Phil Collins’ ex-wife is suing his ass over ‘repulsive’ hygiene and stinky body odor

Phil and Orianne are at war/Getty Images

Phil accused of being ‘squalid.’ 

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MIAMI — Phil Collins and his avaricious ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, rekindled their romance five years ago following a 7-year lacuna. Now she’s suing the 69-year-old singer for two reasons: 1) He’s trying to evict her from their multi-million dollar mansion after promising a 50/50 ownership split, and 2) His hygiene is repulsive and he smells like sh*t. Kid you not. The only thing “In the Air Tonight” is Phil’s funky miasma. Nevertheless… Orianne, 46, told the court her ex became so depressed he eschewed brushing his teeth, he refused to shower for nearly a year, and his “stench became so pervasive that he became a hermit, refusing to interact personally with any people.”

His malodor also threw an impotent wrench into their moribund sex life.

Phil, however, denies Orianne’s claims. He filed litigation paperwork claiming she’s a goddamn lie. It’s his contention that Orianne fabricated the allegations “to extort money” and expropriate his property despite the fact they have two sons together, 15-year-old Matthew and 19-year-old Nicholas.

Phil’s lawyer, in court docs, asked, “What does this have to do with the case? Is the court going to hear evidence about the parties’ sex life or examine Phil Collins’ dental records, or get photographs of his wardrobe to decide if he verbally promised Mrs. Bates 50% of his Miami Beach mansion? Of course not.”

Rumor has it Phil evicted Orianne after finding out she secretly married 31-year-old Thomas Bates behind his back.

If you recall, he paid her $46.68 million in their 2008 divorce.

Twelve years later, Orianne still has her hand out.

Does she deserve more?

Is it time for Phil to wash his ass?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Cheaper to keep her

    Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger

    But she ain’t messin’ wit’ no broke niggas

  2. Poor old phil whats happened to him.looks near to death

  3. I love Phil Collins but man its hard to see him this way. But, everyone gotta get old

  4. nigga wash yo ass!

  5. Johanna Jazmine Solorzano

    Orianne cheated on Phil with a boytoy😅

  6. My how things have changed now! 🤣
    If only Phil Collins had a crystal ball and peered into his future a few years from this time period….

  7. Run, Phil, run!

  8. Sabrina PIttsley

    Well now they’ve broken up again. She remarried a man without telling Phil. Now he’s trying to evict her out of his Miami home, but word has it she won’t leave. He broke up with Dana Tyler, a really nice woman, who’s a tv anchor in NYC, to go back to this gold digger.

  9. Cristian Halmagean

    Isn’t he gay???

  10. People Unite !

    Phil is simping his way straight to skid-row fooling with these pony-faced golddiggers

  11. How stupid can you be! This bitch took already 46 million dollars from Phil Collins and now she is doing the same trick over again. How stupid can a man be…

  12. Money..root of all evil

  13. Tabatha Sanaya Ross

    What happened to her face!?

    And how could you do this to Phil Collins!?

  14. Thank God he didn’t remarried her!! Wow, she is messy! Time to kick her gold digging butt out! Not classy at all Lady!!

  15. Phil is an idiot….

  16. Phil!! For Christ sake stop! How many times do you have to get destroyed in divorce court before it finally sinks in that marriage is completely pointless and a sucker’s bet for any and all men in the West! At this point you deserve to be destroyed financially on the grounds of stupidity

  17. brian smith-Jones

    Sorry Phil..
    You are a twat with a lot of money.
    I’m a twat too…but….with no money.
    Now, why don’t you give your money to your children, so she can’t get at it….. and see if shes marry you then.. it’s difficult to think clearly with that kind of fortune, but you can see, she’s thinking quite clear without money and thinking how to get hands on yours….now shes spent all of hers….Anyway, best of luck Phil…but I can feel it coming in the air tonight.

  18. three divorces and 84 million dollars for alimony.Phil will you ever learn????

  19. Helen Burnison


  20. And this is why marriage has devolved into little more than a business arrangement. Sorry. But $46 million to anyone for 9 years is an abomination. And she had her own money before marrying him.

  21. she missed the money that he makes that’s why she decided to go back with Phil Collins.

  22. “in the air tonight”, don’t you learn anything Phil?

  23. Holy shit! She’s aged awfully! She actually looks the same age as Phil..
    Is her new husband broke and homeless or why does he have to occupy Collins’s house?
    That’s so unmanly!

  24. Juggalos and Billie Ellish Hoes can eat my ass

    He probably thought that they could work it out but It’s all been a pack of lies

  25. He’s cursed by worshipping coochie! Got used for his money!

  26. Phil has taken a beating from each one of his ex wives since the 80’s it really suck’s. Songs like “take a look at me now” reflect that. Great guy, amazing musician.

  27. I hope this is the year we support, break down unfair divorce laws, and save men from abusive relationships that they’re too afraid to leave cus theyll have to pay..

  28. Dawn Marie Grant

    This is sad. She completely trashed him.

  29. Justin Crumpton

    isnt blackmailing illigal?

  30. holy crap Phil you looking like some sort of an alien what’s happening to you your ex what is wrong with her too much injections into the lip. Phil she’s looking scarier than you Phil holy crap

  31. Phil Collins is human garbage.

  32. This has got to be one of the dumbest guy on earth

  33. ERROR: #24AKB-4320013

    Phill! No! Someone support Mr.Collins! This poor guy! I really hope he gets some help and this gold digger gets what she deserves.

  34. They don’t even look compatible.

  35. William Garcia

    Gold digger coming for seconds.

  36. Shirley Mcgowan

    When her new husband texts her to say he wants a divorce Phil will take her back again

  37. No man should marry in this corrupt gender bias industry

  38. Phil Collins should date an African American woman…

  39. Why oh why did Phil get back with that wh0re of a “wife”…he is not too bright although very talented

  40. She doesn’t deserve another dime from him!! She is the true gold digger here!! Girl- go get your own! Have that new play thing of yours pay for your fake @$$ life!

  41. Boy, this sucks for Phil. According to his book, he almost killed himself with drink and thought about doing himself in on at least one other time. This woman was bad for him – twice!

  42. She got married and still in my shit?

    Hell no!

    He did the right thing. EVICTION GRANTED! lol.

  43. Phil Collins has always been a laughing stock in the Uk. Marrying a bird that looks like a transvestite wasn’t a good move but continues the laugh for the rest of us. What goes around, comes around.

  44. precious manners

    Someone else is coming in his wife tonight, oh lawd 😂


    Phil should of taken his money and worked on himself, brought some hair, a lil plastic surgery, personal trainer, personal chef, worked on his heath, unfortunately he let himself go and got played. This should be a lesson for men, put yourself always first, stay on your purpose and keep yourself up.

  46. Knight Industries 2000

    In that Phil Collins song “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” there’s a line “I got some money in my pocket. I’ve got plenty to burn and I don’t remember where I got it. I’ve got to give it to you”. I think he had broads like this in mind when he wrote this song. I barely recognize him, 69? He looks 99.

  47. Unfortunately uncle Phil Collins is a simp, great singer but he worships women way too much, I can see it coming in the air tonight, I haven’t been waiting for this moment all my life ooo lord, ooo looooord.

  48. christopher joseph

    When are people gonna learn ,” DONT EVER GET MARRIED” stupidest thing a human can do on earth

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