First We Feast: Jessica Alba relegated to profanity during her binge on “Hot Ones”

Alba appears on Hot Ones/First We Feast

Justin Timberlake ingests hot wings.

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LOS ANGELES — “L.A.’s Finest” Jessica Alba commenced to cussin’ like a sailor while becoming the latest sacrificial lamb to appear on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” to answer questions for 20 minutes in conjunction with masticating a plate of spicy hot wings. While sedentary, the 39-year-old actress joined “First We Feast” host Sean Evans on Season 13’s premiere episode to confabulate on everything from her visit to SpaceX headquarters to being offered a marijuana blunt from Snoop Dogg.

Jessica also confessed to downin’ shots of Hpnotiq while filming “Honey” in 2003 and she said it’s imperative we embrace Wabi-sabi. Rather than take a swig of cold milk to counter excessive Scoville levels, the “Sin City” star concocted her own hot wing antidote that contains an admixture of sour cream, peanut butter, antacids, honey and oak milk.

All hell broke loose when Jessica ingested a wing drenched in “Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce” which carries a hellish 135,000 Scoville units. “Oh f*ck! Oh God!” she wailed in pain.

“What if I have an allergic reaction? What the f*ck is that?”

Will Jessica survive all ten wings?

Is she in over her head?

Watch the Q&A in its entirety.

Share your thoughts.


  1. the hottest actress ever

  2. She is incredibly hot, but a horrible actress. She is rich because of her looks. That’s all.

  3. Rants & Reviews

    All the men who went on unsuccessful dates with Alba are kicking themselves after watching this. If you just would have given her hot sauce, she’ll put just about anything in her mouth after lol.

  4. she got f”d by snoop

  5. The Hottest One there is Jessica Alba

  6. I don’t understand the attraction to her

  7. Okay so I’ve had a crush on her for like 20 years and I still have one. Just something about her!

  8. I fell off of watching Hot Wings for a bit….but I came across Jessica and something told me to watch because she would turn these hot wings into a horror movie…..and yeah I WAS RIGHT, dem wangz beating her ass!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. She fine as wine

  10. Love her!!! ❤

    Another great interview! Great season 13 premiere! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  11. Beautiful looks and personality

  12. Jessica Alba is a fucking boss.

  13. This was hilarious 😂

  14. Very beautiful and intelligent woman.

  15. Phantom Graphix


  16. Jessica Alba is and will always be my celebrity crush. 😭💜

  17. Mathew Gerloff

    Snoop dogg offered you a blunt??? OMG!! NO WAY!!!! LMAO 😂

  18. OG Sleepwalker

    She’s way more forward than I thought she would be. Now I love her even more

  19. Nicolai Janssen

    Besides my wife Jessica alba is hands down the most beautiful woman on this planet

  20. Lawrence Stuart

    WOW! the sign of True beauty the ability to look like a princess even in your most undignified moments .

  21. justPlainOl'CommonSense

    I don’t think she can make an ugly face that she tries, she’s so gorgeous and always has been.

  22. Robert Cordero

    She is still smoking hot!

  23. ArchangelRaphael

    Jessica Alba is hotter than those spicy sauces.

  24. I love how spicy jessica is on this interview!!

  25. I bet they had to edit the hell out of this episode to deal with her melodrama!

  26. Love Jessica Alba she’s always been one of my favorites, she did great. Love this show cuz it shows that these stars are just regular cool down to earth people I give props to all the celebs who take on this challenge. Lucky Sean enjoy your date.

  27. Is it me or is this the fucking overall sexiest she’s ever been or what?

  28. She’s just perfect, everything about her!

  29. The most beautiful woman of all time. You can’t change my mind.

  30. BoilingKoolaid

    She is so beautiful. Not in a gross internet nerd way. I just think she is a beautiful and intelligent person. A good role model for girls like my daughters to look up to.

  31. i didnt know she was this cool

  32. Nards Of Steel

    God damn, it’s amazing how gorgeous she still looks. Pushin 40 and still looks like shes in her mid twenties. I also kind of found it hot with how much she cursed. Didn’t expect so many F bombs from her. But it was awesome. She also surprised me with how down to earth she seemed. She didn’t radiate that arrogant hollywood “Im better then you” vibe.

  33. James Kangethe

    Jessica Alba has looked this young and beautiful since I was a fucking toddler………I’m 25

  34. Well shes still the hottest thing on earth. And a sweetheart Great episode

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