Police Arrest Video: “Black Lives Matter” campaigner Hawk Newsome is arrested

Hawk Newsome arrested/Getty Images

Hawk Newsome arrested, jailed. 

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NEW YORK — Hawk Newsome, co-founder of the New York chapter of “Black Lives Matter,” was thrown in the slammer this weekend during an obstreperous protest that saw hundreds of BLM demonstrators going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump supporters in the middle of the street. The political donnybrook transpired in downtown Manhattan. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a half dozen police officers in riot gear forcing Hawk to the ground despite the fact he wasn’t resisting arrest and appears to have his hands up in an acquiescent position.

Once Hawk hit the pavement, officers dogpiled his ass before throwing on a pair of handcuffs. The radical activist was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct (both misdemeanors). Hawk allegedly got in the face of a bunch of cops and refused to vacate the premises. Police officials also claimed he shoved officers away while yelling “get your hands off me!”

Rumor has it “Black Lives Matter” is tied to voodoo and witchcraft.

The idiom “Say Her Name” is reportedly an incantation to raise the dead.

Do you support the organization?

Was Hawk’s arrest justified?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I would suggest that BLM protesters call police and file assault charges.

  2. He got arrested for no reason

  3. Job well done!


  5. this is why you buy guns

  6. A new confederation of states is hopefully in our future

  7. Just the Facts

    Can’t wait till after the election the purge of the radical left will begin and that’s a fact

  8. It’s almost like those in power made promises that they could make the world right with the resources they have at their disposal, knowing it’s bullshit. It’s like they created an industry where 90% of the worlds worst problems are pushed onto a 5% of the worlds population, something that literally nobody could ever be paid enough to do properly, because it’s not about money. But it’s cool just keep talking about funding and budgets, that’ll fix the world quicker than people having a back bone and just doing what’s right. It’s like they don’t care because they have enough money and power not to be touched by the problems they create. And it’s almost like you all allow and support it.

  9. Awwwhhh- that sucks… wonder how they gonna explain this to mommy. 🖕🏽

  10. These aren’t cops just trump supporters hiding behind the badge

  11. Sirmastertroll

    Thank god. Blm needs to be abolished. Funded … bunch of looters who destroy property.

  12. Good. Some people NEED TO LEARN THE HARD WAY.

  13. Bummer dude.

  14. Det. Columbo Justice4Taylor


  15. Instant Noodles

    trumps rioters NEVER get this treatment WHY

  16. Chinese communist party operatives.. Mixing in with burn loot murder.

  17. Damn Zombie apocalypse 😬💀

  18. People are bored

    been protesting for months and nothing is gonna change

    it’s raining go home

  19. Joe Accountant

    Cracking them in the head will make them think twice.

  20. Charge them all with terrorism

  21. Great work NYPD finally fighting back for LAW abiding citizens sick of these scum

  22. Note: Don’t be the guy dumb enough to stand right in front of the police line and argue with the police. Funny, the guy just suddenly got pulled behind the police line and jumped and handcuffed. Oops, guess you’re going to jail.

  23. Arrest, and promptly deport or execute these leftist traitors and the true racist in the west.

  24. 2020 Dodge Demon

    Reunite them with there hero george Floyd 👍👍

  25. Msvarte Muansanga

    All Obama’s fault

  26. This is what happens when the demand for racism far exceeds the supply.
    BLM raised hundreds of Million of $$$ little if any reached the Black Community. BLM was never about helping the Black community. It’s been a deadly political hoax propagated by the media and very wealthy white liberals.


  28. the amount of racism in the comments is INSANE….

  29. Terrorist organization

  30. Bravo NYPD 👏👏👏👏

  31. TheHarsh Truth

    Hawk’s time is up. It’s over, kiddo.
    The mighty American eagle has awoken and he wants his breakfast.
    It’s time to feel the Eagle. Hawk is the perfect rodent to fill it’s belly.

    Bye bye Hawkie, boy!

  32. Catherine Brady

    What BLM is fighting for is RACISM absolute racism they are trying to destroy everything that Americans of all colors have been working for and succeeding at over the last 50 years!!!! Blm is a DANGEROUS GROUP do not let them fool you !!!

  33. Hate group. Plain and simple.

  34. Hawk Newsome is just Al Sharpton Light

  35. Derrick Danquah

    It’s Time For Black People To Rise & Police Our Own People Forget The Police They Are To Much Dangerous To Black People

  36. Love the comments. It’s clear that the general population doesn’t like BLM because the general population is now seeing thru all the BLM bullshit

  37. Sandwich Spread

    Hawk had real potential 3 years ago
    Now he become an extremist
    What a waste of a gift

  38. BLM want everything free

    free money

    Free housing

    free TVs

    free food

    free clothes

    free cars

    free everything

  39. I’m not racist but this makes me wanna be

  40. Throw Newsome in jail, just like Manson. His cult has killed many more people than Manson.

  41. VetAssistant Hippie

    Dangerous marxists

  42. That dude is a straight IDIOT

  43. Can you imagine what this country would look like if blm were running it???

  44. These people need to be tried for treason

  45. enzo madalitso


  46. HAwk newsome the US Politburo member for the Communist Party

  47. Hawk Newsome is the definition of victim mentality. I hope he will see himself as better than that some day.

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