Deadly Police Video: Cops in Philadelphia ‘recorded’ shooting certifiable black man

Walter Wallace shot dead by cops/Instagram

Philly cops shoot armed black man.

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PHILADELPHIA — Law enforcement officials in West Philadelphia are catching hell after a certifiable black man was shot dead by police officers in broad daylight. The sanguinary ordeal transpired Monday afternoon outside the suspect’s home. It was also captured on video. Body cam footage shows 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. wielding a knife at officers as they pointed their guns at him. Walter’s mom and his pregnant wife tried to conciliate. The latter yelled, “Stand down officers, he’s manic bipolar!” But it was to no avail. When Walter approached the cops, they opened fire. He was shot at least 10 times.

While speaking to a reporter, Walter’s son accused “racist white cops” of murdering his father before raising his fist to declare “Black Lives Matter.” It should be noted police were called to Walter’s residence dozens of times the past few months which includes 3 trips on Monday amid reports of a disturbance.

Walter’s death sparked riots, looting and protests throughout Philly.

More than 30 officers were injured by protesters and another cop was hit by a truck.

Was Walter’s quietus justified?

Did he commit suicide by cop?

Watch graphic footage of Walter’s demise.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Apparently he didn’t have an uncle in Bel air

  2. Johnny on the spot

    why not use tasers?????

  3. This is the most black and white incident I’ve seen in months… Why are they protesting?

  4. They didnt have to shoot him

    A taser wouldve worked just fine

  5. The guy asked for it, what did he expect to happen

  6. °When U Gotta Go ~ U Gotta Go°

  7. Why didn’t the officers try using a tazer first? just saying guy had a knife not a gun. Could have demobilized him first and prevented riots, looting and violence.

  8. Rogue Reflections

    Dude with the knife decided to die. He was obliged.

  9. I can’t blame the officers for this!

  10. I guess Philly can just hire social workers to accompany a a group medical doctors with a speciality in Psychiatrics to be ready to immediately respond 24 / 7 . Just raise taxes, that will raise rent, and you should be able to pay for this team this team with about 200 million a year, provided they were will to take the risks, which of course they won’t. Parents Just try to teach your children not to try to attack Cops with bats, clubs, Knives Guns or anything that would cause serious injury or death. I guess, on the flip side, if you really don’t like your kid, this would be a way to score a government settlement.

  11. So, the police were supposed to let this man advance toward them with the knife and start slashing them, REALLY? It makes me so angry we have to deal individuals with mental health issues and in SOME cases, they are not being cared for properly! Is it POSSIBLE that all those MEN out there WATCHING could have helped to prevent the situation before the police got there? These are possibly the same people who want to abolish the police. I am sure that they all knew that guy too. Oh but I guess I sound REAL crazy now.

  12. For those of you that say why didn’t they use tasers. The police chief went on TV today and said because of the defunding of their police department the officers didn’t have tasers. They put an order in several months ago to get tasers for the entire police force but was denied because of defunding. That’s why they didn’t use tasers. They didn’t have them.

  13. This is blatant police brutality. This is murder.

  14. Arrest the officers ! They were far away from the guy but decided to shoot.

  15. When someone holding a weapon charging to officers. Officers had no choice other than pull the trigger.

  16. This is the result of a still broken health system. Most ppl can not afford the type of care required for someone with extensive mental health problems. Cops are not currently equipped to help someone with mental issues.

  17. This was justified no racism here.

  18. DatGreyStatueTho

    One word: justified

  19. So this will be seen as yet another racial attack? Of “brutal” white police who killed an innocent mentally challenged black man who ran up to them with a knife? 🤔 Yet all of what happened to Walter Wallace does not make looting and vandalism acceptable.

  20. The next time a black man is shot by police for chasing them with a knife, all the business owners in the neighborhood need to get on their roofs with an M-16 and start shooting every single person that attempts to destroy their livelihood. This will teach these false outrage rioting looters to stop this shit already. I’m sick of racists marching up and down the streets calling everyone else racist. They are learning to project just like their handlers in the democratic party.

  21. This was 100% his own foolish fault of genuine dumbassery.

  22. poor guy been mentally ill
    it’s nazi t-4 program in action!

  23. The police should wellcome him with open arms as he was running at them with the knife! Yeah… If mental problems was the case here then his family is the one to blame here.

  24. George Verghese

    The US trains coppers to be cowards – shoot to kill at the very first sign of resistance. Pansies and daises in cop uniform.

  25. I definitely don’t see why this shooting would spark riots. Officers were certainly in danger. Perhaps they could’ve shot his legs to bring him down but other than that these people are rioting for fun.

  26. New Covenant Guy

    Tragically, his soul is in the place of torment described by Jesus.

  27. the guy had a knife, it was dangerous, ok. but more than 10 shots? the police know that the bullets are real? with a few shots to the legs they would avoid the attack. they don’t because they don’t want to.

  28. arsenal untouchables

    Walter Wallace should know the consequences of approaching police with a weapon for crying out loud. You have to be naive or thick to do this. The police over there are very trigger happy mind, could use a disabling shot to the leg or taser.

  29. The police system ARE all serious FUCK UPS!!!! They are simply dumb criminal idiots that are trigger happy!! FUCK THE POLICE !!!!!

  30. What do you expect when you walk towards officers holding a knife. On the other hand i’m honestly wondering: what if you have a mentally ill loved one, who is in a state of psychosis or something similar. Who can u call if you want him/her to get help without the possibility your loved one get shot dead.

  31. This shooting was justified. It’s totally different than what happened to George Floyd. Or Michael Brown. Or Tamir Rice. Or Philando Castile. Or Botham Jean. The guy charged at police with a knife after being given multiple commands to drop the knife.

  32. How dare him run towards someone with a knife,they should’ve stood there and got stabbed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. Warlord of Chaz

    Wtf are you protesting and rioting for? The man was attacking people with a knife like wtf is wrong with some people smh

  34. escobar mohammed

    Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

  35. His own family could not get him stable, how do you expect the cops to calm him when he has a knife and running toward them! I am sorry for his death, I have a relative with mental issues and it’s a hard pill to swallow.


  37. He was a criminal and what happens to someone with that record and threatening a police officer? Exactly that!!

  38. Glad the Officers are ok. 💯 justified.

  39. Walter Wallace killed himself dummies. Doesnt matter soon Joe and President Kamala will come and Californicate the whole country. You can get a job cleaning up human feces and needles off your streets.

  40. The officers should have called a psychologist to talk to the young man

  41. @Blanca Gracia: On the other hand, we need to stop using ‘mental illness’ so loosely! Yes, there are mentally ill people out there but we also have people who are just pure violent and evil.

  42. We need empathy and sympathy on both sides. A good balance for all LIVES, specially for BLACK LIVES. We need balance, a good heart and leadership for 🇺🇸


  44. Joe Biden’s America!

  45. Elida Hernandez

    OmG oh yes defund the police right 😡😡😡 this will be because of that

  46. Well this idiot was wielding a knife at the police wtf do u expect

  47. 100% with the cops here. Mental or not there’s multiple lives at risk here including all the bystanders that were getting involved. Tragic event but I think the cops did what they were trained to do…

  48. This made my day I’m glad I watched this before work this morning. It’s always nice to see a lazy thug get shot for being a useless piece of shit. His mother knowing she failed him was awesome as well like the cherry on top of the cake.

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