The Shop: LeBron called Obama seeking ‘instruction’ after Jacob Blake shooting

Obama received call from LeBron/

LeBron James ‘called’ Obama.

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LOS ANGELES — If you recall, in the aftermath of the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks spearheaded an unprecedented boycott that coaxed several NBA teams to walk out on their first round playoff games. But — according to LeBron James — had it not been for a late night phone call to Barack Obama, the players would’ve said ‘f*ck it’ and abandoned the tournament altogether. The quondam Commander-in-Chief was a recent guest on LeBron’s HBO show “The Shop” to discuss the protest. Blake, a 29-year-old black man, was shot 7 times in the back by white police officer Rusten Sheskey in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 23rd.

Blake is paralyzed from the waist down.

Emotions ran high at the time.

There were riots and “Black Lives Matter” protests everywhere.

The players were so pissed, they didn’t know what the f*ck to do.

“When Milwaukee did what they did, and rightfully so, we understood that there was no way none of us could go on the floor,” LeBron explained. “We stand as a brotherhood, we are a brotherhood in our league, and we stood with the Milwaukee Bucks and what they wanted to do – but there was a time where we were ready to leave too. The Lakers, myself included, we were ready to leave. And we were trying to figure out, if we leave or if we stay, what is our plan? What is our call for action? And I’m lucky enough to have a friend, you know, the 44th president, that allowed me and allowed [Chris Paul] and allowed us to get on the phone with him and get guidance.”

Rather than wait until morning, LeBron and company forced the 59-year-old politician to get out of bed. “I think it was close to midnight when Chris [Paul] calls with LeBron, Carmelo [Anthony], I think Russ Westbrook was on the phone,” Obama recounted via Zoom conference from the barbershop.

“Protest is useful in terms of raising awareness. But, given the power that the NBA players had, my suggestion was that we use that platform to see if you can start asking for some specifics. This isn’t something that’s just a one-off. That’s sadly what we’ve seen, as it happens again and again. So, one of the suggestions I had for the players was: Is it possible for you guys to set up an office that allows you, on an ongoing basis, to take best practices that are going to start making incidents like [Blake] less likely?”

The late night chinwag definitely worked. The players returned to work and, a few days later, the league established a social justice coalition against police brutality. Each franchise is also tasked with encouraging fans to vote. “As I told them though, it’s not going to be solved overnight,” Obama said.

Do you agree with the president?

Are protests useful?

Watch a special episode of “The Shop” featuring Obama.

Share your thoughts.


  1. A real man that break it all down were we can understand ok!!!!!!!!!

  2. This man is presidential! Thank you, for setting this up Lebron.

  3. BeanTown Champs

    Barack Obama is still my President

  4. Nezbit Odenstien

    LOL Odummy is already down as the worst prez in US history, and soon going to prison to lose all that money he stole from the American people.

  5. H. Sowande Gray

    Obama makes me so hopeful. Its like wow, I almost forgot what American excellence really looks like, sounds like and feels like.

  6. Wow these are two terrible individuals

  7. Michelle Landreth

    President Obama!!!!!!! Love love love!

  8. Obama always did a excellent job of entertaining the Entertainer’s he does a lousy job of connecting with the mainstream so-called blacks he never ever done anything to help here in America nor in places like Haiti he didn’t step up to the plate he had no balls pure cower a man who lacks knowledge of himself and lack knowledge of his people because if he was conscious he would have helped his people opposed to entertaining the wealthy I forgot he did push the homosexual agenda a so-called black man and woman should never ever vote for a so-called democrat or republican until we have one voice and one agenda because they playing us we don’t understand real history or real economy

  9. Olivia Johnson

    Great Conversation🗳✅💙💙

  10. Obama was a terrible President

  11. Why do politicians still get addressed with their title once they leave office? AKA president, senator, etc…you don’t see that in any other careers

  12. Black is sooooo beautiful!!

  13. Love Obama bring Him back God

  14. This was so refreshing.🤗

  15. Vote for trump don’t let this distract you that democrats have an agenda….

  16. I’m a Republican, I miss this man

  17. Say what you want Obama was great leader

  18. Selvaratnam Sridharma

    Please don’t listen to this socialist.

  19. DaGuy WhoKnowz

    Look how mad people get with two powerful black men speaking. I am reading all these comments and people could easily just not watch the video if they hate Lebron and Obama so much. The fake hate/fascination is just hilarious to me.

  20. Nina Catherine Willmon

    This should’ve been longer, but, other than that, I loved it.

  21. This man to this day sounds like he’s still making a presidential speech to millions of people. It’s like he can’t turn off that way of speaking and cadence lol

  22. Wonderful interview!!
    Absolutely wonderful!!

  23. LeBron should run for president

  24. fk steph curry

    Hes not president anymore why they calling him mr president man


  26. Bro I’m scrolling through these comments and some of y’all need to get a life. These are two of the most accomplished men we will ever see in our lifetime. Can we just sit back and appreciate that? Can that be enough? Jeez

  27. Patricia Schilling

    God, I miss this man!!

  28. I can listen to them for hours.

  29. Aaron Schmidlkofer

    The two men I have the most respect for in the world. So cool to see 44 and King James in one conversation.


  31. OBUMMA IS TRASH! Needs to go away like hillary & bernia

  32. timothy taylor

    Obama did absolutely nothing for black people in his 8 years as president

  33. LeBron really is the most powerful athlete in the world.

  34. You all lost your minds if you think I’m voting for Biden !

  35. I wish Obama could run again

  36. He’s talking about long sentencing for black communities but Joe Biden n Kamala are responsible for that. He thinks America is worried about covid?? I’m worried about BLM/antifa destroying my city, setting businesses on fire. Funny how he didn’t mention blm killing ppl or destroying businesses when he mentioned the trillions in government assistance. Barrack was a terrible president af the emphasis these 3 morons put on being black, not being American, is kinda disgusting. They have no interest in working collectively with other races, they only want to demand things to benefit them. Its sickening

  37. worst president in recent memory

  38. Two beautiful Chinese nationalist. Traitors to the these United States of America. When all you young men watching this grow up I hope you do more research into the men you admire. real research. your view of the world will change and you will be better men.

  39. Communist Obama

  40. Jason Williams

    Barack Obama… what can I say? Without question, one of the GREATEST, GREATEST, GREATTTTTTEST and MOST BELOVED presidents and world leaders of all time, BAR NONE! Donald Trump? Not so much, thankfully.

  41. I’m surprised Obama was so outright to say LeBron did a deal with the devil. They have to honor Satan in some way otherwise they are put out…

  42. Party On Darth

    Anyone else miss having Obama speak for our nation?

  43. It’s great Obama was able to help these influential figures lead through thought and action not emotion and reaction. It’s very telling that these players sought out his advice before making a decision. Don’t underestimate these guys!

  44. Worst president ever. Set race relations back to the 60s. Didn’t accomplish anything and ruined everyone’s healthcare. What a joke



  46. thrashingjustin

    Never seen so much victimization and ignorance in one video. Millionaires who lost their sense of morality. Obama was literally one of the worst presidents of all time.

  47. “He did some kinda deal with the devil” Everybody starts laughing all suspiciously

  48. Salute to positive black men.

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