Rob Riggle and wife Tiffany are seeking divorcement after 21 years of marriage

Rob and Tiffany are done/

Rob and Tiffany calling it quits. 

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LOS ANGELES — Dammit coronavirus! Look what you’ve done! You can stick a fork in Rob Riggle’s marriage because it’s done. The Saturday Night Live alum and wife Tiffany are calling it quits after 21 years of holy matrimony. The latter filed dissolution documents in Ventura County earlier this week citing irreconcilable differences. They’ve been separated since May. Rob and Tiffany have two children together. She’s seeking joint custody and alimony. Tiffany also asked the judge to treat their individual bank accounts, two mansions, and vodka and whiskey companies as community property.

In other words, she wants half of everything.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Rob, a graduate of Kansas University, has starred in several films; most notably “The Hangover” and “Night School.” He makes regular appearances on FOX’s NFL Sunday pregame show. The 50-year-old comedian is also a diehard fan of both the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals.

Do you feel sorry for Rob?

Does Tiffany deserve half?

Share your thoughts.


  1. And women wonder why dudes don’t wanna get married anymore….

  2. dude made all that money with his talent and she’s taking half

    thats fucked up

  3. where’s his prenup????

  4. Marriage is only beneficial in third world. In first world it’s very unnecessary mistake. Especially when you’re rich!

  5. And men still get married lol…at this point if you get your married you deserve all the pain which WILL come to you

  6. AleksMeetsWorld

    Don’t get married.

  7. the pussy aint worth it

  8. Tired of women doing this to guys .

  9. Chris Rock Voice – now I ain’t saying he should’ve killed her….but I understand

  10. There’s no limit to gold diggers. Alimony reform is desperately needed.

  11. and yall wondering why dudes dont wanna get married no more.

  12. These divorce settlement are crazy.

  13. It’s cheaper to keep her!

  14. It’s pointless to get married once you reach a certain status.

  15. Why are people still getting married?? Especially rich men

  16. I just hire a hitman much cheaper 👍🎯🔫

  17. This just proves to me further that I’m doing the right thing going MGTOW…… Never getting married, over my DEAD BODY.

  18. Where’s OJ when you need him

  19. Perfect example of why men should never get married, it’s a trap 💯

  20. rodolphe rejouis

    Just for a piece of 🍑? Wtf!!!

  21. I have a feeling it’s better for a man to stay single then marry

  22. Famous Mortimer

    Divorce: The screwing you get, for the screwing you got.

  23. Wonder why married is frowned upon. Loosing half all you worked for is a harsh penalty for not getting along .

  24. It’s literally always irreconcilable differences. That’s the definition of divorce. Idk even know why that’s a reason. Every divorce boils down to that or you wouldn’t be getting divorced lmao

  25. Kudos to her. Hope she takes every dime 😊💯

  26. Pink and Black Girl

    The only people who benefit from a divorce unconditionally are lawyers.

  27. He could’ve had someone better, she’s not that attractive

  28. I dont understand why these women can be so greedy don’t get married guys go your own way. Focuse on your self and build your empire. Marriage is dead and the family court and feminist killed it.

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