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Female passenger sees backstroking mermaid

Mermaid spotted in lake/YouTube

Black girl sees a f*ckin’ mermaid. 

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NASHVILLE — A black chick in Nashville, Tennessee set the Internet ablaze the other day after she claimed to have descried a “f*ckin” mermaid in the reservoir. The controversial sighting transpired at Percy Priest Lake. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the alleged sea creature swimming on the surface as the witness voiced a profanity-laced narrative from inside her vehicle. “I feel like I’m seeing sh*t but… this better not be what I mothaf*ckin’ think it is,” she exclaimed. “It’s a f*ckin’ mermaid, motherf*cker! It’s a f*ckin’ mermaid out there!” The video has gone mad viral on social media with millions of views. But nonbelievers are skeptical of the glimpse; mainly because other spectators at the scene were hardly fazed. “Nobody noticed this f*ckin’ mermaid in the sea,” the woman ranted. “I heard myths but I didn’t know it was true. Nobody sayin’ nothin.’ People out there just sitting, lookin’ at [her]. What the f*ck? It’s a f*ckin’ mermaid, man!”

Do you think mermaids exist?

Is this a sign something bad is about to happen?

Watch the video.

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  1. @Layne Jacobsen: Well who’s not to say they’re just as real as you and I. New species are constantly being discovered, just because we don’t have pile and piles of information or proof doesn’t me it’s not real.

  2. we all know that it’s not real and they don’t exist and will never exist so stop this shit

  3. The show mermaids was just on the other day on animal planet💯💙🔥

  4. I believe they exist. But dont go near them. They are demonic and evil.

  5. somebody shouldve pulled out a gun and shot it so we can see if mermaids can take a bullet

  6. This is the funniest shit Ive seen today. Aint no mermaid swimmin in that dirty ass water.

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