Police Brutality Video: Angry white cop manhandles hog-tied, gay black woman

Shataeah mistreated by cop/Black Culture News

White cop dogs black gay chick. 

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DENVER — The Aurora Police Department is catching hell after a video went viral on Thursday that shows a white police officer mistreating a black lesbian while she was hog-tied. The heinous ordeal transpired on August 27, 2019  at a park in Aurora, Colorado — a suburb near Denver. Body cam footage shows officer Levi Huffine arresting 28-year-old Shataeah Kelly after she allegedly picked a fight with another woman. Shataeah was consequently handcuffed and slammed to the ground. Her feet were fettered seconds later.

“Shut up! You’re over here causing issues with everybody… that’s why you’re going to jail,” Huffine yelled. “I’m going to jail? Are you serious?” Shataeah replied. “I’m the one who called police… I’m sorry… I didn’t do anything wrong… Is it because I’m black? Is it because I’m gay?”

While laying face down in the backseat of a patrol car, a drunken Shataeah tumbled to the floor — claiming she couldn’t breathe. After calling Huffine a “racist ass cracker” and a “p*ssy ass b*tch,” the compunctious lesbo begged him to lift her up and, at one point, she called him “master.” 

Shataeah was upside down for roughly 20 minutes.

“How many times do I have to beg you master?” she wailed.

“Master, I’ll be good.”

Huffine was ultimately fired but many believe he belongs in jail.

Did he deserve to lose his job?

Was racism involved?

Does Shataeah need her ass beat for calling him “master.” 

Watch the disturbing incident in its entirety.

Share your thoughts.


  1. she about to get paid

  2. S S Oberbereitschaftsleiter Hans

    “I can’t breathe”
    Every fucking time. The new excuse card for joggers.

  3. why the fuck is she calling him master???????

  4. The police were listening to gangsta rap before this arrest. It got them all hyped up. Obviously they are Bobby Shmurda fans! Ban rap music!

  5. She provoked him

  6. Charlotte Miller

    She was calling the police all kinds of names at first. She got herself in that position, too bad.

  7. she too drunk to even move lol. if she cant breathe hows she speakin?

  8. U act gangsta u get treated like one.. cops have a rough job

  9. Bring Back NWA


  10. The only master I have is Jesus

  11. oh I wonder why people don’t mind cops getting hurt… Never heard anyone say fuck the fire department! hmm

  12. It’s her fault she should have obeyed orders …gosh seriously what the hell is wrong with people

  13. Yolanda Gonzales

    This is so sad that Officer ignore this lady calling for help.
    Face down for 20 mins.
    There so much RACIST in our country.

  14. GloomDepartment

    I don’t think anything’s obstructing her ability to breathe, but being hogtied and upside-down like that seems to have triggered a claustrophobic panic attack

  15. quite a performance.

  16. Don’t play With me

    Hahaha why couldn’t you just sit still when he put you in their in the first place? They always bring problems on themselves and never take responsibility.

  17. D.R. Mikkelsen

    Seems like she’s faking but it’s unprofessional on his part, he should be fired. Even if she is faking, pull over and belt her in so she can’t do it again … would that have been so difficult?

  18. He should be charged.

  19. WTF, there is no law??? This guy should be in prison, this is torcher. I am furious, why protest when someone dies only, this is the stuff peoples need to protest, this is inhuman and painful torcher

  20. Captain Obvious

    time to defund police

  21. I wouldn’t be calling them no master foh

  22. James McC2.4hum

    That is torture, Jesus.

  23. America needs a “National Pig Purge Day” asap

  24. oh damn, she was uncomfortable from acting like a fool. when will these cops learn that they have to pamper these poor, hapless individuals that just don’t realize resistance is a poor decision.

  25. Maybe he should experience it.

  26. Disgusting and inhumane!

  27. This ex coward spineless fuck boy cop deserves to have this happen to him and his loved ones.

  28. Another LOW I.Q. MORON with a badge and a gun.

  29. Patsy Lee Oswald

    He totally overlooked her black privilege to be drunk and disorderly in public.

  30. The name-calling, the threats toward the officer’s family, trying to escape, throwing herself down onto the floor of the cruiser…she brought this shit on herself!!!

  31. Anthony George

    It’s time to abolish the police force for a peace force.. Zero tolerance is evil Nazi shit

  32. Never again should they give that bastard authority.

  33. From the beginning of the arrest he was verbally abusive and biased. He found her guilty at the scene and hung her before placing her n his car. When asked by the review board he admitted to hearing her cry for help and he lied about her charges. He is a prejudice liar that uses his badge to abuse, find guilty, and persecute people without allowing them a fair trial or treating them like human. He cud hav placed a metal rod thru her legs and arm and it would have been a nigga roast instead of a pig or hog roast. God will judge him!!!!!!!

  34. Golddee33 Rich


  35. Dirty peckawoods

  36. Firing that bastard cop is not good enough. That woman was treated worse than an animal.

  37. She was clearly trying to paint a picture of the cops calling them racist, and saying they were treating her like that because she was gay, she even swears at them constantly and refers to herself as a hard R N-bomb and told others to pull their cameras out. She was literally doing the absolute most. She tried getting out which is why they tied her feet. You can even hear her kicking the door/window a few times before they pulled her out. And she’s the reason she ended up on the floor because she was trying to wriggle free, but not after cursing him out for several minutes. BUT, after a few minutes he definitely should’ve pulled over no matter how upset he was at her. I’m sure in the moment he wasn’t thinking rationality and was just mad. Even still, he’s in the wrong for not checking, even if he thought she was full of it.


    This video makes me sick to my stomach people ask all the time why do the citizens hate the police here is another example they are human beings just like we are and they make mistakes but when you do something like this to a citizen you need to be held accountable and punished the same way that we are when we commit a crime

  39. Maxican American

    Defund & Reform Police !!!!

  40. Ahh Metro Denver… smells like.. my ass..

  41. Lorraine Banath

    Doesn’t matter if she is a Lesbian or not : It is the ruff unprofessional way Cop handled her. She also should not have tried to get out the patrol car. Stop arguing with these Cops. You will have your court day. That’s when you let your lawyer fight your case. I hope she sues

  42. The police think they are judge, jury, and executioners. They join the force to kill black people with impunity. No compassion at all. She is obviously not right mentally. That should not be a death sentence.

  43. Bottom line is if she did not try to escape then she would not have been hogtied. The solution to all of these fake racism videos.

  44. She’s a good little faker

  45. Yeah, that was hard to watch man.😯Regardless of what the prisoner did leading up to that point, all he had to do was to take a quick glance. She could have definitely suffocated in that position. I’ve been a cop for 22 years and I know when a prisoner is BS’n or not. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at least make an attempt to verify it.


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