-funding of the police. Increasingly I recognize them as the problem, not the solution to crime.

  2. This is the dumbest AG I’ve ever heard.slavery was a conscious exploitation of black people by white people.covid-19 is a can’t compare the two

  3. The Goddamn Batman

    Barr needs to get disbarred.

  4. Lockdown is keeping people enslaved

  5. @It’s keeping people alive. you need to know the diffence.

  6. Barr is a POS skumbag that needs to be in prison.

  7. Good. Let put him in a room full of virus patients to see how he likes it…

  8. Legendary Saiyajin

    A fat old corrupt attorney general who knows he’s in for a deep legal shitstorm should his boss lose office. He’ll say anything to hold on.

  9. Benjamin Spence

    Its only “slavery” when the white privileged don’t get their way, for everyone else it’s a weaponized plague because of conditioned carelessness. I remember when the USA sort of cared about pulling together through hard times, but those days are long forgotten by the fascist anti-Christ hive mind.

  10. “I think that that statement by Mr. Barr was the most ridiculous, tone-deaf, God-awful thing I’ve ever heard,” said Senator Clyburn, long-time Black leader from South Carolina. “It is incredible, as chief law enforcement officer in this country, to equate human bondage to expert advice to save lives.”

  11. Love this! We need MORE men with chests like Barr!!! 💪🏼

  12. Barr’s a fat, ugly, blob just like his gluttonous orange boss.

  13. He’s right. All of you are slaves to the scientific technocratic elite and being used as pawns in a cold civil war between the communist/marxists who want to destroy America and the freedom fighters who are willing to sacrifice their reputation to save it. Take off the masks. Do your own research. Think for yourself. Stop your living your life in fear. These psychic vampires literally feed off your your ignorance, fear and desperation.

  14. Do we need any further evidence that neither William Barr nor Donald Trump is fit for office? Disgraceful!

  15. Comparing it to house arrest is somewhat reasonable I suppose, but slavery, is that how we’re going to play it? It’s like saying, “other than Hitler, who was a different kind of fascist, Trump is the worst fascist the world has ever known.” Surely our nation’s leaders can muster up more intelligence than this.

  16. What a horrible thing to say, masks don’t have chains, can’t whip you, can’t keep you from being sent away, can’t keep you from being raped , can’t take your name away, can’t take you from your country, MASKS can’t take your FREEDOM away, grow up people its called compassion for your fellow man

  17. everything he said is 100% spot on

  18. Slavery was 200+ years and 150 years of the aftermath! Fool!

  19. Patriot Spring

    Barr is correct. I didn’t vote for medical doctors to run the country.

  20. Ayomichi Izegbu

    Black folks from the African continent who were brought to America against their will, had no choice; they were not considered human, therefore there are no civil liberties to speak of. Comparing today’s idiots who don’t want to wear masks/ social distance to black humans who suffered for centuries….so shameful and morally reprehensible to even utter. I can’t wait to cancel Barr and Trump in November.

  21. Skinny Bones Jones

    Slavery?? No sir, TAXES the comparison is TAXES

  22. But is he wrong NO

  23. The antichrist trump and his minion barr is going to be the death of America. They are really doing what Russia sent them out to do.

  24. Darthmire Lives

    William Barr is the biggest “RACIST HYPOCRITICAL IDIOT EVER!!! IN ANY KIND OF POWER!!!

  25. Caroline Methvin

    Thank G-D for you Attorney General Barr.
    We face death of many kinds every day to deny people to worship is and choose to converse with each other leaves us in a place of disobeying G-D to serve government instead of G-D. Masks are okey and practicing social distancing reasonably is okey, but when it is private worship people choosing to risk sickness to worship should not be denied. Especially when we can go shopping or other things.
    War torn countries suffer such questions every day, they don’t shut down their religious societies.
    This really raises the question of the Senators and representatives and governors motives.
    Have you see the Agenda of Agenda 21?
    Thank you very much for being a sane voice for us who are law abiding lovers of The LORD.

  26. Rodeo Clown Obama

    reading the comments you’re all stupid indoctrinated morons

  27. Thank you AG Barr!!! Good man!

  28. Three seconds after President Biden is sworn in he should fire Fred Flintstone, uh, Bill Barr.

  29. This guy needs therapy , preferably having his fat neck stretched……….on a gallows.!!
    Only a few Blacks have died at the hands of racist police, so that’s OK ??
    This uprising is fermented by radicals……..REALLY ?
    “Barr, What about the generations of African descendants that have been exploited in every vile way possible with unimaginable racists……you revolting creep !! “

  30. Doesn’t look like he’s locked down from finding his refrigerator.

  31. Bulldog face Barr is nothing but a racist, lucerfarian puppet.

  32. Barr will tell you anything Trump tells him to

  33. Chris - Sol Mon

    It IS a form of slavery.

    Anybody who doesn’t think so has Stockholm syndrome.

  34. really,i would take this form of slavery
    over the normal form of slavery anytime . how is staying home and getting more money than i did when i worked 40 hours a week slavery * uck you bill barr! get your head out of your masters butt and do your job for the majority of people that pay your salary

  35. Norma Hamilton

    Bulldog face Barr is nothing but a racist, lucerfarian puppet.

  36. Karina Maksimova

    I agree with him, it’s a glorified flu. My friend’s mom died in a nursing home and they reported she died from covid even though she never got tested for it, and didn’t have the symptoms of it, she died of pnemonia. They apologized to her and said they didn’t think it mattered because they got more funds from the state if they reported it as a covid death. They got a lawyer to change the cause of death.
    My neighbors went to go get tested and left because the long wait times after filling out some paperwork, then two weeks later in the mail, they got a letter stating that they tested positive for covid even though they never got the test… they left before they got a physical test.
    The numbers are inflated and they just shut down our economy with the lies.

  37. Comparing slavery to wearing a mask is just soo ignorant 🙄 slavery was people being raped,tortured,beaten and human bodies used as a commodity. This just shows white privilege.

  38. This floating fat man is full of 💩 This swamp creature will be ousted along with this criminal, traitorous, incompetent administration when the floating fat orange imposter for a president is kicked out of the people’s house, and take your WS with you!

  39. Quarantine and wearing a mask 😷 is no where near slavery!

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