Joel & Anne welcome a baby

Joel and Anne welcome first child/

Joel and Anne welcome baby. 

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PHILADELPHIA — “Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…” NBA All-Star Joel Embiid is a new papa! The Cameroonian giant and supermodel fiancée Anne de Paula just welcomed their first crumbsnatcher together and, if everything goes as planned, they’ll undergo enough parturition to field a soccer team. The baby’s name is Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid. The lengthy moniker was concocted in remembrance of Joel’s younger brother, Arthur, who died in 2014 at the age of 13. The euphoric lovebirds made the announcement Thursday via Instagram and captioned it with a nativity photo of daddy cradling the child.

“We are so blessed and fortunate to welcome our little boy in this family,” Joel wrote.

“First of 11 or more? Trying to convince her but I’m not winning so far. I’m just trying to build a soccer team but for real I’m so excited for the future and my life has a new meaning. Kudos to Anne de Paula for being so strong and giving me the Greatest Gift our life can offer #GodisGood.”

Joel, a 7-foot center for the Philadelphia 76ers, played collegiately at Kansas University. The gigantic Jayhawk was drafted third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft. His KU teammate, Andrew Wiggins, was the No. 1 overall pick. Joel and Paula hooked up in 2018 and they’ve been bangin’ ever since.

Congrats big fella on your new bundle of joy!

That’s one down, ten more to go.

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  1. get ready to pay child support

    niggas never learn

  2. These brothers never learn uh ?

  3. Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger.

    But she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas.

  4. She gonna get paid. She’ll give him a short few years. Then she gonna get that money.

  5. She want the money

  6. Ruthless Lover

    she about to take that african nigga to the cleaners

  7. Phillip Carter

    Tricking???? She wouldn’t fuck with him without that 🍞

  8. These Black dudes cant get enough of the con Game. Money makes dating a black guy understandable. Would call him a sellout but he’s from Africa so does surprise me.

  9. Big titty britty

  10. Stay At Home Dad

    she will give him 2 mo’ babies then break up with him to get child support

  11. women will do whatever it takes for money

  12. She wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t in the nba

  13. Angel Gonzalez

    She hot 🔥

  14. Freelin Wildmon

    If I was an NBA player, I don’t know if I’d trust these girls👀

  15. Her career must not be going well haha

  16. Wilfri Castillo

    RIP Joel Embiid career he has fallen in to the trap of dalilah

  17. If these athletes wanna keep they money and wanna remain rich foreva, further leave these baddies alone. They don’t like u. They only like what you have to offer. And when they get tired of you, they gonna take half

  18. these black athletes need to leave these white girls alone

  19. Every man on the planet that has money is the target of gold diggers, so his potential danger is not unique. I think that many of the comments I’m reading have more to do with jealousy and hate than they have to do with concern about his wellbeing. 😁

  20. Oh my, why oh why do the YOUNG NBA players insist on getting so involved and having these babies without marriage? What is the rush? Why not have fun while you are so young and starting an NBA career? Of course I am an 81 year old granny so perhaps I really do not know what is happening!

  21. Mary jane James

    I hear eddy murphy: she’s gonna take halfffffffff of all your money🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  22. dude has to kneel to kiss his girl😂😂😂

  23. She hit the jackpot and will take everything he’s got. Another sucka!!!!

  24. They thought they needed white men with whips to keep y’all in line. All they really needed to do was put a white woman in front of you and you give up your future and soul lol.

    Is this ever embarrassing for black men?

  25. Why do people feel the need to put their two senses in people’s relationship? Let them live their lives and if it’s a mistake then it’s a mistake. Everyone needs to just worry about their lives.

  26. She’s fine , but no marriage he’ll no !!!

  27. Butterscotch Lolly

    Yo these NBA niggas really don’t get it do they. Watch when she hit him with that child support. There’s no such thing as true love. 😂

  28. that big nigga about to pay some serious child support

  29. Damn let the nigga live. Who cares if the Cameroonian wanted some brazilian booty? It’s His life. Not mine nor anyones

  30. Joel made the right choice

  31. white women submit, black women dont take nobody’s shit

  32. Slim and the Ragdolls

    @John John: This white woman doesn’t submit to a damn thing!

  33. “You big dummy!”

  34. Edward Russell

    Joel Embiid wanted to date r&b singer Rihanna but she rejected him and she turn him down after she told him call me when you became an All-Star. I remember that. Once he became an All-Star he turn her down on national TV. He wasn’t going to wait on her and for what for wasting his time. And i don’t blame him. Now people are going in on him because he’s dating and seeing different women. That’s he business. So let him live his life the way he wants to. Rihanna rejected him and turn him down. But there are other women out there. And he didn’t have time to wait on Rihanna. He moved on with his life. Good for him.

  35. he will be broke and homeless in 10 years

  36. Embiid got game, on the court and off.

  37. As a black woman I don’t care, I only support black unions 🖤and not to focus on interracial couples. As black ppl in general shouldn’t give energy to this 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s pointless

  38. Can a black woman enjoy a black man’s success for once

  39. I don’t blame Embiid for treating himself to a fine wht woman. Wht women have that sizzle, and they’re out performing blk women by major miles. These star’s want nothing but the best in life. …..quality wht women! !!!!

  40. Don’t trust these thots Joel 😂😭😭😭😭

  41. Remember when Embiid wanted Rihanna & she dissed him & said “ come back when you’re an All-Star.”? Now half of y’all mad because he got a white girl? 🤔 Can’t lie. Hate seeing black guys chase after white women just cause. Can’t blame him though if the black girl he wanted played him publicly. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  42. Chris Reynolds

    black women are sexier and prettier

  43. Snoopy The Beagle

    White women are better than black women 🙂🙂🙂

  44. @Snoopy The Beagle: White men are better than black men 🙂🙂🙂

  45. Mister Terrible

    We all the same color when the lights go out…

  46. the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

    If he wasn’t RICH, no pro-Black Bitch would be caring at all.

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