Asya Branch, Republican black lady in Mississippi, crowned “Miss USA” 2020

Asya crowned Miss USA/Benjamin Askinas

Asya Branch wins ‘Miss USA’ crown. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MEMPHIS — Asya Branch, a black chick who represents Mississippi, was crowned Miss USA on Monday during a pageantry that aired live from Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. But the 22-year-old beauty queen is catching hell for being a staunch Donald Trump supporter. Asya, a registered Republican, recently paid a visit to the White House to participate in Trump’s roundtable on criminal justice reform. She also sang the national anthem at one of his rallies.

Trump, if you recall, owned the Miss USA pageant from 1996 to 2015.

So it’s probably safe to assume he grabbed her “by the p*ssy” then gave her a few pointers.

Nevertheless, if you’re harboring notions of confronting Asya over her political affiliations you better watch your back. After all, she’s a right-wing proponent of the Second Amendment and she knows how to discharge a firearm. “As someone who grew up in a home with guns, I learned at an early age how to load, how to fire, and gun safety,” Asya told a panel of judges during her peroration.

“And, I think that education should be available to everyone. I believe that we should require people to pass training and safety courses before they’re allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit.”

“I think it’s important that we not ban guns because obviously people will find a way to get what they want anyways,” the Boonesville native continued. “But I think it’s our Second Amendment right and we just need more safety surrounding that.”

Asya, who dates a white man, beat out 49 contestants to become the first winner in Mississippi history.

Miss Idaho Kim Layne was named first runner-up.

Miss Oklahoma Mariah Davis finished as second runner-up.

Are you happy for Asya?

Does her GOP background bother you?

Watch the crowning moment.

Share your thoughts.



  2. Who cares who she supports! She’s just another jiggaboo bitch that his family talks about after they leave! U black bitches that date white, when it comes to racial matters, u make sure u keep ur fuckin mouth shut! When Trump won, all u black bitches that had a white dude, they showed u their true colors!

  3. Amelia Chastain

    Dang I wanted Georgia to win

  4. Sorry but she is not beautiful.

  5. Brother Ashanti

    We need more Sisters like Asya Branch and Sister Candace Owens.

  6. The most beautiful and most intelligent woman won…Miss Mississippi

  7. She’s dating one of the Proud Boys. She standing by with them.

  8. Wtf… Asians and blacks should compete in their own pageants like Miss Asia USA and Miss black USA. Miss USA is for European blond girls

  9. Alien head

  10. blog king called her a “beauty queen” lol

  11. This mentally dead b!tch ceased to exist the second I saw this page. No loss..another French Sandwich Eating Wh0re

  12. cyberpunk 2077

    Not surprised a black woman from the south that’s dating a white man is a Trump supporter.

  13. Why do White women even compete when the pageant is fixed so they don’t win ,And also why is every host always black?

  14. She may also have to leave black men behind to get married…. The democrats are a bunch of unwed moms, i’m convinced at this point!

  15. Kylle Espinili

    She’s great but she is not that appealing like those previous Miss USA winners.

  16. She looks like she don’t like niggas

  17. It’s good she believes in the 2nd amendment. She will need her gun when those Trump supporters don’t recognize her, And show her their ropes!

  18. I never trust a black conservative that dates or marries outside their race. They are always the loudest and most critical of black people.

  19. Another Black Woman wears the Miss USA crown, Black woman are indeed Intelligent and Beautiful

  20. Hannibal Barca

    Ive yet to see a black woman that’s a Trump supporter with a black man. Every single one of them are with white men. I think that says something.

  21. Bring Back Aunt Jemima

    she reminds me of candace owens

  22. Wilson Buerano

    Miss USA has been downgraded 😢

  23. @Hannibal Barca: You also see black men who are Trump supporters with white women. So what’s your point?

  24. banging beaver

    I notice something. White people covet and love black women when they are beautiful but despise and hate black women who are anything less then that. Another thing I noticed is the black women they accept are proud to leave their blackness behind and conform

  25. I don’t have issue with her Interracial relationship but voting for Trump I call them black girl lost! Honey you wouldn’t have been in the house massah would have had yo black ass in the field wake up!!!!

  26. AkuAndoryū Tru-Dru Harrison

    Yet Black men in America get attacked for doing the exact same thing see the double standard?

  27. carlo gilbert zamora

    Black women are powerful

  28. She love Her Some White Boi Meat !

  29. I would grab her by the pussy but I cant stand these pretentious beauty pageant hoes

  30. Always Crowning the ugliest! they play with the dreams of the other girls.

  31. Gustavo Delgado

    Thereeee shee issss miss usaa trummmp support issss 🎶🎶🎤

  32. Token black girl.

  33. Turn the channel

    You had me with black beauty queen, but lost me with Trump supporter

  34. Not very pretty, has zero personality and also is a Trump supporter and yesterday she deleted homophobic comments from her twitter. NEXT

  35. We want a blond Miss USA. Blacks, Asians and Latinos have their own pageants already like Miss black USA. Miss USA should be for the European American blond girls

  36. Moochie Baby💋

    They picked the whitest black woman

  37. This girl is amazing😍 she is very well spoken, funny and spotaneus. I could see her in top 3, or even winning Miss Universe😄

  38. Wow!!!! She’s absolutely smokin’!!!!😁😁

  39. Wow, another black winner. I think Miss USA and Miss Universe is rigged.

  40. I have a theory about black trump supporters… I believe they got teased or bullied a lot, mostly by other black kids so they never really felt like they belonged. Now they go extra hard for trump as a way to “get back”

  41. She won because shes black lets be real

  42. NothingWasTheSame

    She has all white friends and a white boyfriend.

  43. passion berry strawberry

    @Aliko Sweet: Your mentality is rigged

  44. People with mental illness don’t need to be around guns. Don’t pour gasoline on a fire. These people struggle with themselves. Sincerely a person with mental illness. I don’t trust myself

  45. Fake Miss America look at her. Totally not a 10

  46. The_K|nG$laYeR

    How did I automatically know she was a pink dick/white boy lover soon as I heard she shucks ‘n jives for Trump? 🙄

  47. daniel t. lalboi

    Black girl magic continues

  48. As a non-party voter myself, a Republican doesn’t mean you are a Trump supporter. Why is it about party rather than being about the person? The highlight of her win is that she is a dark skinned woman Black woman

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