Vision of Love: Mariah Carey experienced ‘copulation’ with MLB legend Derek Jeter

Mariah gave up the ass to Jeter/

Mariah & Derek knocked boots. 

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BEVERLY HILLS — Mariah Carey had sex with Derek Jeter… and she liked it. The 50-year-old Grammy winner disclosed intimate details of their candlelit tryst in her recently released tell-all memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” saying she met the Major League Baseball legend at a dinner soirée in 1997. Both are prepossessing mulattos which is significant because they developed an affinity for each other while confabulating their biracial experiences. That’s also when Mariah, who was married to Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, experienced a “Vision of Love” — calling Derek her “Prince Charming.”

Following a series of confidential conversations, the secret lovebirds shared “a warm, slow, intoxicating kiss” on Derek’s rooftop which inspired her song, “The Roof.” But Mariah admitted they eschewed copulation because “neither of us had wanted to cheapen our romance by cheating on my marriage.”

Once she finalized her divorce with Mottola, an overzealous Mariah quickly rendezvoused with Derek in Tampa Bay, Florida and he did what good baseball players do best: he hit a homerun. “Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey-dipped skin,” Mariah explained.

“It was how it was supposed to feel.”

Honey-dipped skin?

Damn, that’s deep.

Despite their synergy under the sheets, Mariah and Derek realized a long-term relationship was never in the works; mainly because of their stardom coupled with an inability to “live up to each other’s fantasies.” But their carnal needs were fulfilled at the time and that’s all that matters. “DJ was a love in my life, not of my life,” Mariah explained, claiming Derek is the second dude she ever slept with.

Mariah also said Mottola made her feel like a “prisoner.”

She credits Derek for her manumission.

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  1. She should be grateful to Tommy Mottola. He was just being overprotective to protect her from Hollyweird. After she left him , her career was never the same again and her discipline as a musical artist started deteriorating.

  2. Emoretta Robinson

    Mariah was clearly very unhappy in her relationship with Tommy Mottolla. Sometimes when you are unhappy and feeling miserable. And someone comes along that sees value in you. And makes you feel good. That can feel like a breath of fresh air. And that person can end up being of great help to you during a difficult time.

  3. Ruthless Lover

    I bet she got some good pussy

  4. they should have been a power couple. both talented, influential and living legends

  5. I cant wait to read her memoir

  6. Love ❤ Mariah

  7. Dirty urine dipped skin!!!!!!!!!!😅🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Save the Day Lambs


  9. She Need To Sit Down And Pray And Find Herself. No Disrespectful Person Could Be In My Life. But What Kind Spirit Is In Her? She Need To Repent, Become A Believer, And Humble Herself, For Her And Her Children. Much Love And Stay Safe! Shalom Brothers And Sisters!!! 😇👼❤❤❤😘🙌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊👊👊💯


  11. Mariah is like a sister to all of us. Love her!

  12. I dont think Derek Jeter appreciates Mariah talking about her relationship with him he is happily married with two kids ..

  13. Satan worshipper

  14. Michael Brodie

    Everything has a price, especially riches & fame. A non story about a bland entertainer.

  15. Jackass the Legend

    I wouldve got her pregnant on purpose

  16. Ramon Allexandre


  17. She’s washed up. Not relevant. Nothing to see here.

  18. Collins Greenlee

    I’ve got to get this book.

  19. Walmart Cashier

    she’s been irrelevant for 20 years

  20. The Mariah we see now is the Real her. I just love it that after the memoir was released she became transparent and more straightforward on what she wants to say. A freaking QUEEN😩❤👑

  21. QUEEN INDEED 👑❤️

  22. Hoès mad I can see 🥱🥱imagine being 30+ years into your career and people still check up on you just too hate and they say Mariah’s not relevant yeah right 😂😂😭💅🏽

  23. mynameis mynameis

    Mariah should been with someone like Jeter classy dude i like nick but don’t see what she saw in him probably a young stud making her feel young smh.

  24. Marcia Mc Clean

    Honey dipped fool‼️ not the actual color 🙄😏

  25. She has too much mileage on that v*gina

  26. She selling something! Oh new book. Why she telling us about her life?

  27. Lord Night Villain

    Dude Jeter is very sexy. And Mariah described him so well.

  28. Derek apparently has herpes 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽

  29. I thought Mariah Carey made guys wait till marriage?

  30. She look like a perfect couple with derek… too bad Mariah is a little nuts

  31. Derek married a woman that looks like Mariah Carey lmaooo just like Kim K’s ex married a lady that looked like her too 😂 And Tyga dates girls that look like Kylie Jenner… LMAO guys def have types and follow them it’s funny cuz they go out there looking for any possible look-alikes lol 😂

  32. Francine Smith

    Mariah pretends like she didn’t marry the grandpa of her record label to have her career

  33. Pornstar Wannabe

    mariah wanted that honey-dipped dick

  34. Christal Davis

    Mariah and Derek made a cute 😊 couple

  35. I always knew the roof was about D.J. for some reason. Im a huge Whitney Houston fan and believe she was the VOICE! Mariah is my favorite artist and the Butterfly CD is my ALL time favorite CD and loved every song on the CD

  36. I wish more Americans let bi racial people be who they are and not throw them into a box of just being white or black … let them be proud of both sides and live as an mixed race person if they do choose ! Mariah Carey is a testament to that.

  37. She basically never found the love of her life. Based on her book all her relationships were either traumatic or just in the moment. This woman has never had a serious relationship. Sad.

  38. It’s the same stories she’s spoken about for over 20 years. She’s mentioned all this Derek stuff several times before.

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