Vice Presidential Debate: Kamala Harris excoriates Mike Pence & Donald Trump

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Vice Presidential Debate was civil.

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SALT LAKE — For starters, the Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah — featuring Senator Kamala Harris versus Vice President Mike Pence — was far less pugnacious than its presidential forerunner the week prior. Unlike Chris Wallace, Moderator Susan Page of USA Today maintained satisfactory authority throughout the night and Harris delivered a nationally-televised tutorial on how to mute an interrupting Republican. “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking, okay?” she said on more than one occasion.

The candidates, separated by sheets of plexiglass, kicked off Wednesday’s wrangling by addressing President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “The American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” Harris said.

“Here are the facts: 210,000 dead people in our country in just the last several months, over 7 million people have contracted the disease, one in five businesses closed, we’re looking at frontline workers who have been treated like sacrificial workers, [and] we’re looking at over 30 million people who, in the last several months, have filed for unemployment.”

When asked if she plans to take a coronavirus vaccine administered by President Trump, Harris replied: “If the public health professionals, if Dr. Anthony Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I’ll be the first in line to take it. Absolutely. But if Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it.”

Pence, who had a fly land on his head and remain sedentary for two minutes, followed up the question by gettin’ in Harris’ ass for sabotaging communal trust in the impending panacea.

“Stop playing politics with people’s lives,” he said. “The reality is we will have a vaccine, we believe, before the end of this year and it will have the capacity to save countless American lives. Your continuous undermining of confidence in the vaccine is just unacceptable.”

Moments later, Harris — one of a quartet of women to ever participate in a presidential or vice presidential debate — accused President Trump of paying a measly $750 in taxes while being $400 million in debt. The two candidates also bumped heads on the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case.

Harris said justice wasn’t served.

Pence believes otherwise.

Who has your vote?

Biden or Trump?

Watch the debate in its entirety.

Share your thoughts.


  1. ghassan kanaan

    It is clear that the moderator is pure Democrat.

  2. The first woman vice president is black. Later she may become the first woman to become president of US

  3. Sorry Senator Harris, the Jedi mind control head nodding is no longer effective… we see you for what you are.

  4. She had notes written on her palm. LMAO what a loser. You can see her glance at her palm a few times. Like she has notes written on there or something, ahahaha

  5. There’s something creepy about Pence… he’s kind of like one of those soft spoken serial killer characters in a B-horror movie. Just sayin’…

  6. Kamala will be signing copies of her book in the toilet roll aisle at Costco by Christmas.

  7. Make Su Great Again

    Do you want this Drama Queen as your VP.
    Btw Kamala its not your Land, its Our Land.

  8. nobody bothered telling pence he had a damn fly on his head????

  9. claiming herself as a black, Harris showed no respect at all to her mother.

  10. The Triune God

    Trump is the right man for America, he has all the qualities Americans need for a president

  11. The moderator was far better than Wallace.

  12. Return of the Duelist

    You cannot have a women moderator for another women and a man debating; you know she will side with the woman cuz that’s how radical sexist feminists roll

  13. Why she doesn’t answer the question. Dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  14. He’s so full of crap he’s attracting flies!!

  15. Pence showed his disrespect for women quite clearly. He didn’t feel bound to the debate rules when enforced by a woman, and didn’t feel bound to give equal time to his female opponent. So now we know the real reason Mother won’t let him be alone with another woman: he’d pummel her.

  16. Kamala Kry Kry the inventor of CryTalk managed to outdo herself during a total debate, she cried all the way through, with her poor little crinkled girly voice, no clear conviction about anything, no answers for anything, only negativism permeating from every skinpore, she managed to sell her voters a pile of nothing bloated up to be Godzilla’ condom ready to cover up her stale and hurtful past. This supposed lady has a heart of stone and a viperous desire to bite off anyone in her way. Her career says it all.


  18. Kamala won, but I will say, Mike Pence doesn’t look so much like Trump’s Puppet as I thought he would…

  19. Pence knocked it out of the ballpark!!

  20. Nice debate. Harris was ok and made some good points. The way Pence speaks is impressive but too bad he lies a lot and believes Trump handled covid excellently. How can a person lie so much and so well for their employer, very shocking.

  21. Clear winner . The fly 😆 !!!

  22. Kamala looks sooo fake…😄👍.

  23. Harris and Biden cannot answer about packing the courts! Wow. Voting for Trump and Biden will be that much easier with the fact, that both Biden and Harris support abortion of all phases. Disgusting !

    Using taxpayer money to fund genocide is a moral crime!

  24. 😂😂😂😂😂
    Pence: “When you were a DA of San Francisco blacks were 19 times more likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses than whites or Hispanics. When you were Attorney General of California you increased the disproportionate encarceration of blacks. You did nothing towards justice reform. You didnt lift a finger to pass the First Step Act on Capitol Hill”

    Harris: “The work that I did is a model for the Nation for what we need to do and what we’ll be able to do under a Joe Biden presidency.”

    WHAT THE f**???? 😂😂😂😂 So your “model for the Nation” is to lock up blacks at a MUCH higher rate than whites or Hispanics??? This bitch is absolutely racist as hell and open about it! How the f** do these Democrats NOT see this shit, particularly black democrats?

  25. most used words “thank you vice president”. Because Pence didn’t wanna shut his mouth. What a D-bag. I hope Americans vote wise, because this election impacts a lot more than just the US. The 4 years of this clowns administration caused a lot of damage all over the world.

  26. The Fly on Mike Pences head is his only black friend.

  27. #Black Flies Matter! LOL

  28. Pence won this, hands down. Showed true dignity and leadership qualities.

  29. kamala harris is the sarah palin of the democrats

  30. Sheila Calloway


  31. Is it just me or should Judge Judy be the host for these debates ??

  32. I stand for Joe Biden n Harris

  33. Initially, Pence appeared overbearing. But after re-watching the debate, Kamala’s patience, presence, and command for respect, left Pence looking like an ass! Thus, explains the fly!

  34. Wish they were the presidential candidates lol. They at least answered some of the questions, showed some competency and didn’t act like 12-year-olds.

  35. 20 minutes in and Kamala hasn’t answered a single question…just criticized from the sideline. No better ideas…just armchair quarterbacking. She’s a fool. Playing a game. Only interested in winning, not the American people.

  36. “Thank you Vice President Pence.” Would you shut up?

  37. Kamala is such a b**

    ugh she’s just as disgusting as Joe vomit

  38. Who picks these moderators??? Antifa?

  39. Through I dislike Kamala, she handled this way way better than Biden

  40. Not gonna lie Mr Mike Pence is kinda hot 🥵

  41. Kamala is a salty low life. Her radical ideals and policies will bring down the country.

  42. America is in so much trouble if trump don’t win!!

  43. I don’t know jack shit about politics and all I ever hear about it is conservative things from my family and liberal things from social media. I am now doing my own research and trying to find truth rather than what my family or social media tells me. In the end if I find that I don’t like either side then Ill choose to be apolitical

  44. trying to instill fear is how the democrats want your vote…………..

  45. Pence is a salty nerd who is dumb. I’m voting for Kamala Harris

  46. Pence is just foolish, he has flies on his head, and bloody eyes. The dude is basically rotting and so is trump !

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