White House Interview: Jason Whitlock, President Trump discuss ‘black issues’

Trump and Whitlock talk politics/Outkick.com

Jason interviews President Trump. 

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WASHINGTON — Former Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock paid a visit to the White House on Wednesday to talk negro politics with President Donald Trump. The sedentary chinwag aired on Whitlock’s newly launched website Outkick.com. Donning a Stygian suit and a pair of sneakers, Whitlock sat across from the Commander-in-Chief and he wasted no time diving into African American issues. “Antifa, to me, is the modern day KKK,” Whitlock said. “They’re a terrorist, domestic organization. They’re out doing things for the benefit of black people that aren’t benefiting black people… Can we get the Democrats to denounce Antifa? Can we get lawmakers to really go after this group? They’re tearing this country apart.”

The president agreed wholeheartedly. “You’re so smart and you’re so right,” Trump replied. “Antifa is a terrorist organization. When you see these riots with the anarchists, it’s radical left, it’s Antifa and you can’t get [Joe] Biden or any of these Democrats to say anything bad about them. They’re hurting the black community… They’re hurting the country.”

“Nobody has done for the Black community what I have done,” Trump continued.

“Prison reform, criminal justice reform.”

The president went on to say Democrats have owned the black vote for decades.

But he’s starting to recognize a shift towards the right.

“It’s a habit. It’s almost a habit [for blacks] to vote for a Democrat,” Trump said.

“Now you have a lot of [black] people going into the Republican party.”

Do you agree with Trump?

Are negroes genetically predisposed to vote Democrat?

Watch the interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I loved this. SO refreshing to see this side of Trump that we rarely get to see. MORE OF THIS, PLEASE!

  2. I hope this man gets re elected for president I seen the work he has done people don’t see how he lift the economy alot before the pandemic

  3. One of the best interview’s displaying a human side of a strong man that I’ve never seen…. Ever seen. Whitlock SALUTE! Donald Trump SALUTE!! THAT WAS REAL AS IT GETS!!

  4. Don’t people realize when you get a person who is just asking questions and not attacking our great President, you get a more insightful a more calm and kind personality, when you are constantly attacked out of pure animosity you get a fighter which is what he needs to be to get things done against the corrupt in this country. Anybody who votes for Biden let’s face it is just a weak, petty, asshole, as they are not voting for ideas or policy they are voting out of jealousy and hate. Keep America America VOTE TRUMP 🇺🇲

  5. I had to rewind it twice to make sure I heard him right……..He basically said to Trump “Do you think they now look at your record rather than your personality?” Which is basically saying “People think your personality is shit but your record is ok”

  6. This was a great interview by Jason

  7. Everyone need to share this.

  8. Hands down the best President of our lifetime.

  9. Seriously you Jason Whitlock show up to an interview with the president of the united states wearing a suit with tennis shoes.
    You look like a joke
    You were a professional athlete
    You used your celebraty to get the interview.
    Thus explaining the tennis shoes you must have back or foot problems.
    This interview goes absolutely nowhere…
    Ice cube opened the door to nothing

  10. More black and Hispanic Americans are running as Republicans in 2020 than the past 20+ years combined. A shift is definitely happening

  11. PingPongBall Z

    Wow great interview. I really do hope the black community researches Trump’s policies and not believing what the Mainstream media tells them

  12. On a scale of 1 to 100, I give both President Trump and J Whitlock a grade of 98. Why not one hundred ,one may ask? Jason came across as playing the role of Nelly the Rapper, when he had a verse in one of his songs several years ago, asking Bill Gates and Donald Trump before he was President to let him in.Into the Big Time. Apparently they heard him as his career went to a higher level,including a contract Sports Contributor with Fox Undisputed ,featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Nelly rise was short live due to getting caught up in some alleged rape scandal while on tour. In the meantime getting back to Jason,he fail to ask the President anything about COVID=19 VIRUS,despite Mr.Trump opening the door for him by saying China Plague instead of the coronavirus itself.Was this a deliberate move by Jason as a mean of telling the President he would like to become a member of his administration if reelected? Just curious.

  13. I’m willing to bet half the people who scream about Trump non-stop are actually voting for him

  14. Good interview. Trump will get about 5% of the black vote in November. Congrats!

  15. You treat the man with respect you get respect. Funny how that works🤔

  16. Those were some slow underhand softball questions. Gently spoon-fed out of a cold jar of applesauce. Trying to show a kinder and likeable dude.

  17. Hell of a job Mr. Whitlock.

  18. Whitlock should be the president.

  19. Steven Meinking

    Outkick moving up in the world! Nice! Awesome interview

  20. Alvin Mitchell

    President Trump has a lot of energy and he has done a lot for the country, including black Americans. I am so glad I voted for him yesterday. I wish more blacks open up and vote for Trump.

  21. If you are going to vote Trump, please talk to your friends on the fence, bring just one of them to vote IN PERSON with you. We have to do everything in our power to prevent the left from gaining power.

