1. Waffle House Worker

    the shittiest song i ever heard

  2. it’s autotune

  3. Kygo scratching his head…

  4. Sounds terrible!!!

  5. this is a joke, right?

    he can’t be serious

  6. thats not singing

    it’s autotune

  7. His career is burning fast and so furious🤣

  8. Heather Everhart

    Eww I can’t unhear this

  9. Justine Glickman

    Ahhhahaha the audience killed me🤣 Also he sounded drunk in that speech.

  10. Hahaahhaahhaah holly…… shit!!!! I can’t!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha

  11. Omg my ears

  12. Milli vanilli comes to mind

  13. Worst crap of 2020…😄👎

  14. Give me Coronavirus now

  15. Id rather be held at gunpoint 💀

  16. the crowd dancing was painful to watch

  17. Anas Shahid 224

    Vins the man 😎

  18. this is garbage

  19. Kygo❤❤

  20. Look at all those slices of white bread dancing in the studio virtual audience……..pathetic.


  21. Oh Kygo, what have you done…This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in 2020, which is some statement.

  22. To all the comments saying he’s using autotune… Hey Sherlock, we know it’s autotune, that’s pretty much all it is, you’d have to be stone deaf not to hear that.
    It’s just Vin Dipshit talking, with autotune trying it’s best to make something listenable out of it. 100% Garbage

  23. Javier Mendes Farias

    People are so full of hate, i’m a big vin diesel fan i’m happy for him making what he enjoys, this comment section is so stupid.

  24. Sounds like my grandfather drowning in the pool

  25. A swing, and a miss….

  26. Not sure why theres so much hate. This is actually pretty good.

  27. Love💖👍🏽💖 it!!!

  28. Albert Sanchez

    it made my stomach turn 😂

  29. Tbh honest its a really good song didnt think vin would ever realise a song like this seeing him being a big dude you wouldnt think he could sing lol but overall i like it good job vin🔥💪

  30. this song looks, tastes and smells like shit

  31. Ain’t gonna lie… don’t hate it.

  32. This is bad!

  33. Sounds like he is being choked underwater. Total soft palette singing. Odd.

  34. This is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I’d rather listen to Andre the Giant take a shit after eating spicy food + way too much ice cream the night before. Ooof.

  35. Dwight Schrute Fan

    This is a good song you haters

  36. 🤯This a BOP for sure! ✌️🔥

  37. As a fan of trance, techno and house and all the things that came up since the 90’s, this is better then a lot of the shitty EDM songs coming out nowadays. Good one Vin.

  38. Give this guy a grammy already

  39. Love that voice!!!!💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏

  40. Nice singing dominic toretto🎤

  41. This is what trying to stay relevant during a pandemic sounds like….literally

  42. PaulieTheRainer 2

    Crazy how a 53 year old action hero, who has never released any music before, can suddenly make such a feel good chill vibe song. He sure is something and him doing this inspires me greatly. The goldfish just climbed a three

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