Breonna Taylor’s lover Kenneth Walker recounted the night of her brutal death

Kenneth recalls Breonna’s death/

Breonna’s lover recalls shooting.

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NEW YORK — Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, recently sat down with Gayle King of “CBS This Morning” to describe what the f*ck happened on March 13, 2020. That’s when Breonna was shot dead inside her own home during a botched police raid. The unsuspecting lovebirds were canoodling in bed and watching a movie when the unthinkable transpired. Kenneth, who surrendered after the shooting, said he’s “a million percent sure” police officers didn’t knock or announce themselves prior to kicking in the front door. “I’m a million percent sure that nobody identified themselves,” he recalled.

“If they had knocked on the door and say who it was, we could hear them. It was dead silent.”

After the door flew off the hinges, a frightened Kenneth grabbed his gun and fired a warning shot — assuming it was a burglar. Officers retaliated by spraying more than 30 bullets into the diminutive apartment. Kenneth said he immediately grabbed Breonna’s hand and took cover.

“I pulled her down to the ground. But, you know, she was scared so she just didn’t get down,” he explained. Once the smoke cleared, Kenneth noticed Breonna was bleeding and called his mother. “I told her that somebody just kicked in the door and shot Breonna,” he exclaimed.

“And she’s freaking out at this point. But she told me to call 911. So I did.”

Huh? Called your mother?

N*gga, she’s bleeding.

Common sense should tell you to contact paramedics first.

Nevertheless… a Grand Jury accepted Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s exhortation to eschew charging SWAT officers with Breonna’s quietus. Former cop Brett Hankison was the only one indicted. He faces three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for firing into a neighboring abode.

Kenneth said he lost more than a significant other.

Breonna was his best friend too.

“To the world she’s just a hashtag, a picture, and all of that,” he lamented. “But, to me, it was much more. More than a girlfriend too. I think that’s what I want the world to know the most. That was my best friend… The most important person pretty much to me on Earth. And they took her.”

Do you believe Kenneth’s story?

Did he use Breonna as a human shield?

Watch the interview.

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  1. Antoinique Lyde

    This is sad smh , they didn’t have any criminal records so what was the reason they went on her property.. they had something against her


  3. Laquena Eggleston

    I absolutely believe him!! EVERYTHING!!!

  4. Jesus, please help the people of color in the world with the evil doings from their enemies. Protect them Jesus and cover them with blessings.

  5. We stand with you Kenneth!! You’re a legal gun owner and you defended your family the best way you could against an army of criminals with badges!

  6. Why is this guy being interviewed? Is he being paid for this? Did they ask if he is/was involved in any criminal activity? He’s a drug dealer and so was Breanna anybody going to expose that on CBS? I don’t think so.

  7. jlk something2say

    First off, Breonna Taylor , in absolutely no way, deserved to die on that day. It was a sad tragedy all the way around. I’m sympathetic to the pain of Kenneth Walker as well, but his story debunks 2 heavily reported falsehoods about this case: Breonna was NOT in her bed when she was shot & the police actually did knock. Interesting…

  8. There was no drugs and they had no records so nothing to hide and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have opened the door had the police identified itself. The police is lying and they know they were wrong that’s why they paid all that money to her family.

  9. He TWITCHES hard everytime he lies. At least be a better liar. Horrible acting on his end.

  10. The man solely responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death

  11. Pamelafountain60 jones

    @JCordoba1001: The crackhead evil racist police are responsible😒

  12. Realize Realies

    She was executed simple as that!

  13. Dude you shot at a police officer. What did you expect?

  14. Nurse McFarlane

    That DA Cameron in Kentucky needs to be immediately removed from his position ! He does not deserve to work for the public. The way they ignored Ms, Taylor’s body on the ground constitutes a crime. You render no aid this is a crime.

  15. I’m sorry but this just does not seem sincere coming from him. No emotion just not believable in my eyes. A lot of the things he initially said he’s not saying now……😑

  16. Bryant Roberts-Little

    Those officers deserve to be put in a prison cell for murdering that beautiful young lady. Justice for Breonna!!

