First We Feast: Matthew McConaughey is relegated to loud grunting on “Hot Ones”

McConaughey joins Hot Ones/First We Feast

McConaughey is tested big-time.

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LOS ANGELES — Texas Longhorns alumnus Matthew McConaughey had to grunt it out while becoming the latest sacrificial lamb to appear on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” to answer questions for 20 minutes in conjunction with masticating a plate of spicy hot wings. While sedentary, the 50-year-old thespian joined “First We Feast” host Sean Evans virtually to confabulate on everything from what makes his romantic comedies so special to how helpful New Yorkers really are.

Matthew also discussed his male stripper role in “Magic Mike” and, believe it or not, he once lost a lawsuit against a skin cream company while in high school. However, all hell broke loose when Matthew ingested a wing drenched in “Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce” which contains a hellish 135,600 Scoville units.

“Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity with a caution… Ok, you start to notice that these get to be a little less about taste and they start to go right to your tonsils a little bit,” he said while grunting repeatedly. “And I don’t know if it matters what the hell we’re putting them on.”

Matthew just released his new memoir “Greenlights” and it’s on sale for $32.00 on Amazon.

Will he survive all ten wings?

Watch the interview.

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  1. i dunno man, i cannot seem to get into these zoom call episodes. i know it’s nobody’s fault and they’re just being safe, but the production quality on this show has been so good for so long, seeing it like this just really takes me out of it.

  2. Joshua Richardz

    This was one of my favorite episodes

  3. As someone who’s only seen him in more serious movies. He’s surprisingly a chill guy.


  5. This might be the first episode where I’m literally saying “COME ON MAN. YOU CAN DO IT.”

  6. Lesley Plunkett

    I know some of these episodes during COVID have not been getting the views as pre COVID and I don’t know why. These are probably some of the best they have done and I think this ranks as one of my favorites. I have always been a Matthew McConaughey fan but what I love most is the positive attitude he exudes and zest for life. He could be talking about a bicycle pump and make is sound exciting. I had a bad week and just I guess feeling overwhelmed in general and was feeling sorry for myself. Listening to Matthew always reminds me to get over it and get out there and live each day and squeeze the most out of life you can.

  7. I honestly feel that the funniest and most memeable reaction to Da Bomb: Idris Elba… hands down lol the man just kept licking his fingers! 😂 like “ima power through this… cough cough what the…” lol

  8. sukanta singha

    This one looks fake. He is acting

  9. ok, im buying this fucking book

  10. This is the chillest/most thoughtful interview during the COVID recordings. How can one human be so chill? – #lifegoals

  11. Mathew McConaughey for president

  12. Anyone know where i can get that hoodie McConaughey is wearing

  13. Of course he likes spicy…he’s from Texas!

  14. ronda rousey: impeccably recreates entire hot ones set at her ranch

    matthew mcconaughey: hey let me just face the camera towards the sunlight and you can try to see me maybe

  15. William Blydenburgh

    you know you are getting old when Matt is 50

  16. Best episode ever. Mathew M. Great actor. Has his own unique vibe. Hot Ones is the best YouTube show ever

  17. He’s just so likeable 😊

  18. concerned citizen

    God Bless Matthew, God Bless Everyone, God Bless The President, and God Bless America! #Love

  19. It’s just not the same , really miss watching these while the guest is in the studio.

  20. That legal story was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard

  21. I think I’m in love. He is so amazing….what a personality. Totally unique. Love him!!

  22. Just a chill ass dude. Legend!

  23. 💣Da Bomb💣

  24. Damn i need me some wings now.. wheres muh foodstamps dammit?!

  25. I love love love LOVE Mathew ..He is so down to earth , inspiring , wise ,loving ,awesome actor and of course very handsome . Always has something positive and uplifting to say💋🤘🤠

  26. Top 5 I would like to see any of these would bring me joy:
    5. Kid Cudi
    4. Vince Vaughn
    3. Dave Chappelle
    2. Drake
    1. Barack Obama

  27. Am I the only one who thinks Sean looks high as hell 😂

  28. He did not do the last dab. Not cool man…

  29. So undeniably cool that he dribbles and spits and I didnt care

  30. One of my favorite actors!

  31. Raga Ramakrishnan

    Matthew has such a great personality ✨

  32. Im sad this wasn’t in person… What a pity!

  33. Alberte Larsen

    Matthew and I actually had an affair back in the 70s. I had to break up with him because that’s what I did. Amazing man. Very funny and he could hold his breath more than 20 times in a week. I miss him ❤️

  34. Reece Williams

    You can really tell when Sean really likes someone by his smiling-trying-not-to-laugh-out-loud faces, and McConaughey clearly does. When Sean likes someone, it makes me like that person, too (not that I didn’t already stan McConaughey).

  35. god hes so hot

  36. How could anyone not love Matthew?

  37. Still waiting for someone to eat The Bomb and go “That’s doo doo, baby!”
    Maybe if Chapelle ever comes on,..

  38. First mcconaughey performance i’ve seen where he kept his shirt on.

  39. Matthew McElroy

    Hes stoned for sure hahaha

  40. Christine Mason

    Wow .. I think he’s freaking boring AF .. I’m disappointed

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