Police Brutality Video: White cop caught manhandling a ‘pregnant’ black woman

Stallings roughed up by cops/Charlie Riedel, AP

Deja Stallings seeking justice. 

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KANSAS CITY — Law enforcement officials in Kansas City are catching hell after a video went viral that shows a white police officer manhandling a black chick who was nine months gravid at the time. The disturbing ordeal transpired on September 30th during a big altercation at a gas station. The woman, 25-year-old Deja Stallings, gave parturition to a bouncy baby girl (D’Syre) on October 16th. Cell phone footage shows the cop genuflecting on Deja’s back as he placed her in handcuffs. She would later end up in intensive care.

“I was out there like everybody else trying to record [on her phone] and the officer pushed me,” Deja told Yahoo News. “When he pushed me, I told him, ‘Don’t push me, because you don’t have the right to push me.’ He said, ‘You effing going to jail.’ That’s when he threw me down on my stomach and put his knee in my back.”

However, the Kansas City Police Department accused Deja of “hindering and interfering” with law enforcement. “Police gave the woman and man several verbal warnings to leave, but they continued to physically interfere by attempting to pull the suspect away from officers,” Officer Doaa El-Ashkar wrote.

“One of the assisting officers then attempted to place her under arrest for hindering and interfering. The officer attempted to do this while she was standing, but she continued to physically resist arrest, at which point he placed her on the ground to effect the arrest. Then she was handcuffed, turned to her side and immediately placed in a seated position.”

Deja’s lawyer, Stacy Shaw, believes the arresting officer and Police Chief Rick Smith should be held accountable. “We want to hold the police officer and KCPD accountable through the court of law for what happened to Deja,” she said. “We are pushing for the police revision of their use-of-force policy to include pregnant women … and we are looking to have budget revisions to end this cycle of violence.”

Do you agree with the attorney?

Was the arrest handled inappropriately?

Watch the video.

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  1. Time to defund police

  2. Well you know black people are allowed to have different rights than others . You know, the right to interfere in policing . The right to run away from arrest either on foot or by car. And the right to fight officers when finally captured.

  3. William Park Sr

    Screw cops they think there god

  4. @Paul Mc Go: She’s resisting because she is pregnant you can’t lay on your stomach

  5. She’s being arrested for what being placed on her stomach 9 months pregnant who wouldn’t resist that

  6. Fucking PIGS

  7. Does the officer know what he’s arresting her for? I don’t think so

  8. Cops just don’t get it

  9. Jacqueline Larsen

    Resisting arrest. What is it with colored people?

  10. White people never see black people in the same light.

  11. White against black again. Its the same since 1865 when the Civil War ended. The Re-Enslavement of Black America.

  12. Why do u have to get handcuffed behind the back?

  13. Keygan Desjarlais

    white racist cops

  14. Gilbert Woodward

    You can’t justify that in any manor. This is a lawsuit. Cops have to much leeway.

  15. This f up how can you put a pregnant women on her belly

    were is the common human sense.


    Lovvveee how the white man is justifying the brutal treatment of a pregnant woman during an un-lawful arrest.

  17. We should totally replace the cops with robots that are heavily armored, high tech and they don’t mass incarcerate innocent people.

  18. I have never laughed so hard

  19. robert jeff david III

    He don’t care if she is pregnant.

  20. cops need evaluations every3-6 months b.c there are many that are
    batshit crazy and should have never been hired, the hiring proces needs
    to be better by a lot.

  21. Sheila Phillips

    she having a baby you fucking prick I hope you get fired and sent to jail

  22. Shes an idiot. If she was pregnant she shouldn’t be giving the cop a hard time.

  23. She is arrogant and hysteric

  24. Fucking coward, she is pregnant.

  25. Ohh booo hoo!! Don’t resist arrest arrest and you won’t be handled roughly. If she cared about her kid she would have complied.

  26. christian nilsson

    Fuck that pig

  27. Emelio Estevez

    Dumb bitch

  28. Cops were trying to kill the baby!!!

  29. They simply do not care if they kill the child. Their ego is more important than the unborn child. There is a special place in hell preserved for these evil men who woud risk the death of a child

  30. This women caused this on herself. Black entitlement drama

  31. Angela Helfery

    Always the victim… $$$$$$$$

  32. This is a black woman…they don’t give a fuck about her

  33. To throw a pregnant human being in their stomach you have to look at them than less of a human are you are less than human

  34. WTF is wrong with some of these cops. She is pregnant you dumb ass..

  35. kristel ingalls

    I can see fault all the way around-I can see fault all the way aroun—That cop used excessive force and yes that woman was interfering with the work that the cops were trying to do I see wrong on The part of the use of force by the officer and I see wrong on the part of the woman interfering with the work the officer was trying to do I know when I was nine months pregnant if I wasn’t at work I would’ve been at home and I also know that when I worked Force was never part of my job working with people it’s like the whole world has just gone crazy absolutely crazy

  36. If she wouldn’t have been resisting and screaming she wouldn’t have been put on her stomach. If her pregnancy was that important to her, you’d think she wouldn’t have been fighting.
    Ghetto lib logic, argue, fight, then complain when you get shot or physically restrained.

  37. This is why black people need our own police. They can’t be trusted… Ever.

  38. Lissett Quijano

    They do not Serve and Protect! They harass and abuse people!

  39. For the people saying she deserved that…um no. Arrest her if you need but throwing her on her pregnant belly was despicable. She’s unarmed and pregnant. The arrest did not have to be so cruel and potentially dangerous to her and the unborn baby. That could have broken her water people. Pregnant woman should not be handled like that. I wonder if that cop has a wife and kids. Any decent man would never do that to a woman who’s expecting. This makes me cringe. For all you men that don’t get it….it is impossible to even sleep on your stomach when pregnant, (she’s held down on concrete!). My daughter fell off a stool at 5 months and landed on her stomach and that was a traumatic experience for her. Men don’t get how women instinctively protect our bellies when pregnant. No excuse for extreme handling of this woman. Her arrest could have happened without this violent act.

  40. O.J Burrito Morales

    All because she’s black.

  41. Alfonso Gutierrez

    But if she was sexy, she would have made them her puppets, fucken crooked cops

  42. I would love for a white woman to be going about there normal day one minute, and then the next minute grabbed and throwed to the ground iby a Police officer, and you know you haven’t did anything that’s warrants it. while your have your fragile little precious baby in your stomach and get arrested. All because of your race. And please don’t say it wasn’t race. Cause if you don’t know that, it’s probably because your white and you never experience this tragedy before. Its enough to make some black people commit suicide. It’s a feeling of being broken and no good anymore. whites have no idea the feeling that this woman is experiencing now. And most of them don’t even care. Its changes your self esteem forever. It’s so hard to feel worthy anymore after experiencing something like this.
    And then Authorities say Police did nothing wrong to you. [email protected]

  43. Omg why is race always thrown in there

  44. Supreme Vermin Airsoft

    She resisted arrest. It’s her fault.

  45. It’s really simple, if you resist arrest you’re wrong. If it’s a bs arrest just go with it and sue them afterwards. Because fighting cops will not get you unarrested. Don’t fight on the street with cops, fight it in the court room and if they did wrong, sue them and get paid. Be smart about it.

  46. Angela Wynter Palermo

    I hear her screams of terror

    this is awful

  47. Thank god her baby is ok 🌸

  48. They love to beat on women, they get off on it. Plus it’s good practice for when they get home to beat their wives. Wake up America the police are your enemy. Just like the Nazis they have no respect for anything, not even the laws of nature. How much more are you willing to take ? Turn against these evil tyrants now.

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