Final Presidential Debate: Biden blames President Trump for coronavirus deaths

Biden and Trump face off again/

Biden vs Trump, Round 2 cordial.

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NASHVILLE — Round two of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump was less pugnacious than their first wrangle mainly because their propensity to grandstand and interrupt met resistance from a long overdue feature: a damn mute button. Because of that, the braggart politicians were able to voice their ambitions peacefully. Moderator Kristen Welker of NBC kicked off Thursday night’s final debate with inquiries about the coronavirus pandemic and how the presidential hopefuls plan to navigate the country through the “dangerous new phase” that’s expected to materialize this winter.

Not to mention since the epidemic began, suicide rates are up and out-of-work husbands are beating the sh*t out of their wives. Alcoholism is also on the rise. Trust me, I know. The bottom line is something has to be done before more mothaf*ckas end up dead. The president said he’s trying.

“We closed up the greatest economy in the world in order to fight this horrible disease that came from China,” Trump, 74, explained. “We’re fighting it. We’re fighting it hard. We have a vaccine that’s coming. It’s ready. The military is going to distribute the vaccine.”

Biden, 77, was quick to blame the Commander-in-Chief for the outrageous number of COVID-19 deaths that have ravaged the nation. In his mind, the key to saving lives starts with social distancing, eschewing vulva, and donning face masks — a modus operandi Trump has repudiated since day one.

“220,000 Americans dead. Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America,” Biden said. “The expectation is that we’ll have another 200,000 Americans dead between now and the end of the year. If we just wore these masks, we can save 100,000 lives.”

Biden also excoriated the president for joking about the pandemic earlier this year.

If you recall, Trump predicted warm weather would extirpate the virus.

“I was joking,” he confessed.

A CNN poll showed 53 percent of respondents believe Biden won compared to Trump’s 39 percent.

The other 8 percent didn’t have a f*ckin’ clue.

Are you ready for election day?

Who has your vote? Biden or Trump?

Watch the final debate.

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  1. Benny Hill's perverted cousin

    Fuck the poll! Trump kicked his ass!!!!

  2. Trump killed him!!!

  3. Black folks y’all better wake up….if Joe making mistakes like this, we can’t afford him to be president🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Looks like donny boy decided to put his big boy pants on for this one

  5. “Why haven’t you gotten it done Joe….. you’ve had eight years as a vice president, life long politician…. why haven’t you gotten it done Joe….. but he’s going to get it done now people.”

    Biden/ Harris/ Democrats are a f-ing laughing stock!!!!


  7. Wayne-O Abernathy

    I would love for them to have a fair moderator. It’s always one sided with Trump getting attacked. Biden is a clown, a puppet. TRUMP 2020!!!

  8. This is suppose to be the two brightest people to Lead our country. Democrats have had 4 years to regroup and this is what they came up with? I’m not religious but oh my fu#king lord!

  9. Connie Shelton

    She allowed Trump to flap his lying jaws way longer than Biden could speak with integrity and I never heard trump’s mic cut off! I was timimg also. She’s gotta be a trump cult follower. I already voted for Biden and this is just malarkey!!!!!

  10. More Trump ignorance. For every 37 who contract the virus, one dies. Cases divided by deaths. Simple maths.



  12. Moderator was very respectful unlike Chris Wallace

  13. Put some respect on Donald Trump name he’s a Alfa.💯%

  14. Alexander Mittag-Lenkheym

    Biden is by far – 100 times better than this hand/arm waving moron

  15. We’re doomed

  16. Unmasking Fools

    Trump Crushed lying corrupt China guy Biden

  17. TheWitchof SeaCliff


  18. You can easily tell President Trumps was truthful about the things he accused Joe Biden of by the way Joe reacted. People will react one of two ways when someone is talking about them. If lies are being told about them, they will get upset and try to interrupt to set the record straight. If the truth is being told about them, they will laugh, chuckle, or make it obvious in some way that they think it’s funny. Joe Biden did the former every time President Trump accused him of something.

  19. a great debate and moderating.. kudos to the Moderator, President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. I think Joe Biden did well from the start to the end.