  17. Here come the ignorant, insensitive, racist who hide behind a computer screen to say something completely cold hearted and evil🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Jai-shri Richards

    This is so Tragic bruh

  19. This story really just broke my heart. I just can feel this mans pain in his voice.

  20. They were so disrespectful. They said “she’s done” about Breonna being dead and said it was “unfortunate” that he was not hit. Just sickening!


  22. Walmart Cashier

    She shouldve asked him why he used Breonna Taylor as a body shield?

  23. W…T…F…💔💔💔💔

  24. Cant think of a name

    This man sacrificed his girlfriend so he could live.

  25. This interview of Kenneth Walker by Gayle King makes it clear why police everywhere have to be defunded, demilitarized, and every police action subjected to the scrutiny of civilian review boards whose members are made up of everyday working class neighbors to monitor the misbehavior of the police.

  26. I’m still don’t understand how he did not get hit He had a Guardian angel that day

  27. I don’t know why they let Gayle King do the interview. Everyone that’s black knows her and Oprah hate black men and they try to bring them down every chance they get.

  28. @Evelyn Ford: He either shot from behind her or used her as a sheild

  29. Pisces Blessings

    The fact that he is emotionless 😐 is a little weird to me, he’s telling this story like he just went to the store I don’t trust him but rip to breonna🙏 🕊

  30. Metalflake Yellow

    @Evelyn Ford: He says he was holding her hand. He also says he pulled her down which sounds like he ducked. Her body probably prevented bullets from reaching him.

  31. kenona sheppard

    Omg this is heartbreaking 😢😢😢

  32. He’s going to need therapy. I hope he’s getting help! Lord this is soo tragic 😭😭😭


    She had two BFs the Ex was the drug dealer J Glover. She was heavily involved with him and some sort of drug sales. They weren’t looking to get this particular guy. They were after Bre to bring her in for questioning. This guy just so happened to be ovet there chillin. But he evidently pulled her down and somehow used bre as a shield. Hmmmm 🤔. Its unfortunate. L8TR 👊!

  34. OMG!!! This poor man!!! All those people out there victim blaming Breonna Taylor need to STFU and go away!!!!

  35. He should feel bad because he’s responsible for her death .. don’t y’all go believing the narrative this guy is trying to create 🙄

  36. He called 911 because his mom told him to call 911, he called his mom first.There is also video of him telling police, she fired the shots, make of that what you will.

  37. In 👑Jesus Mighty Name 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽
    Victory 🌈💯 sweet Breonna Taylor
    Amen 🙏

  38. those police should be in prison. Also the Judge that ordered that night ambush in that manner should get life in prison.

  39. Allawattsakema Jones

    Based on this interview and the body cams now available,the grand jury finding these officers innocent is clearly racism. Oh and by the way I’m Caucasian.

  40. Breonna should not had needed a boyfriend so bad she runs to criminals. Her consequences were severe, but should be a wakeup call to woman respect yourself . My son got in a car with a friend who had been drinking and had a bad accident with my son paralyzed forever. His consequences are severe. That is how life is.

  41. Wow! The devil’s and demons of the earth wear a badge and gun. They are evil. 97 PERCENT OF THEM

  42. This guy was BEHIND his girlfriend, this guy was probably using her as a shield. 😑

  43. Ugh😭💔 My heart completely breaks for him. F’ing heartless coward pigs! This is so wrong! God bless him and the families🙏❤

  44. He so full of shyt

  45. Well that man needs to take blame for everything and so does she if they weren’t selling drugs out of that house the cops never would have came and if he wouldn’t have shot first the cops wouldn’t have shot either this wasn’t a race thing this was cops doing their job going to some drug dealers house and yes Brianna Taylor is a drug dealer.. she helped pick up money in allowed packages to be sent to her house she is just as guilty as them she isn’t a victim at all she is a drug dealer who is responsible for victimizing millions of Americans with drugs by supplying them to them and being a part of it

  46. They did announce and he shot his gun ….drug dealer selling to black people and ruining families and their lives..POS

  47. No criminal record, no drugs found, licenses gun owner and now what . No one is safe

  48. @Jay nuya: She did have a criminal record she was fired from her EMT job for drug violations. They were not in bed when she was shot. This whole interview is a FARCE! He shot a cop, he ran and left her behind.

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