‘Saturday Night Live’ spoofs rappers for supporting Trump, Ice Cube claps back

SNL pokes fun at Kamala and Joe/USAToday.com

SNL cast attacks veteran rappers. 

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NEW YORK — The cast of “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at Ice Cube and Lil Wayne this weekend for working with President Donald Trump on a ‘Platinum Plan’ to augment capital in penurious black communities. As part of a Halloween-themed cold open sketch, Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden was busy reading a spooky bedtime story when Kenan Thompson’s Ice Cube and Chris Redd’s Lil Wayne showed up donning MAGA hats. When asked why they’re voting for Trump, both yelled “taxes” simultaneously.

Redd’s Lil Wayne then added, “Plus, Trump’s got a new Platinum Plan” to which Thompson’s Ice Cube replied, “That’s right, if you got a platinum record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you.”

After descrying the playlet, the real Ice Cube clapped back on Twitter with a seething riposte laced with a series of laughing-crying emojis. “F*ck you SNL… trying to reduce me to greed,” he wrote.

Ice Cube, whose been labeled an “Uncle Tom” and a “coon” in recent weeks, has said on more than one occasion he’s “not supporting Trump.” He’s simply open to working with “whoever is in power.” Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris were also featured in the skit.

Watch the hilarious spoof.

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  1. This was better than the others

  2. Hahahahahahaha

  3. Never in a million years did I think I’d watch Ice Cube willingly ruin his entire legacy before my eyes

  4. Jim is brilliant!

  5. That’s what happens when you make a deal with the devil. You’ve been around long enough to witness SEVERAL presidents in office, and you chose to present a plan to a known racist who has lied over 3409 times on camera?Are you high?? My 5 year old makes better decisions than Woman shrugging

  6. Regional 3rd of the trinity in the flesh

    Our nation will endure, we will live to see another day…😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. SNL needs Jim Carrey

  8. Kristopher Owens


  9. It’s nice seeing Kate’s Hillary come back.


  10. Jason Ridenour

    Not realistic. The vid is 7 minutes long, no way Biden could speak for that long without screwing up.

  11. Knowledge Allah

    Even more reason why Black People should leave the Democratic Party

  12. Even Jim Carey can’t make this shit funny,
    So sad

  13. Maya Rudolph always kills it omg

  14. Benjamin Henrie

    If they wanted to make this more realistic Obama would have walked him off stage.

  15. America is hell. This is crazy. We live in a society where people joke about everything and no one takes anything seriously. This is why I don’t vote and would not ever participate in these silly games. I represent myself. Allah is my only leader.

  16. teonna weakfall

    I loved💙💙💙💙this 😂😂😂

  17. an offended Ice Cube from twitterverse brought me here ..

  18. This is BRILLIANT! Whoever wrote this is a genius! “Quote the Clinton….’we lost before!'” ROTF LMAO!!! 🤣😂😁😜And “all the votes will be accounted for”…”just like Al Gore?” 😜😁😃 Its both funny and true at the same time! As I’ve been telling people…don’t count your chickens before they cross the road…..because we heard it was impossible 4 years ago!

  19. This was great, unfortunately Jim is sharper than Biden.

  20. This one going down in history
    Fun nay❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. FUNNY!!! Like this version of Mr. Biden the best! Mr. Biden is tough as nails. The man never gives up. This is his 3rd trip to WH..
    Two 2 of his children and ex wife passed…The way Mr. Carrey portrayed him in an exaggerated like fashion was funny & caught his tough guy image. I loved it!

  22. Is this supposed to be a good impression?

  23. Constantine of Byzantium

    Jim Carrey 2024

  24. SpaceMonkey490

    Two parties going at one another, the orange man and the child sniffer. But don’t fret cause these two get things done, one battles fake news while one just takes 47 years too long.

  25. This couldn’t possibly ever be Joe Biden because Jim Carey’s actually making sentences.

  26. SNL is now openly racist

  27. Fuck SNL! The last time they were funny was when Eddie Murphy was in the original cast. And that was back in the 80s.

  28. Triggered Snowflakes

    I don’t watch tv anymore it’s a no talent shit show and leftist have no sense of humor they are just awkward

  29. I’m sad about SNL going completely political, since Obama the Useless left office, SNL used to be funny 60 percent of the time, I didn’t even smile once during the cold open. How do they have the ratings to stay on air?

  30. Eric Muschlitz

    Icecube doesn’t endorse Trump. He doesn’t endorse any presidential candidate. But he is very ballot issue oriented.

  31. Reading thru these comments… I’m wondering, are these people or bots??🤔🧐…because I truly don’t understand why someone would CHOOSE to watch a program they have such disdain for… you’re only helping SNL you know that right?🤦🏽‍♀️

  32. Fake comedy losers out of touch with America. Get some writers for G sakes

  33. this was a very entertaining skit! Very Funny BEST yet!

  34. It’s really disgusting to see SNL blatantly lie about ice cube like this. He is not a trump nor a Biden supporter, just like a lot of us out here. You’re doing exactly what Eric Trump did with the photoshopped image of him. That’s wack as fuck!! Misleading to the fullest & people need to call this shit out. This is what they love to do to us black & brown out here. Divide us with b.s lies.

  35. As much as I want trump to lose, I’m not impressed by how biased SNL is… I’m really not happy with the propaganda. I prefer to make my own mind, even if I agree. This is not why I watch comedy shows.

  36. Yikes. Kenan and SNL needs to apologize to Ice Cube for the misrepresentation. Ice Cube never said he was planning to vote for Trump.

  37. Who’s watching this while watching the election?!?

  38. Michelle Gonzalez

    I hope the rappers changed their vote. 🙂 Great impression by Jim Carey. He Rocks! Thank you SNL 💕

  39. Just when I thought Alec Baldwin as TRUMP was the only impersonation that could come that close …Here comes Jim Carey . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  40. Ice cube got it wrong he should have waited until a winner was announced. Not come out and say hes working with Trump and then say he would work with anyone whos in the white house, to cover his ass. He should have waited, really really dumb move putting yourself out like that.

  41. thank god we won

  42. ćŔŮŅçhÝ $ FŔœĢ

    Keenan Thompson should be ashamed. Cube got u paid off Barbershop 2, and this is how you repay him?

  43. dannyrivera8300

    How you gonna say F*ck Trump make a whole album condemning Trump then Vote for the man 😂

  44. Biden won yeehaa 👍👍👍👍🤗🤗

  45. All due respect, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne played them self, you dont play a game if you dont know how to play or the rules, now you must pay the price, I like Ice Cube and Wayne but they was wrong & selfish, only looking out for them self, they forgot where they came from, it was Black American who help build their career and made them rich, like a wise old black culture saying, Never bite the hand that feed you…….

  46. This was a completely dishonest portrayal of Ice Cube and his ideas. This is blatant false propaganda. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed for this dishonest portrayal of Ice Cube. He NEVER endorsed Trump. He NEVER wore a MAGA Hat. He NEVER said he would vote for Trump. Ice Cube never made any statements endorsing Trump’s Tax plan. Instead of dealing with Ice Cube’s clearly stated plan and objectives, whoever wrote this skit made a cowardly attempt to discredit Ice Cube.

  47. Nice try SNL, Ice Cube never supported Trump, Black ppl know the difference between Ice Cube and Lil Wayne.

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