  20. Donald Trump sounds like he got a better plan but Did this nut Joe Budden just say he was going to turn Obama care to Joe Biden care I’m done Trump 4 more years 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. This sucker is still claiming that Covid-19 came from China. China should take this idiot to task! He lies.

  22. Jefferson Danilo Gonzalez Villarin

    This was a better debate than the first one. They got a moderator who is good at doing her job and made sure that this debate is not a comedy show.

  23. 15 lies in Trump’s first two minutes!

  24. Go get it Mr.President Trump.
    God is with you

  25. Virginia Zequeira

    Trump is a pathological liar. The orange moron has no plans , whining, blaming others, etc. Vote blue.

  26. Poor Americans, you’re screwed . 😆

  27. Alabama Mothman

    Biden was slaughtered. ‘Nough said.

  28. Defund Democrats

    Biden says we MUST wear masks!!! Want he doesnt tell you is that 85% of people who wear masks everyday end up contracting cv19. Guess what the percentage is for people who do not comply and do not wear masks regularly its 3.9% end up contracting cv19. Also dont you fund it funny that these 2 talk about the death rate but scare people with the amount of cases? Come on man!!! This country doomed if furher Biden cheats his way to a win.

  29. Esther Ijeomah

    “I prepaid my taxes; l think $750.00 is for filling, infact l have paid millions and millions of dollars, infact IRS treated me badly, l will show my tax returns as soon as possible” Trump.

  30. Joe You are a criminal!!!

  31. Joe Biden I can honestly say without much of a doubt that you’ll be our next President. Sir, I can say that you’ll lead our nation into a time of great prosperity, we’ll finally defeat covid within a year I hope, you’ll lead us to success and thankfully you don’t have an ego like the moronic Trump, looking forward to your January inauguration future President Biden!

  32. Both parties and both nominees are the worst two possible presidents of all time. America is fucked for the next decade again

  33. Biden is Old and Cant think straight. I would never be confident in him “running” the country. Almost 50 years in office and hasnt done jack as far as i am aware…..Hes become filthy rich, about it!!!! Go home to your basement ya old fart!!!!

  34. @Dave S: They are both old farts so we’re fucked either way

  35. China Joe aka “The Big Guy” wants to do away with the Oil Industry destroying our economy and putting millions of American workers out of a job that includes Union Workers and the Teamsters. If you feel left out don’t worry he wants to raise your Taxes and confiscate your Guns and leave you at the mercy of the Marxist Mob ! NO THANK YOU !

  36. No one can beat Trump when it comes to an argument !

  37. Sad thing for the american people is the moderator seems like a better fit for Washington than the two candidates!

  38. I like how Trump called it the China Plague, because that’s exactly what it is.. Y’all better stop eating that Chinese food they serve in the hoods across the United States.. 😷

  39. Both full of shit.

  40. Wtf is wrong with the moderator. Let trump speak and stop changing topics selectively while biden keeps getting asked to talk

  41. I lost my home to covid 19 because of the pandemic as well I lost my job. And I have no stimulus check just saying I’ve applied months still waiting and joe Biden ain’t shit either

  42. If trump becomes president again next pandemic is world war 3 … he is the problem so how can he solve any problem ? Some how this debate awakened new thoughts

  43. Tristen Brooks

    fuck jobiiiiiidin

  44. Came here for the comments and I brought some popcorn.

  45. There needs to be higher standard requirements to run for president. Both guys are idiots. They fight with each other like 12 year olds. Forget “more extensive background checks to own a firearm” we wanna see “more extensive background checks” to even be considered president of a country.

  46. they need trump to distract. He throws so much $hit at the wall that you just get tired of it. Never seen a pathological liar have so many sycophants making excuses for him and ignoring who he really is. It’s not even that trump has them fooled. They know what he is doing but liberals have been so demonized that making one cry is worth destroying the USA to them

  47. I just realized that I’m sleep deprived and it’s midnight and I’m late in watching this, but I’m still watching two old men arguing on who is less racist and is getting more money from russia 🤦‍♀️


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