Online Date From Hell: ‘Cheap’ bastard pummeled woman over expensive date

Fancher abused Correri/

Woman regrets ‘online dating.’

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ATLANTA — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of online dating. Benjamin Fancher is facing charges after he pummeled a chick he met online because she cost too much money during their date. No bullsh*t. The heinous ordeal transpired Wednesday night in Atlanta, Georgia. According to police reports, Benjamin met Brittany Correri on the Hinge dating app and they went out on a date. Moments later, the cheap bastard dragged Brittany out of his white BMW then kicked her ass because the outing “cost too much.”

Brittany told investigators Benjamin punched her repeatedly in the countenance before brandishing a gun. Her life flashed before her eyes. “He started beating me in my head, punching me everywhere — my forehead, my temples, my cheeks, jaws, throat, arms, my back,” Brittany recounted.

“He was just telling me that the date cost too much, that I’m not worth that.”


Benjamin is charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

After hearing Brittany’s recollection, do you plan to date online?

Is it safer to pick up nooky at a bar?

Watch Brittany try to explain what the f*ck happened.

Share your thoughts.


  1. street dudes ain’t gonna spend nothing without a lil sumthin sumthin. guessing no was the wrong answer.

  2. he just wanted some ass

    she shouldve gave it up

    aint shit free

  3. That’s so fucked up

  4. Clithzzbe Perkins

    He went off the Hinge

  5. I bet that BMW aint his

  6. sugadaddy4life

    Mcdonald’s is cheaper

  7. Shoulda told him she was bleeding before he wasted all that cash!

  8. Next time take her boujee ass to Burger King

  9. PuertoRicanPanther



  11. PuertoRicanPanther


  12. She shouldn’t been online dating

  13. Never trust dating apps u can find any syco path

  14. she mustve ordered lobster and steak

  15. What a turd

  16. This so sad! There is so much to comprehend in this video! I hope this beautiful young lady is able to heal from this trauma. 🤎

  17. Marianne Pean Cadet

    She’s too fat and too ugly to look for love on line

  18. Lmaoo I’m glad I’m not this desperate for love, cause ain’t no fuckin way 🥴🙅🏾‍♀️

  19. Iwabadyah Ban Yasharahla

    @akhanak889: I met my wife on POF and we got two children

  20. Men in general are dangerous. Not just online. I hate and distrust all men.

  21. Abusive relationships didn’t just come into existence after online dating app became possible. You can meet someone in a grocery store, through a mutual friend or at work and they can end up being abusive.

  22. Cold blooded! Once he gets sent to prison he’s going to make new friends whether he wants to or not. He’s going to meet people just like him and find himself at the bottom(pun intended) of the pile. Oh yes, he’s going to be on the receiving end.

  23. This world is fucked up

  24. And that kids, is why you should never go on dating site

  25. She’s stupid point blank

  26. Advice to women: the real dangerous boys are not the shy and timid.. If he talks like a salesman, he might be a sociopath

  27. Thank God she’s alive to tell the story

  28. We need to establish some dating rules

    Rule No. 1 — Women should give up the pussy before we spend money on a date

  29. Jemaine Trotter

    Put him in jail!!! 😡😡😡😡 Put him in the electric chair!!! 😡😡😡😡 Come on Now!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  30. What a prince charming

  31. I used to meet up with people off this site and a couple of others and my mom told me it was dangerous, of course I didn’t listen to her in the summer I met up and hooked up with alot of men on this app and others and when school started I came to my senses know I deleted my account and I’m changing my phone number its a miracle that Im still alive because I met up with on dating sites for years ever since I was 16 years old God is Good he showed me no to do stuff like this and I hope God allows this to be a learning lesson for her and not to meet men online, She should take this as a learning experience….. Stay off dating sites, finding love isn’t that serious to cost you your LIFE stay safe people

  32. Is this what Chris Brown does on his free time?

  33. Girl are you dumb,why meet him period

  34. JaCkIe GuILlOrY

    This is why I don’t mess with dating apps 😐😠that’s scary as hell 😲


    All this money spent and didn’t let him in, well she deserved it

  36. How much did Ben spend?

  37. Hinge should be held accountable!

  38. That dating app should be renamed Unhinge

  39. Inlightofit all

    👏👏👏 Glad they got him off the street.

  40. Ladies don’t order the lobster…just enjoy your cheddar biscuits

  41. Frederick Golden

    We live in a very dangerous environment, as a black man i have to be on guard to look out for the same kinds of men this poor non-white female has to,
    only thing different is most if those men tend to do their hunting for guys like
    me while dressed in police uniform and on most occasions, those men
    actually do kill their selected victims and get away with it clean…🤔

    Thank God they were able to track this beast of a man down and capture him, how many other selected women has he done this to
    and they DIED, without this perpetrator even being identified?!🤨

    By the way, the correct tag for that website this unfortunate female used should be UN-HINGED, her
    demonic date most certainly was that!!!💩😡🔍👀

  42. They arent going on a 2nd date im guessing

  43. He pulled a Chris Brown on her.

  44. Delusions of Grandeur

    I take it this guy’s stimulus check didn’t quite cover the cost of the date.

  45. What happend to the good old fashioned meet and talk with face to face?

  46. Lindsay Church

    This is why I’m glad I didn’t meet my husband online. Every online date I ever hear about locally plus this one, they always seem to end up being a tragedy

  47. JustKeep Swimming

    The cost of the date…
    Oh, he wanted to have sex on the first date and she refused as she should have.

  48. She has no one to blame but herself. She should have never invite anyone to her home on the first date. Don’t go in a car with someone you just met, always drive your own car and meet at a public place. Have some common sense lady!

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