  22. An embarrassing softball poor excuse of an interview. He just let trump rabble and lie and didn’t challenge a single thing he said. “I got prison reformed passed” WTF does that even me? He’s down nothing to advance prison reform. Nothing about the skyrocketing rates of covid in the Bible Belt. 30 million still on unemployment. Embarrassing. His secret bank account in China?? He’s going to get mopped in November.

  23. I will say this about my President he’s not the greatest articulate speaker and I’m just being honest, but what I love about him he gets to the main point. President Trump is the first President to be the realest and not phony. I say this because it’s a lot of politicians that smile in your face and then turn their back on us. I feel he truly gets Americans and the dream. Him not being a politician has definitely benefit these past four years.

  24. Ricky Rasputin

    Whitlock always has a finger on truth and reality. Hes not confused like so many big-mouths on the Left. He knows Trump can be rough on his enemies, but
    his Patriotism is unquestioned for what needs to be done and how to do it.

  25. I’m a Mexican American coming from a immigrant mom and this year I opened my eyes to see what’s going on and I’m voting for TRUMP!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  26. GOOD JOB Mr Whitlock…DARN GOOD JOB
    I think your your interview was on time and on point. Sitting
    down with a one on-one-with the President of the US pretty awesome
    representation for the people… in particular the black community

  27. Trump didn’t answer Whitlocks first question at all but Whitlock didn’t call him out on it. Travis and Whitlock just want his viewers to vote for Trump. I like Whitlock but this was a softball interview big time. The right is using black people just like the left. Whitlock and Travis know this. They are both full of it. Biden Harris Trump Pence are all full of it.

  28. This shows you trump is a normal al dude like all of us…he just has alot of money.haH

    I bet he woukd come over for a BBQ and ask what he needs to bring!

    Trump 2020 and beyond!

  29. Whitlock should be a guy kids growing up in impoverished areas should look up to not these rappers and athletes who the kids statistically will never have a chance to be. He doesn’t play victim and he’s fought his way to the top, he just got to interview the president less that 2 weeks before the election. A great role model and congrats to him.

  30. Kastle Freeman

    Best interview of Trump that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen almost all of them.

  31. My respect for Whitlock 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  32. So Trump has seen Antifa members dressed in black, boarding planes in large numbers. And now Whitlock, who has never marched in a protest, calls it Antifa, though the FBI Director and folks actually on the ground, say Antifa is an ideology, not an organization. Though the Boogaloo Bois and Proud Boys are white supremacists groups that Trump won’t denounce or mention. Whitlock is all of a sudden Sherlock, the counterintelligence terrorist activity aficionado, right! Whitlock is a FoxNews sycophant and disgraceful.

  33. whitlock is a coon and an uncle tom all rolled up into one

  34. Whitlock just won him 4 extra butter biscuits… and a clean polished pair of tap dancing shoes

  35. As a white man its hard to speak on the black community and their difficulties, but the way I see it is that the DNC has been shiting on them and asking for their vote in return for nearly 100 years.

    Giving people welfare and rewarding them with more for less effort and lower standards is not going to make anyone stronger. These kinds of policies (among others) are killing the black community the way I see it.

    Over the past few years I’ve been leaning more and more to the right, not because I’m racist, like the democrats would have you believe. Its because I want the black community to be strong. America needs them to be strong, and they deserve their independence from the government back. Keeping the black community down keeps us all down, and America suffers.

  36. Aymen Aljuwaie

    This should be watched by 10’s of millions of Americans!!! how is that not the case? Yet a silly segment of the lying corrupt CNN, MBC, MSNBC, and the rest of the fack media outlets, is absolutely mind boggling you€£¥% 🤔

  37. Isn’t Jason Whitlock one of those “keep politics out of sports” types? Isn’t Outkick an outlet that harped on the NBA because they didn’t “keep politics out of sports”? 🤔

  38. Dwayne Drummond

    Whitlock is the definition of a sell out😂😂😂

  39. George Jenkins

    Jason must have eaten a pile of $%%$, he’s really piling it on

  40. The president rarely gets a fair interview. This was fantastic.

  41. Intelligent and normal people will vote for Trump 2020. On the other side are snowflakes and socialist.,,,,,,

  42. I normally can’t stand Whitlock, but he has me actually thinking about voting again…. Crazy it would be for Trump, if I do. Biden and Kamala isn’t the way to go.

  43. It’s great to see my fellow Americans and african americans waking up and starting to understand how fake and hypocrite the liberals are. I say welcome.

  44. Whitlock doesn’t vote so what? 2 morbidly obese guys eating donuts.

  45. Thetimekeeper36

    Jason Whitlock is lowest of the low when it comes to black journalism. He is a disgrace. I dont hate Trump but I definitely despise Jason Whitlock

  46. Jason is a butter biscuit bafoon

  47. Lossssssserrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. What a fat kiss ass Puppet. Jason wants to get on his knees. Lmao Trump lost to Biden 306 Electoral votes.

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