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Jaguar Wright: Mary J. Blige ‘secretly’ a lesbo

Mary J. on Jaguar’s hit list/YouTube

Jaguar Wright lambastes Mary J.

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DALLAS — R&B singer Jaguar Wright damn near broke the Internet the other day when she posted a tell-all video claiming Mary J. Blige is a closet homosexual. According to Jaguar, Mary was “turned out” by MC Lyte or Queen Latifah. “I can produce my own songs. I can sit down with a competent mix engineer and walk all the way through a mix. I can do those things Mary, can you?” Jaguar ranted. “What can you do, Mary? Other than play dress up and eat snatch in dark places hoping nobody finds out you’re gay. And If I’m lying, sue me Mary. If you got the heart, let’s do the Verzuz. Or if you want to apologize to me for the way you tried to destroy my career at its very beginning, you can do that too.”

Jaguar has been on a tear as of late when it comes to barking out outrageous assertions against prominent entertainers in the music industry. A few weeks ago, she said Common raped her back in the day. Jaguar also claimed Christopher Williams was forced to give Diddy a blow job.

Yes, that Christopher Williams — the “I’m Dreamin” singer who Nino Brown called a “pretty mothaf*cka!” 

Jaguar, 43, has collaborated with Jay-Z and ‘The Roots’ in the past so she has some clout.

Do you believe her?

Is she wrong for tellin’ everybody’s business?

Watch bombshell footage below.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. We all know Diddy is a bussy bandit, but this bitch is a messy weirdo that seems to make shit up about people. Can’t stand her type

  2. It’s not ok to maliciously out folks unless they’re being hypocritical or abusive to folks of the LGBTQIA community.

  3. She’s speaking nothing but truth you can see it in her eye’s that industry is twisted

  4. Jaguar W. you too real for some speaking can’t handle the FACTS💯

  5. They need to really sue the shit out of this women..she’s making tons of accusations the last few weeks..if there true that’s one thing but if there wrong how dare spread such bs across the web

  6. Talking a bunch of toxic shit about people after ur career isn’t where u want it to be isn’t some profound or honorable shit she’s doing. The sister should find her own peace instead of tearing down other black men and women which seems to be missed in all this. So people are more believable if they talk the loudest and say the most sensational shit? Those people she mentioned have moved on in life and don’t feel the need to entertain it. I hate this we gotta believe other black people just cause’ their black mentality some of us are liars and chasing clout too seriously. I hope Jaguar finds what she’s looking for and finds healing. This shit is tacky, messy, and trashy, and if people think this helps our community in any way ya’ll got some serious problems

  7. Wow…. all I can hear is Diddy saying take that… take that… take that… Ha ha

  8. When jaguar wright 1st came out with her claims against common, I believed and supported her. When she said what she said about Jill Scott and eryka badu, I believed her. Now with what she’s saying about Mary, meh, there could be some truth to it, But, even though I believe her and what she claims, I can no longer support her. I don’t like this malicious and vitriolic exposing tour that she’s on nor do I like the nasty hate filled homophobic attack that she made on armon wiggins’ sexuality. And now she’s outting Mary j as an alleged lesbian woman. No, no, no, I don’t want to hear anymore from jaguar wright. She’s angry bitter and hate filled, and really needs to seek therapy for that. She truly is miserable and unhappy and that’s a sad way to live life.


  10. Who is this chick?? I never heard of her until like month ago! Puffy is gonna make her disappear if she doesn’t stop it.

  11. I could see diddy doing this for dominance over other males to show he holds the power

  12. @Beautiful Soul: Exactly! She’s playing a dangerous game and playing with people’s mental health. Even if she knew that Mary is a Lesbian (allegedly) why not allow Mary to be the one to share her sexuality with the world? The fact that Jaguar even talked about the size of Common’s Peen, speaks a lot about her character. Very nasty and turning into a reality show except she isn’t even getting paid.

  13. This may be true but so what? It’s 2020 and black people are still sensationalising nonsense.

  14. Who is Jaquar Wright? What did she do in the music business? I never heard of her until she started coming for the Roots, Common and now Mary J. Why is she going after famous people, calling them out on things?

  15. There have been rumors for years diddy is gay and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true

  16. Jaguar Wright can’t do a versus with Mary J. Blige. In what world does she think their catalogs compare. It’s supposed to be apples to apples, not sunflower seeds to apples.

  17. She might be hating but I believe everything Jaguar is saying. People wake up. Whites are evil, white 😈. And we’re following their footsteps. We gotta do better as a people in every aspect of our lives. The truth hurts… I love Mary tho always, she’s still the Queen

  18. Jaguar Wright has serious mental health issues. She has totally killed her career. no one will ever want to work with her. shes smart and talented but lacks wisdom


  20. Bitter bitch syndrome at its worst…Mary is not gay…she’s always been tough. She let a bitch eat the box what 1 time now she gay…gtfoh and if she is so the fuck what it’s her business. First I’ve ever heard about it and now she’s gay…. yeah ok

  21. If Mary J. Blige is gay,SO WHAT!!!!. I am a fan of her music!!!! It’s about the music!!!!!!🎶🎵🎼🎧

  22. This shit is sad. Jaguar Wright needs help. She been supposedly dropping all these nuggets on the industry & the people in it & nobody gives a shit. She seems more on the side of being mad & angry her career ain’t poppin than anything else. Smh! She should concentrate on her own career & stop making a ass out of herself trying to take down others.

