Red Table Talk: Will Smith, Janet Hubert ‘squashed’ their 30-year beef… finally

Will and Janet squash beef/HBO Max

Fresh Prince stars ‘bury the hatchet.’ 

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LOS ANGELES — After nearly 30 years of going at each other’s throats, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alums Will Smith and Janet Hubert (aka the original Aunt Viv) finally squashed their beef. During Friday’s special episode of “Red Table Talk,” a compunctious Will tried to elucidate what went awry between the two. If you recall, Janet accused the 52-year-old actor of getting her fired from the show. She also circulated gay scuttlebutt about Will. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula joined Friday’s broadcast to serve as conciliator. “At first, we were all just one big happy family,” Will recounted.

“But, as time went on, our relationship soured and I handled it poorly.”

Janet, 64, echoed a similar sentiment — saying the tensity on set drove her into a depression. “He was young, he was out of control in his own way, he had all this power,” she recalled. “I would sit in my car some nights and not want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to go home, I didn’t want to go to work. The misconception of me was that I was haughty, difficult, [and] wanted to be the star of the show.”

“As the oldest woman on that set, there’s that respect level that I just needed to have of being an older woman, a Black woman,” Janet continued.

“I had been banished and they said it was you who banished me, because I didn’t laugh at your jokes. Then they ordered me to stay in my room, I couldn’t come out on the stage. And I wasn’t unprofessional on the set, I just stopped talking to everybody.”

After gettin’ jettisoned from the sitcom, Janet said she was blacklisted which put a pecuniary strain on her family. They were almost on food stamps. “How do you survive with a mortgage, a new business, a new baby and a husband who wasn’t working at the time?” she told Will. “How do you survive? So much of what you said destroyed everywhere we went. It beat me up. I lost my house. I lost everything.”

“But you’re the big star, I’m just a little Black bitch,” she added


Janet’s testimony definitely hit home.

Will became choked up and lachrymose.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” reunion special is now available on HBO Max.

Watch the emotional chinwag.

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  1. Will Smith fake

  2. Love U Will Smith for growing up and becoming a man🙏. You could have ignored her again but instead, u acknowledged your wrongdoing, put things to rest, and gave peace. I wish you both well hopefully on your path to continued healing and friendship.

  3. Swinger Smith.

  4. In Memory GEORGE FLOYD

    I’m so proud of both of them! I was actually hurt when she left and I didn’t care whose fault it was. She was so phenomenal and Aunt Viv. She was down yet very classy and real. Absolutely no one can play Aunt Viv like she did and make it believable. She deserves to be blessed with happiness and joy in her life and career.

  5. Both aunt vivians were amazing but I really liked the original.

  6. Raegina Powell

    So glad they made up ❤️❤️❤️

    Jesus loves us and does not want us to perish. You can accept Jesus into you’re heart now as you are. We all fall short of God Glory. He wants to redeem us if we let him in. Trust on Jesus not yourself.

  7. OshiaBLACKirish

    She’s right. Calling a black woman difficult is a job killer in Hollywood. Will should help her out for all the missed money idc

  8. I just wanna say, WHERE’S HER CHECK? Will knew he was wrong all these years, an apology is fine, but what about the financial stress he caused for her career? He has the money to do it. He should have publicly handed her a check ALONG with that long overdue apology. SMH

  9. It’s never too late to forgive🙏💞

  10. Will should give her 10 million dollars

  11. The 30 yr reunion was much needed it definitely brought apology, togetherness, love a Beautiful Reunion 👏🙌🙏👍

  12. Forgiveness is beautiful. It’s like forgiving yourself and setting yourself free.

  13. Aunt Viv still looks the same. It’s sweet how she hugs him like he’s her son.

  14. This is like two people on ecstasy talking at a party about how they had a fight in grade school. Feel the love❤


  16. Walter Troxler

    Will needs to cut her a check for a few million for pain and suffering, lost wages, and defamation of character.

  17. Her hair is BOMB AF!!!!

  18. This has been going on for years beautiful dark women getting pushed to the back for beautiful fair skin women. The sad thing is that not only in Hollywood it’s going on everyday in our society. Good hair vs so called nappy hair blonde wigs weave down your back you’ve been sold a lie. Sisters you’re beautiful weather it’s darker skin or fairer skin. Celebrate each other. Stop calling each other bitch even if you’re joking stop allowing brothers to call you a bitch. We as people of color continue to take the negative as our own. That’s not cool. You’re not a nigga you’re not a bitch. Let’s be better. Lastly stop compromising yourself in the name of fame. Stop showing your ass and titis and have respect for yourself and brothers respect them. It’s the truth. Peace

  19. I wish black Rappers/will apologize to sistas now since we on the topic. Majority of other races wont date us because black guys say we are always angry, argue etc

  20. