Body Cam Footage: Breonna’s cadaver is captured on video, body found in hallway

Breonna video released/

Breonna Taylor footage released. 

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LOUISVILLE — Law enforcement officials in Louisville, Kentucky released a video this weekend that shows the aftermath of Breonna Taylor’s sanguinary quietus. The former EMT worker was killed during a police raid on March 13, 2020 — igniting “Black Lives Matter” protests worldwide. Body cam footage shows Breonna’s cadaver sprawled out across the hallway floor as SWAT team members searched her apartment. You can hear one officer say, “The female is supposedly the one that’s shot.” Another asked, “Ma’am, you hear us?” Then, after checking her pulse, a third cop said “she’s done.”

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, walked outside with his hands up and surrendered. None of the three officers directly involved were charged with Breonna’s murder. Former cop Brett Hankison was the only one indicted. He’s charged with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron called Breonna’s demise a “gut-wrenching” calamity but said he can’t allow emotions to obstruct his ability to perform his job. Also, rumor has it, he worked in cahoots with President Donald Trump to avert filing federal charges against the officers.

Do you believe justice was served?

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  1. We want body cam footage of the whole incident these white supremacy media are protecting the killer

  2. Sorry. No camera when they knocked???? Sure. But afterwards. This whole thing is clear. They didn’t knock and say who they are. And look the whole Army is entering the house. Goodness…. What is wrong with them???? Looks like they enter a country not a house.


  4. I don’t fuckin care. She wasnt a sweet little angle and many people get killed on the streets each day from things much more common and sinister.

  5. fucking pigs. fire all of them that were there

  6. Odd how they have body cam for after the shooting, but not before or during. Let’s see that footage.

  7. Cant wait to make these cops wife’s single mothers🚧🔫⚰️

  8. Oh dear this doesn’t fit with the bs antifa/BLM narrative. Looks likes another hoax you guys killed, looted, rioted and burned businesses for. Perhaps you ignorant libtards should wait to see evidence before letting the media twist you into evil.

  9. Jonathan Defreitas

    The cops were playing stupid they know they hit their target.

  10. So where is the footage of them entering and announcing their warrant. Having the cam on only after a fatal shooting does nothing to vindicate these idiot officers. These guys, at the very least, need to not be cops ever again anywhere. And neither do their bosses. Unacceptable….

  11. Shelbra Cullum

    How you charged with endangering the neighbor but not killing the girl 🤔 😕 😒

  12. Makaveli Outlaw


  13. The Ultimate Real Truth Champion

    All lives matter. Police should not be allowed to bange into people homes for low drug offenses. It is not worth it. this is So sad.

  14. Why they just now releasing sh** like bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Sick fucks

  16. I honestly see nothing wrong with the officers conduct in this. I think the man shot at the cops and she was just in the way. That’s just my opinion

  17. How incredibly sad

  18. Meanwhile the cops lied to get the warrant.
    The police shot blindly through a window or sliding door killing Breonna while she was laying on the floor. God forbid a child or parent was on the floor.
    We all here have lived in an apartment, could anyone hear someone yelling from outside the front door especially while sleeping?!?!?

  19. So the Kenneth boyfriend lied like a b^%#$! Told the cops that she discharged firearm. I see his crocodile tears!!!!!!!!!He’s the b&^%% who let off one shot at the cops. Then ran and hid under the bed where the gun was found. Meanwhile, Breonna was shot the f%$$ up in the hallway! That Kenneth coward should be charged with her murder. Not the cops. F^$$ Kenneth! Cant stand spinless cowards.

  20. This is what should happen when you shoot at cops.

  21. So the bf said that she shot at police. Case closed?

  22. She’s just as guilty as her drug dealer thug boyfriend

  23. I hope that every juror that let these pigs get away with her murder get to know her pain personally. I hope cops break into their homes in the dead of night and kill their loved ones. I hope not even their children are safe. That is karma!

  24. TatmanMyOwnBoss Danny Draco

    Fact check more white people are killed by cops look it up

  25. Bless those officers for cleaning up the streets 🙏

  26. Breonna Taylor wasn’t a random victim. She was playing with fire and got burned. That’s justice. Sorry not sorry.🇺🇸☝🏽🇺🇸

  27. So the neighbor said she was laying in the hallway and they didn’t touch her body… which means she wasn’t shot and killed in her bed… another false narrative. Don’t believe everything you hear. There has to be a reason why nobody was charged… the evidence must be in the entire video which has not been released. We will find eventually what happened. Just wait and quit jumping to conclusions people!

  28. Hey kids, never open fire at cops. Bad things happen.

  29. The awakener Of the world

    Body cams for all police officers ✅we need transparency for all ✅

  30. There is absolutely no doubt that Taylor and her boyfriend were high on any number of drugs when police came knocking. Liberals are such stupid and ignorant people to believe they were in the apartment playing scrabble and drinking root beer. The verdict in this case was correct!


    Her boyfriend used her as a shield

  32. I blame the boyfriend. For all this bullshit.

  33. Fn pigs.. i h8 them.. it should be a eye 4 a eye.. u shoot someone’s daughter then all the cops daughter’s should get it also.. sad but its the only way these pigs learn.. im not for killing anyone but these cops really need to feel the pain.. it might be better to get rid of them early so they don’t grow up to be worse piglets going on a shooting rampage and killing innocent people who were asleep.. smh..

  34. Marlene Schultz

    Why are we seeing footage after the case. Why were they in her apartment. They did not announce themselves. We want to see the footage of how they came in. Such BS.

  35. It all comes down to this, Brianna Taylor and her ex-boyfriend were dealing drugs out of that apartment, she was receiving packages, held cash for him and a few other things. Simply put her new guy shot of the cops and they returned fire that’s all there is to this if anyone should be charged in this it should be her boyfriend

  36. Anonymous Alias

    This was a horrific tragedy ,may God comfort her family . Kenneth Walker seems to me to be shady ,and questionable he didn’t admit to shooting at the cops in the body cam video when asked who’s gun was it ,he said it was hers, and when asked who shot at them he said she did meaning Breonna , he stated the complete opposite in media interviews . Also why didn’t he tell her to stay in the room while he investigated who was at the door

  37. I believe the police 100% that they announced themselves. Breonna and Kenneth obviously didn’t hear them because they were in bed “sleeping.” I do feel sorry for Kenneth as he was the innocent party in all of this, he didn’t hear the police and had every right to shoot thinking there were intruders breaking into his house. Breonna didn’t deserve to die, but she put both herself and Kenneth in harm’s way by aiding and abetting a drug dealer. If you want to stay alive, don’t associate with drug dealers, thugs and criminals.

  38. Let’s Evolve

    This incident should show us to be careful who we have in our lives. If her ex and boyfriend were decent human beings and not idiots and criminals than she wouldn’t have died..

  39. What gets me, is that Walker said she asked who was at the door “like 10 times.” So how you know someone is at your door if they didn’t knock? When someone knocks on the door, typically you check it, right? So much is wrong about this whole situation, a true tragedy could have likely been avoided from both sides. The clear lack of training really shines.

  40. Brianna cocaine Taylor

  41. Oh she wasn’t in bed, she was in the hallway…hmmmmm…but the dumb libs swore she was in bed. Where did they even get tht info?

  42. Breonna has been served her justice. She got what was coming to her. Time to put this story to bed and quit pushing this BS race war.

  43. I like how their body cams were off when the raid happened, but they remember to turn them on to show how they loaded their buddy into the squad car…

  44. Omgosh this is horrifying. They didn’t explain anything to him. Shot her took him away and that’s was it…….. all those people and a dog for one person

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