SNL celebrated Joe Biden’s victory, Dave Chappelle gave white folks n*gga lessons

SNL celebrates Biden’s victory/NBC

SNL lauds Biden’s election triumph.

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NEW YORK — The cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ celebrated Joe’s Biden presidential victory while poking fun at Donald Trump’s defeat during the show’s hilarious cold open spoof. “Thank you America! We did it!” boasted Jim Carrey’s Biden at his victory assembly in Wilmington, Delaware. “I never felt so alive which is ironic because I’m not that alive.” Minutes later, Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris joined the podium to deliver a spirited oration to female voters and people of color.

“Like Joe, I am humbled and honored to be the first female, the first black, the first Indian American, and the first biracial vice president,” she gloated. “And to all the little black and brown girls watching right now, I just want to say this: The reason your mom is laughing so much tonight is because she’s drunk, and the reason she’s crying is because she’s drunk.”

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump also addressed the nation.

“We all know this election was rigged,” he deadpanned before serenading viewers with a melancholic Macho Man piano recital. “But I vow to all my supporters that I will fight this thing to the bitter end.”

Guest host Dave Chappelle spent roughly 16 minutes giving penurious white folks “n*gga lessons” during his stand-up monologue. “I don’t know why poor white people don’t like wearing masks, what is the problem?” he cracked. “You wear masks at the Klan rally, wear ’em to Walmart too.” 

The gang later co-starred in a funny Uncle Ben/Aunt Jemima entrée sketch.

Chappelle, who used the N-Word repeatedly on the air, called Count Chocula a “Chocolaty N*gga!”


Watch all three performances.

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  1. 😂🤣 Baldwin killed it as Trump at the piano!

  2. This is actually a CHAPELLE SHOW episode of SNL.

  3. OMG nailed it so quickly SNL!! major props!! I was just thinking earlier “OMG I can’t wait for the SNL skit!! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 Love me some Maya & Jim!! America won tonight!! I🇺🇸❤🤍💙🇺🇸👊👏🎉

  4. Dave never disappoints! #1 comedian for life!

  5. I’m a Trump supporter but I voted for Biden because I wanted to see Jim Carey on for four more years as Joe Biden.

  6. Maya fucking Rudolph.

  7. Nicholas Brown

    Dave Chappelle = The God Damn GOAT!!! 🐐

  8. Jennifer Rigsby

    i never would have predicted that alec baldwin would play trump but i gotta say it’s been a huge pleasure to watch for these last 4 years. he will be missed. pop in for a cameo now and then would you please?

  9. Wow Dave! That was profane and deep all at the same time.

  10. Whoopsadoodle Sadbaggins

    “BUT I’m Aunt JeMIMA!”

    And then the second he opened his mouth as the “All State Guy” I officially got church giggles for a solid 15 minutes.

  11. Jonathan Woods

    I said “Got Damn Dave!” about 6 times. He was speaking truth!

  12. Did yall not hear David Chappelle call count chocolate s “CHOCOLATEY NIGGA”? IM SURPRISED SNL ALLOWED THAT. I DONT CARE IF THE PERSON WHO SAID IT IS OF COLOR

  13. Ryan Whitehead

    it’s crazy.. what are all the late shows and SNL gonna do now? four years of the same lame ass skits/jokes… but there not bias in anyway.. make some skits with Biden and some kids.. or how he don’t know his wife from his sister.. how he was behind the bill that mass incarcerated part of the population (1994 crime act)… I’ll watch that

  14. The Last Mujican

    I miss Uncle Ben.😢. With great rice comes more deliciousness. Aunt Jemima I could live without. Still miss her too though.

  15. Give Jim Carrey a “Oscar” for this!

  16. TheMissingLink

    Can they just get Chappelle to do every opening monologue?

  17. That count chocula part was really good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Isabella Connery

    HOW did they get Kamilas suit right too!!!!???

  19. Most of White America Ain’t Ready!!!

  20. Shit man. Haven’t teared this much since… Chappelle’s Show. Damn that funny as hell

  21. Best monologue in a while. Fucking hilarious

  22. Roberto O. Millán

    Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin are awesome together! Just pure comic geniuses!

  23. I still have two leftover Aunt Jemima syrups in the pantry. I always just thought it was someone’s aunt that made good syrup, but it should def be changed if racial history upsets people. I honestly didn’t know!

  24. Im dying of laughter😭😅👍🏽 dave is the GOAT

  25. What is SNL going to do now without Trump in office? This must be scary for them.

  26. Macho Man. LMAO 🤣 🤣 🤣

  27. So Harris is only representing black women, not all women and all people? Because that’s what it looks like…..

  28. Sophia Armstrong

    Chapelle is insightful and hilarious. I just always leave his standup with a bad taste in my mouth. I’m right there with him about politics and the black experience and how disgraceful whites behave, but why does he have to throw women under the bus? So much of his comedy is truth with a punchline so the jokes about women don’t feel very jokey, they just seem misogynistic. If he played an asshole through his whole set, that would be one thing. But when he’s insightful and compassionate about race and emotions and then turns completely around and says women should make less money than men…it comes across as a sexist just getting away with being blatantly sexist. It doesn’t feel funny to me. It doesn’t fit this truth teller image which I think is his most powerful work.

  29. The way Maya says “I’m Aunt Jemima” is hilarious! Something about her delivery is undefinably HILARIOUS! 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Everybody LOVES Aunt Jemima pancakes 🥞 in fact I’m eating some now

  31. Dave Chappelle really hates white people man… damn

  32. I feel so good to watch SNL opening last night. I still remember that SNL after Hillary lost four years ago. It was so painful. I am so happy all my fellow Americans voted for Biden. This result made this weekend so pleasant. i can’t imagine how I feel if that orange head wins again.

  33. Andrew Crockett

    Trump hasnt lost anything yet…can’t wait for the skit about all the illegal votes cast for Biden. What?

  34. Dave Chappelle quips that poor white people don’t like wearing masks, as if that’s the only demographic that is opposed to it. As he says it, in a crowded indoor venue, where masks “according to science” are most needed, does not have one on, while being a rich black man, the literal opposite of the joke he is telling.

  35. marijuano rivera

    “im aunt jemima” *crowd bursts into laughter.
    did i miss something?

  36. Damn Dave Chapelle did not care

  37. Maya Rudolph is my shero!!!🤣🤣

  38. charles johnson

    Chappelle is the only comedian that can get away w racist jokes in 2020 ….but u can tell in the audience there sense of humor sucks

  39. Temitope Shoniyi

    Dave is black Jesus, the coming we’ve all been waiting for 👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥…..

  40. They played the fuck out of they roles ❤❤❤

  41. Bryan Phillips

    So all poor white people are kkk members huh?

  42. It would have been funnier if they had a skit of Trump rushing a ballot counting building and start destroying the ballot machines

  43. God damn, SNL came out swinging this season. Good for them for going back to their roots!

  44. Maya nailed that nasal, condescending, arrogant, power-grubbing, self-entitled tone to perfection.

  45. I can smell the cigarette smoke smell through the monitor lol

  46. How racist.

  47. Lukas Williamson

    If Biden ever invokes the 25th, Kamala will be the first woman president

  48. Purveyor of Curiosities

    I fear that Dave is approaching “Dick Gregory” status, who famously said that he joked about that state of America and the world to the point that it wasn’t funny anymore. Dave is still funny, but I’m seeing glimpses of him grimacing at injustice and inequity. It’s now just a matter of time.

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