President Trump released Hunter Biden pornographic video with footjob & meth

Hunter Biden sex tape released/7ummit

Trump circulates Hunter sex tape.

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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump may end up losing the presidential election. But he ain’t going down without a fight. As a matter of fact, he’s pulling out all the stops — even if the stratagem entails a little pornography. In a shocking development, President Trump broke the internet over the weekend when he released a foot fetish video that shows Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, experiencing copulation with a woman while using narcotics. The porno, titled “Hunter Biden Sex Tape,” was uploaded on a Chinese digital video platform Saturday evening and it has gone mad viral.

Raw footage shows a naked Hunter smoking crack and/or crystal meth while receiving a sensuous footjob. “Oh my God,” he moaned as the vixen stroked his phallus with her toes. “Unbelievable!” The caption on the video reads: “U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party as one of the most successful political instances of the BGY program. He is also a target of the CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to ‘fall, fail, and fell,’ to weaken, destroy and kill America!”


Has Trump gone too far?

Does the video warp your view of the election?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Walmart Cashier

    this country is fucked

  2. I wouldn’t dare click the video… Nobody wants to see Junkie sex🙄💯

  3. crooked as his daddy

  4. did he cum?

  5. Some black folks support trump’s nonsense. trump is lower than the scum of the earth. Those supporting him and his cronies are worst. He should NEVER talk about another’s man’s child when his are nothing but habitual liars, cheaters, and racist like him. Black trump supporters, accept the fact trump doesn’t give a cent about you. Leave this devil’s playpen.

  6. Meanwhile we are supposed to care about Hunter Biden getting a footjob, while Trump is actively trying to block states from issuing emergency food benefits during COVId for lower income Americans in court.

    POS POTUS and so is anybody who supports this double talking low life.

  7. Marianne Stout

    Absolutely disgusting. How is biden continuing to run for the president of the USA,

  8. Who cares! Hunter Biden isn’t running for president! So good luck with this shyt!!

  9. I dont give a fuck if Hunter Biden had a tape with my momma, I’m still not voting for Trump.

  10. all I can say is that he obviously has a foot fetish & Joe has a lot of explaining to do

  11. Worthless as wet a $2 bill at a vending machine!
    Dear Trump, your mail order bride now has her papers…SHE’S LEAVING YOU TOO.
    They gonna lock Trump up for tax evasion and a bunch of stuff in the 1st year Joe is in office. Gonna be HILARIOUS

  12. Ann TheBestest Monroe

    Stormy…pull out your tapes girl!

  13. Sophisticated Ex Con

    Damn …. Trump is playing to dirty i wish biden could knock his head off

  14. Breaking Squares

    @Sophisticated Ex Con: Biden is evil so please stfu

  15. Hunter Biden is a huge sleaze ball and disgusting. And his father knows this which makes it even more gross.

  16. He’s always been a crack head loser. Nothing new here.

  17. King Nazier Austin

    And this is exactly why we need to MAGA NIGGAS!!!!! Stop being poor and re-elect TRUMP…!!!

  18. Biden did say his son was on drugs. Hell everybody got one crack head in the family. Nice try Donny.

  19. Fuck Biden

  20. Leonard Taylor

    He’s smoking meth and getting a footjob while watching rediculousness. This is happening in 75 percent of white people’s house in the south. How is this a news story?

  21. eww who wants to see this shit?

  22. Saucy__Sparkles

    If Biden was as bad as Trump says why does he have to reach as far as to go after his son? His son is a grown ass 40+ yr old man with a family and kids who isnt running so why do we care anything about Hunter???

  23. #1….Pretty sure that’s not meth. I know people who smoke meth and I’m almost certain that’s not a meth pipe. It does look like a Crack pipe though.
    #2…..Not sure what this has to do with Joe Biden. I don’t get into the politricks bullshit so it doesn’t matter to me either way.
    #3…..Hunter appears to be packin for a white boy! 😜

  24. Please vote!

  25. Jeremy Morningwood

    So now we get to see the trump pee tapes??? With the golden girls?

  26. I didn’t know Hunter Biden was running for President. 😲 Where’s the Stormy Daniels video.

  27. Oof.

    Lol. I guess a crackhead will always be a crackhead.

  28. Realhiphopsearch

    Hunters having sex with children also
    But they can’t show that

  29. I have a foot fetish too

    biden has my vote

  30. trump said w-w-what

    Joe, it’s time for your people to bring out stormy

  31. mommyHASaheadache!!!

    tRump’s mind is phuqqed up from the syphilis, he thinks he’s still running against Hillary and now it appears he running against Hunter Biden as well……let’s not forget, this is the man who said if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter “he would have sex with her.”

  32. STILL voting against Trump. Hunter Biden is not running, Joe is. Jeb Bush daughter is a crackhead, but didn’t stop him from running. People cannot control adults.

  33. In the end, its his son… not Biden. Sorry Trump…if ya trying to collect black votes, call one of those kar’trashian trouts… theyve all slept around and can provide their BLK rolodex

  34. I bet her feet stink

  35. Crack and hookers, comedy gold.

  36. Caucasoids are true satanic heathens, “political parties” notwithstanding BECAUSE CONSERVATIVES/LIBERALS ARE THE SAME SECULAR HUMANIST DEVILWORSHIPPERS💯

  37. Classic sociopath

  38. Well this is embarrassing

  39. Bidens are corrupt.

  40. Before He open Pandora’s box, he’d better make sure nobody held on to the Melania sex tape! ya’ll know she was high dollar prostitute when she met Trump!

  41. Last time I checked Hunter Biden is a private citizen. He benefited from nepotism just like Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric and Jared. So, this isn’t news worthy. But, Rudy Guliani trying to get some head from the actress from Borat was just a damn shame… lets talk about that !

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