Endless Hustle Podcast: LaVar Ball says groupies & ‘hoes’ are in LaMelo’s future

Lavar offers LaMelo advice/ClutchPoints.com

LaVar Ball says groupies await. 

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LOS ANGELES — Never one to bite his tongue, LaVar Ball spewed some dating advice to his two sons who are earning beaucoup bucks in the NBA: They will only meet “hoes” as long as they’re playing in the league. Lonzo Ball, 23, is a point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans. His younger brother, 19-year-old LaMelo Ball, was drafted Wednesday night by Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets. According to dad, it’ll be a while before either experiences holy matrimony. “You’re never going to meet a nice woman — especially in basketball,” LaVar warned LaMelo while appearing on the Endless Hustle Podcast.

“You’re not going to find nobody like I found your mom. If you’re in this profession, when you have all this fame and notoriety, how are you going to meet a good girl? You’re not ‘cause, what, you gon’ meet her in that restaurant where you eat, or you gon’ go to a club where you dance, or you gon’ meet her at the arena? So, I hate to tell you — you gon’ meet a hoe.”

“So, I hate to tell you but you’re going to meet a hoe. Just how it goes, son,” LaVar continued. “So son, that’s the bad part of the life you’re going to get — you’re never going to meet a good woman.”

Ok, that was the bad part.

The good part is there’s a chance Lonzo and LaMelo will find love once they’re retired in the their 30s. But, that raises another quandary. “You gotta wonder why she’s by herself at 30,” LaVar explained. “So there’s something that’s dangerous no matter how good they look — but have a good time son. I feel bad for you — but, hey, I love the fact you made it.”

Damn, that’s one helluva fatherly talk.

Do you agree with LaVar?

Are groupies and hoes in LaMelo’s future?

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  1. Mr. Ball tellin the truth

  2. he’s wrong for calling all women hoes

  3. Justmadeanaccount2

    “You gotta wonder why she’s by herself at 30”

    Sadly true.

  4. Homeless Pastor


  5. Lavar made a good point, but there are good women out here too, you need to have your mind right to accept goodness when you know it and not take the cookie from the easy chick because you can, success will make you blind to a lot of roadblock in your path and the traps laid right before your eyes, that includes friends and family as well.

  6. go to church 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Dont hate my game

    @Cinnabun: I like to know what did he say that was wrong? He called them what they are. I’m sorry if you are a woman and you’re offended… Kim Kardashian a ho and yet people praise her.

  8. Destro Hu55ein

    He’s telling the truth


    Facts ..hope he is listening

  10. SteelWarriorOne

    What a clown.

  11. What poor excuse of a father to wish death on his son YOU WANT your son who has a successful nba job to mess with h o es who more likely got covid-19?! Cause mess with any & everything.

  12. Such a cool dad

  13. Thou_Shall_NotSimp

    You know how many pro ballers would’ve saved millions not paying child support if they had dads like Lavar giving them the real? Keep it 1000 a lot of em have all these bastard kids because they’re male versions of their mammy.

  14. LaVar is actually right this time..

  15. Lavar usually says some outlandish things but this time I have to agree with him. Not all woman will be that way but they need to date outside of Instagram or that’s what they will find

  16. Hey just tell them to marry like you did. There are plenty of single non whoring mediocre white women in the WNBA. Yeah most of them are lesbians but what does that matter. Levar Ball didn’t marry for love as much as he married her because she was tall and also played basketball. He even said he wanted tall basketball playing kids so he chose her. His narcissism caused him to marry the female version of himself…or at least what he wished himself to be.

  17. he’s not 100 percent correct just 98.5 percent correct

  18. NigerianBaller

    Lavar is telling the truth though. That’s the dark side of fame that no one talks about. People will only fuck with you just cause you got money and clout, that’s why keeping a tight circle is very important for everybody, you see how every man got screwed up fucking with a Kardashian

  19. Phakkhapon Kaewmanee

    He can be delusional as hell, but Lavar as a father is nothing but excellent, one hell of a dad anyone could ask for.

