Presidential Debate: Trump lost his cool, interrupts Biden, argues with moderator

Biden and Trump go to war/Getty Images

Biden & Trump going to battle. 

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CLEVELAND — Donald Trump showed his ass during the first presidential debate Tuesday night at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University. When he wasn’t busy interrupting Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a red-faced Trump experienced contretemps with moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News. “Will you shut up, man?” Biden, 77, told the Commander-in-Chief during one of their many wrangles. “You’re the worst president America has ever had.” Civil Rights Act be damned, all hell broke loose when Trump refused to denounce white supremacy and militia groups on national television with millions of Americans watching — telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

Huh? Stand by for what? Protests? Riots perhaps?

In case you didn’t know, the ‘Proud Boys’ is a far-right, neo-fascist, male-only organization that advocates and engages in political violence. Members believe white men and Western culture are under siege.

ANTIFA is the opposite of ‘Proud Boys.’

The debate became even more contentious when the president lambasted Biden’s son, Hunter, over his business dealings and narcotics addiction. “Hunter got thrown out of the military,” Trump said. “He was dishonorably discharged for cocaine use.” Hunter, if you recall, failed a drug test for cocaine roughly a month after being commissioned into the Navy Reserve. He was administratively discharged in 2014.

Biden, who appears to be in the embryo stages of dementia, defended his child.

“My son, like a lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem,” he recalled.

“He’s overtaken it. He’s fixed it. He’s worked on it, and I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son.”

Trump, 74, later accused the former Vice President of trying to turn America into a “socialist” country before adding he hasn’t done anything productive in 47 years of politics. According to pollsters, 62% of Americans believe Biden won the debate. Do you agree? Also, who has your vote? Biden or Trump?

Watch the showdown in its entirety.

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  1. Isn’t there a psychological term for interrupting people so they can’t clearly get their point across to confuse an audience? Because that’s what this host did to Trump the entire debate. The left will use any underhanded means necessary to misdirect their followers. And Americans see that. And that’s why Trump will win again.

  2. Trump is right with being him 40+ years in politics and this is their broken system
    Trump got only 4 years and changed a lot

  3. jessica kitsmiller

    This sounds like a discussion between me and my ex, not the president and the opposing presidential candidate. How did we sink so far to be so childish?

  4. The moderator pisses me off

  5. So as I’m listening to this “Me” So Biden in your 47 years in Sen. Why haven’t you done any of these things already And then your 8 years as VP so you mean to tell me now if you going to become President only now you’ll do these things Man GTFOH with That BS the American people really can’t be that dam stupid

  6. GeneralYordanov

    Stand up comedy at its best?!?!

  7. Maria Clara Klein

    In order to make the debate more organized, the speaker’s microphone could be muted according to the list of speakers. For instance, if one speaker is on a non-open debate and he/she has 2 minutes to speak, the other speaker’s microphone is muted and the speaking politician is subsequently muted after his/her time is over.

  8. Simon Le Hénaff

    For the next debate, they should maybe consider putting both candidates in seperate incased glass cubicles with headphones and a microphone. This way each candidate would have their 2 minutes of un-interrupted time to answer the question asked by the mediator. I feel sorry for the mediator having to deal with this, school children do a much better job in debates and they respect the time allotement given to their opponent.

  9. Hróðgeirsson's Saga

    Not on the side of either candidate, but why doesn’t the moderator have the ability to turn off the mic for whoever is interrupting or not following the rules established beforehand!? This should be a fix for the future debates. This is nuts!

  10. This is pure entertainment.

  11. Evangeline Alamares

    God help us!!!!

  12. “China ate your lunch, Joe! ”

    WTF does that even mean?!

  13. Bless the dude asking the questions! Biden tried to talk and Trump just talked over his answers the whole time so that Biden couldn’t even really reply. How is this okay??

  14. Biden, probably, won the presidency in this debate. Trump looked like a child.

    Trump seems to have no plans for the future, Biden tells the people what he would like to do, when he’s elected.

  15. Desiree' Steele

    i’m watching two 5yrs old fight

  16. Jonathan Patterson

    “Mr. President you agreed to 2 minutes uninterupt-” “JOE BIDEN’S SON!”

  17. dishonest clown vs stuttering dying old dumbie, please united states, get more parties.

  18. Title should be:
    President Trump vs Joe Biden & Chris Wallace

  19. Two 75 year old young boys quarrelling without constructive comments…. oh my ….God bless America. And one of them is going to lead America… can you believe it. Mr Obama, we all miss you ….. soooooooo much, please come back for your 3rd term.

  20. Twoofer Derper

    So proud of Joe, he knew where he was at and he knew what position he was running for.

  21. Rose millerson

    Why cant USA just choose a 30 year old president instead of these old farts?

  22. The self proclaimed greatest country in the world 😂😂 the rest of the world laughs at you ! Complete joke America is.

  23. 😭 this is embarrassing

  24. Incredible!! They have no manners, they talk over one another. Biden should just retire and go to enjoy the Caribbean ☀️ sun.

  25. Chris Wallace spent 3 minutes on rumors about Trump’s personal taxes, which are irrelevant. But Wallace shouted down talk about incompetent Hunter Biden getting 10’s of millions from China, Ukraine and Russia while Joe Biden was V.P. Biden corruption is relevant.

  26. Victoria Huynh

    i’m embarrassed and i feel bad for the moderator

  27. I watched it live.
    This moderation was biased for Biden.
    You can think about Trump however you like. But no new wars were started during his term of office. Has Biden forgotten how many wars were started in Obama’s term of office?

    Biden is a demented liar who never can govern more than half a year in the USA. I am sure that he can only win by electoral fraud.

  28. Alexander Hetzel

    So embarrassing… its almost torture to watch this. They should implement a polygraph in the show and present some right numbers and facts. If the american people elects again for this clown then I loose all hope in this country

  29. Trump “you graduated last in your class” 😂😂

  30. “Would you shut up, Man!” . . . . WOW!! Biden is woke now.

  31. Is wallace running for president too??😂🤣😅😅😆😁

  32. Biden wiring a WIRE so he can be assisted on what to say. Democrats will CHEAT AND LIE TO WIN LIKE DEMONS!!!

  33. Trump is the best!! Biden is satan!

  34. Joe Biden and the socialist Marxists are coming closer and closer, they’re only one election away from stealing our country and taking away our freedoms.
    TELL THEM ON NOV. 3rd to…

    We stand before the golden door
    Man’s hope for freedom evermore
    By GOD we’re given this great task
    to guard this gate.

  35. Alex Rodriguez

    One of these guys is gonna run the country lord help us all

  36. Cheyenne Vogelsang

    Dude, nobody can convince me that biden isnt in the early stages of dementia. He’s saying what he thinks people want to hear.

  37. Mask are for bitches and corona is a scam.

  38. My corona With a lime, please

    Biden interrupted President Trump 3 times before President Trump started interrupting Biden.

  39. The moderator is so clearly bias as hell and hates Trump

  40. Trump is the bully on the playground who lacks actual intelligence so therefore attempts to get his point across by talking over the intellectuals before they have a chance to expose his ignorance.

  41. They should’ve turned Trump’s mic off until it was his turn to speak 🙄 ridiculous.

  42. I thought it was Trump debating Biden. Not Trump debating Biden and the moderater.

  43. Bruhh I would feel bad fo the person who hadda sign language this.👀

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