Airline Fight Video: 2 Passengers ‘brawl’ onboard a flight over wearing face mask

Passengers fight over mask/The Independent

Passengers brawl over a face mask. 

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MESA, Ariz — Law enforcement officials in Arizona are investigating after a fight broke out onboard an Allegiant Air flight because a passenger refused to wear a damn face mask. The bout of fisticuffs transpired Saturday prior to the flight’s departure at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows two dudes throwing punches as flight staff and passengers stepped in to intervene. “It was absolutely insane to me because it’s all about a mask,” said Rylie Lansford who recorded the incident and posted the video on Instagram. “It didn’t need to get that way.”

Rylie said the donnybrook started when one of the men experienced contretemps with a flight attendant over wearing a mask. He tried to use a face shield only which goes against company policy. “Face shields may be worn in addition to a face covering, but not as an alternative,” the policy states.

The face shield guy was ultimately kicked off the plane.

The other dude stayed.

Do you agree with the mask mandate?

Are face shields enough?

Is the coronavirus pandemic a hoax?

Watch the fight.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sextus Empiricus

    More idiots afraid of themselves. Pissed off because this guy WASN’T. If there is one thing we now know is these mask are doing NOTHING!

  2. Captain Caveman

    stupid americans……… the masks dont even work

  3. Businesses: “We strive to ensure the safety of our passengers so please wear a mask, or we’ll just have to beat the livin sht outayou”

  4. Conspiracy Theorist

    masks are being enforced to see which sheep will wear them

    a bigger plan awaits

  5. Marilyn Russell

    Just wear the Mask!! 🤦‍♀️

  6. Jordan Gustafson

    If they were SOOO concerned with this guy infecting people then they wouldn’t have physically confronted the man with nothing but cloths protecting them. They can pissed at the guy, but they just contradicted their frustrations AND caused for more people to be at risk.

  7. It is simple…either Covid-19 is still a major threat in which case the airline industry should be grounded for the protection of the customers/passengers or it is not as much a threat. Which is it? You are trapped in a large aluminum tube breathing recycled air. A mask will not stop you from getting Covid-19. I don’t think it is worth it to fly right now.

  8. It's Me Carlos

    I wouldve coughed on them on purpose

  9. Natalia Gromov

    So basically wearing used underwear on ones face is a protection from getting your arse beat, thrown off the plane, and charged with disorderly conduct. I guess one has to have clear signs of retardation – aka wearing a cloth mask – for the mob not to attack.

  10. Hate to see these fools in a fast food takeout lane……

  11. Charles Curtis

    Doesn’t look like the guy punching him is wearing a mask neither

  12. I hate this God damn world right now. It’s just a matter of time till I’m on the fucking news.

  13. the antichrist is on his way

  14. What a bunch of clowns scared of catching a cold😂

  15. A woman should not be the security person to break up a fight between men.

  16. Omg thanks to China we became animals. Dr. Fauci said that masks don’t protect us from anything and the only reason why we wear them is because of people’s feelings. F your feelings. This mask bs has gone far enough!

  17. F*** everyone who is being violent over this s**. f** you all. You violent people need to be ashamed of yourself.

  18. I don’t understand what is wrong with people as long as you have your mask on why do you care if someone else isn’t wearing it you have yours on so if you believe it really works then you’ll be just fine.

  19. @J C: The mask is supposed to reduce the spread of the virus when breathing and talking. It is much more effective when the other person is wearing it.

  20. Then they fight the masks slip off the faces anyway lol.

  21. wear a mask you PUTZ

  22. This mask thing has gotten over done.

  23. The guy fighting for his freedom and civil rights is right. The rest are just ignorant, brainwashed cowards.!

  24. i bet you he is a trumpturd

  25. The masks are a joke anyway!!!!!! Keep complying sheep! Next they will lead you to the slaughter!!!!

  26. If this was a black man….
    Airport will burn. Lol

  27. Tell me to wear a mask and you’ll need your jaw wired shut!!! If you’re scared of this hoax, STAY HOME snowflake!!! Brainwashed fucking morons!! The masks don’t protect you from a fart let alone a virus or disease!!!! It says so on the box they come in!! The real information is available on several “official’ government websites but you lazy fucks won’t research or read a medical book!!!!!

  28. joaquin vilchez

    Trump stupidity followers

  29. Darnisha Malki

    What a load of nonsense(not my first thought but YT censorship)!!! He wore a face shield and was in his seat. You have people putting they dirty hands on his neck and wherever else and he’s the one punished?! How the hell does that work ?!

  30. Dude got mad cause Shields got swag and he was stuck with his chin diaper like everyone else. #nomask

  31. How stupid can theses ppl be all over a fucking mask.?? Just listen a fucking mask.??? Every one had one so what the problem.??? The mask ain’t gona save you your good health will not if u have a weak Immune system stay home.!!

  32. Waffle House Worker

    today’s society aint nothing but a bunch of pussies

  33. Thomas Dauphinee

    So not wearing a mask now gives people the right to assualt you? These people are pathetic.

  34. If you’re that bothered don’t get on a fucking plane.

  35. They are not social distancing

  36. Him not wearing a mask doesn’t give any of those people the right to assult him. They should have called security and had him escorted off. Calm and simple, show him the rules as they are written while security is on their way. That was assultband battery!

  37. Stupid liberals, they all violated social distancing when they attacked him😅

  38. Anthony Fouci said for Americans to NOT wear a mask, they don’t work!!

  39. Trump supporter fighting with a group of Biden supporters. Final score : Biden supporters 1 & Trump supporter 0.

  40. Honest Opinion

    Do Not Be a Stupid Idiot like Trump!

  41. L u c K y X C X

    Yall are still fighting and arguing over masks?

  42. Another dumbass trumpster

  43. A face shield probably offers better protection than those cheap mouth masks.

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