  20. Thirsty Simps Take Ls

    Facts! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Say what you want about Lavar but he is a Real Dad

  22. Real talk hands Down 💯 🤓

  23. Women only want to deal with you because of what you have.

  24. He is right even good men now have a hard time and they r scared of women
    Women don’t seem to bring anything to the table but their bodies which r recycled
    They don’t see a future with a man
    They don’t help him build
    Today women have big mouths

  25. Ghetto Superstar ✔

    I congratulate him for calling them “hoes” because thats what they are. Blog King calls em “IG models” GTFOH.

  26. Sounds like LaVar Ball has been reading Velvet Jones newest smash book, “You’re Going To Meet A Hoe.” It’s number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and at the top of the bestseller list for Amazon books.

  27. He’s 100% correct. More fathers need to teach their sons this and they will. An awakening is happening. Simping is getting played out.

  28. hes speaking facts why all these girls tripping wtf

  29. They hate good strong black fathers like Lavar Ball or the late great Poppa Joe Jackson

  30. My dad told me the same thing during college

  31. Willie Covington

    You don’t have to like Lavar, but what he said was the absolute TRUTH and you gotta respect the fact he loves his sons like a real father should.

  32. I actually agree with Lavar on this one. It would be hard for NBA players to find a good woman and if they do find a good woman, the players themselves don’t even try to go after her instead all they do is slid in the DMs of Instagram models.

  33. He ain’t lying 💔

  34. I agree with Lavar 💯

  35. And they say he’s a “bad dad”…. as a father I see no foul play here.

  36. This is the saddest shit in the world. I’m starting to see what people say about him. He didn’t want them to date before the lead because he wanted to them to focus on their career and now he tell them they will never date.

  37. Well most of them they hang around, date and marry are not of African descent from what I can see so I do not have too much to say. You can say that they are not happy because of the majority who they marry. This though is not saying that there are not those types who are of African descent but more often than not they do not go for them.

  38. I sort of agree… but what he didn’t say (at that time) was: son, if you entertain these hoes, you might become accustomed to the surroundings & try to make one a housewife. Don’t!

    Or: son, conduct yourself like a grown man in your relationships and not a adolescent with millions… Look for quality in a woman, not just a big butt & a smile.

    Better yet: Son, remember that hoes & strippers are PAID to like the trick until the money stops. YOU choose your lifestyle there’s no requirement to be a trick just because it’s popular with others.

    Seriously, some of these players act like they weren’t given the tools they needed to figure out what a good woman is and how to speak to, pursue, and keep one. If all you bring to the table is money and ego, all you’ll get is…whatever you pay for.

  39. You don’t even have to be in the NBA to see that most women in this generation are VERY far from wife material.

  40. Two words…”Basketball Wives”

  41. A woman 30 something & she looks good no husband, no children’s , is a red flag homie 💯 she is hiding something from you soon or later u will find out…. How many relationship have she’s been in? No Mo Talk!!!!!

  42. Happens to the best of them. Michael Jordan. Juanita Jordan was a groupie with a law degree. She dated multiple athletes. Namely Reggie Theus, who Jordan hated after he found out. Course Reggie didn’t fall for the trap.She got accidently pregnant (roll eyes).

  43. It’s with all professions… Not just the NBA… But it don’t stop guys from trying to win women hearts by being powerful because it’s what women desire. From a young age, females scream over these men, and it makes the men try to become what they feel women want. Men, focus on yourself and stop this trying to be accepted by women nonsense… PLEEEEEEEEEASE

  44. Like Ice Cube says, “Don’t Trust ‘Em”!!! Real talk! 💯💯💯💯💯

  45. chosen elite76

    People dont like lavar ball but dude a damm good father

  46. 100% correct!!! Shame on mothers for not preparing, teaching their sons this!

  47. He is referring to white females, because that is who his sons date and have children with.

  48. brother creole

    Preach on brother LaVar!

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