  23. I’m sorry maybe it’s me but I just don’t think it’s her place to tell other folks truths. Mary’s truth belongs to Mary. She just comes off as angry and bitter at everyone who’s made it further than she has.

  24. A great marketing and business strategy would have been to write a book, do a documentary and release new music(Jag is a great singer better than most) instead of these social media videos. Jag will amass millions of views, comments and likes from all of this. She will gain fans who support her position but none of it will give her more paper. This approach will not help her gain access to people who can make moves for her in the industry. Not one major news outlet has picked up this story on MJB, not one. Only secondary and tertiary social media outlets have done so. I think she is speaking truth on the industry. I think she did have bags grabbed that harmed her career but how she handled things after 2005 did as much harm if not more than any of these vampires in the business.

    No one will touch her now especially after she used cyberbullying tactics to out someone based on their sexuality, real or imagined. MJB will survive this with a very minor part of her fanbase, departing from her. MJB’s brand will take a hit, a minor one because the black community is not cool, on whole, with the gay thing. By in large though, she will continue to release music, act and tour, making millions and having the adoration of the industry/peers and her fan base. While Jag will become a social media superstar with very little to show for it. In the end, will it have been worth it? We shall see.

  25. You know what bothers me… She seems so pressed about everybody else and how they get they money, yet she be she is always crying about how they over looked heat, how they chose other people over her, how she fifnt get the kind of shine everybody else got… If the could have been Mary and got the styling and press and promotion mary got , she would be mums the word.. She wouldn’t be saying a damn thing about anyone cause she would be happy with through crumbs that fall and fall from the table. She mad mad. She mad that Mary made it with no talent and she didn’t with talent… Jag could get where the wants to be if she changed her approach on how to get there.

  26. Why believe a woman who is clearly insane? Please, question her agenda to slander LEGENDARY & SUCCESSFUL black artists—especially in the Black Lives Matter movement era. She is simply trying to get paid!

  27. I’m a little sad to see this. This is the 3rd interview I’ve seen with her blasting other folks business. I loved her music in college – very talented. What is the point of this? I’d prefer to hear new music from her instead of telling other people’s business. It’s also sad… bc she’s seems bitter & angry. The energy behind these interviews/podcasts she’s doing is real off to me… I don’t like this look on her. I like Jaguar too…

  28. I read in a tweet that she is trying to get money by black mailing people that she socialized with long time ago and she is mad because they don’t want anything to do with her today and she thinks this will put her on the map because I didn’t know anything about her until now but she will never be welcomed again in their circle. Her next stop is prison messing with our 💙 Mary J Blidge 💙 not only that, Mary suffers from depression she’s trying to make her feel bad and If she’s watching I hope it goes in one ear and out the other one. Don’t give her what she want and that’s attention. She’s talking about stuff that happened over a decade ago and she has no proof of what she is saying other than her mouth in these videos. Show the pictures and video’s you say you have bitch, I can’t stand that hoe! If she is telling the truth and have proof show it! Because anybody can say anything when their upset. If its true prove it. Somebody say’ prove it prove it prove it! She been holding a grudge for OVER ten years……

  29. MJB has received 9 grammy’s, 4 American music awards, 12 Billboard music awards and has 3 Golden Globe nominations, has released 13 albums she has sold over 50million albums in the U.S. and over 80million worldwide, Jaguar sit yo Bum ass down and stop being a HATER 🤢

  30. I initially thought OMG, what talent her voice is great. Now I am like enough. Shut it up already. So much hate and anger in her even if much of what she says is true. Move on, use your talent – if you have it left after so much heavy cigarette smoking. She has a grandiose sense of self. Shut it up. Many of us have talent and have not received fame and fortune. Get over it. Stop referring to God with that filthy mouth. Work on you getting better.

  31. Hmm. I sense this strange balance in Jaguar, she said Mary was a victim and became a victimizer. Taking what I know from Mary’s history and if what Jaguar is saying is true, then it should be easy to understand Mary’s pathology. Most Black artist have come into the industry as a way to escape the hell our oppressors created for us. While we shouldn’t condone the choices, actions and behaviors of people I think we should hold space for empathy. There’s no telling what choices we would make in someone else’s shoes and kudos to you if you do make the “right” choice. Everyone isn’t built that way. Jaguar herself have made mistakes as well. I dunno y’all, I don’t think she’s lying but I also wish there was a better way to hold people accountable then to drag and air them out. But hey, this is where we are.

  32. She’s just confirming what we knew all along. The industry is wicked. You only make millions when you sell your soul.

  33. This sounds like bitter shit. Like who in hip-hop in thise actually had a good contract? Hip-hop artist are still being robbed till this day but with that said back then when artist needed label support to succeed a bad contract was better then no contract so saying Mary was wrong for getting people signed is insane. And most r&b artist don’t write their own music especially back then which is why when Alicia Keys came out she was a big deal cause she was evolution of the singer writer.

  34. Personally, it wouldn’t matter to me one way or another if Mary is gay. It wouldn’t take away from the impact her music has had on my life (no pun intended). If she is gay though, I feel like that’s her business and her choice to come out when/if she wants to. That being said, I do enjoy these Jaguar Wright videos though. I can’t stop watching them.

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