Nude Video: Cardi B claps back after a ‘counterfeit’ pic of her p*ssy goes viral

Cardi B addresses nude pic/Getty Images

Cardi B taught Anatomy 101.

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ATLANTA — Cardi B is indeed the swiss army knife of entertainment. She’s a rapper, she’s a politician and now she’s an educator. Just hours after some jackass disseminated a counterfeit image of her twat online, Cardi clapped back with a pornographic crash course in vulva anatomy. The “Bodak Yellow” star, if you recall, once drugged and robbed clients while moonlighting as an exotic dancer. Cardi is convinced the spurious photo was circulated to besmirch whatever decent character she has left. 

“Y’all mothaf*ckas going around, showing this picture – now you’re photoshopping it, and saying [it shows] Cardi’s p*ssy,” ranted the 28-year-old lyricist in a video while showing off her cunt. “That ain’t my p*ssy. This is my p*ssy here. This is where I birthed my daughter from. Y’all wanna look at my p*ssy so bad, you should have went to see me when I was a mothaf*ckin’ stripper… now too bad.”


Cardi is married to Migos rapper Offset.

They have a 2-year-old daughter.

Is Cardi cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Do you give a damn about her coochie?

Watch the lewd video.

Share your thoughts.



  2. I bet her pussy stank

  3. Money can’t buy class

  4. Retardi B

  5. this is the same chick ole Joey b the one y’all voted for for president endorsed to be the best representative of black women???? Um k

  6. Gotta lover her..she dint give a fuck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. This someone’s wife and mother…….pathetic😔💯

  8. None of the women who move like this consider their kids are gonna be on social media one day

    Their generation is gonna have to deal with the triflin behavior their parents used clout and money to justify

  9. InsanelyBlessedTheBlack0.5%

    She always feeds into trashy bs….she trash man you never see classy chicks doing topics like this….we dont want to her about ya vag no mo…..its repetitive…..

  10. Dat Pussy Look STANK !


  12. Stop giving your hard earned money to this low life.

  13. Flipp da Sripp

    She really is a stupid rich person

  14. She is disgusting

  15. This generation is dead set on proving everything to people they dont know. “Fake puzzy?” Really? So she post a pic,,something her child can one day see. Really if someone says something on you is fake just say “no its not” if it isnt and keep it moving. Mofos always wanna prove shyt or come with “research”. Hate that over used word. Mofos think what they say is so important they want you to take time out your day, put on a lab coat and go “research” what they just said.
    Fuc that,,imma gat dam man. If I dont believe you then I dont believe you. And if you dont believe me then cool. Aint like im facing jail time if you disagree with me. Shyt you think im a liar then fine. I’m still gonna get paid at the end of the week.

  16. Cardi refuses to have any class whatsoever, she could become a billionaire and would still be a hoodrat at heart, and that’s a damn shame!!

  17. I don’t get it. She is successful artist. More importantly, she is a wife and mother. What is the motivation for this? This is sad.

  18. Brother Ashanti ✔™

    This behavior is part of her DNA.

  19. This disgusting cuuuuhnt is the smartest woman in murrikkka… wtf????

  20. Absolutely disgusting. Not a whiff of class

  21. HandsomeBlackJesus(G.O.A.T.)

    Just think. Presidential candidates actually talked to this retarded spik bytch

  22. 乃丨ᗪ乇几 2020🖕🏼🥳🖕🏼✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Please take this 💩 down 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  23. Our spokeswoman! 🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾

  24. Jichael Mackson

    Poor Kulture is gonna need LOTS of therapy.

  25. When will she interview Biden again? She’s the spokesperson of the black people.

  26. This is one classless, tacky whore

  27. This poor child is absolutely nuts. Brain damaged.

  28. Brandon Twitty

    Cardi want to show the world that thang sooooo bad, it’s driving her crazy

  29. Strippers can’t leak anything, everyone has seen her body…nothing new here!!! However, I do appreciate the video, and would have been nicer for a closer view of that phatty!!! 🙂

  30. heavenly father in heaven please bring back “baby girl aaliyah” and take this cardi b instead im soooooooo way over her amen.

  31. WelikecarsthatgoBoom!!!

    sad you gotta stoop that low for people to pay attention to you. she is sick

  32. @Tish Houston: Should pray to the devil for that kind of selfish prayer. What God would take someone’s life just to restore another simply because you’re “over her” so basically you want someone to lose their mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife etc because you’re over her. Ain’t no body forced you to click and watch this. You choose to click to see what this is about just to complain. Grow up please

  33. Poor thing. Who really needs to prove to people you have working parts? Only people with low self esteem who need stranger to love them.

  34. I can’t listen to her for more than 3 seconds..annoying ass bitch..

  35. Tiahzzi Cherrelle

    Why da Fuk she proving anything to these rumor spreading trashy pervs??? The same ones claiming it’s fake are the SAME ones pulling their dicks out jacking! Was it fake in her stripping days?

  36. I’m now super convinced Cardi is a tranny with a sex change to show off and Offset is gay.
    Cardi has the surgeries, the vocabulary and the attitude of a transsexual so much so that it doesn’t even matter if by chance that isn’t the truth.

  37. I wouldn’t Prove A MF thing to Anyone!

  38. Pure. Gutter. Trash!!… SMDH!!!

  39. You are a disgusting human being! I hope you rot in hell bitch

  40. Fuck I’d love to smash that

  41. Wtf is wrong with her no class or respect for herself what man would take her serious she’s garbage she’s very good at embarrassing herself

  42. I feel for her daughter when she is older and sees all of this…

  43. Stop him in his tracks And show him I am ruthless

    I’m sorry. But this video made me laugh 😂😂

  44. Did she even think for one fucking second how this is gonna effect her kid in the future?

  45. what the fuck cardi b

  46. Carmelo Sagittarian

    Fuckin bitch

  47. Definition of a bitch

  48. I like hot pussy like cardi b

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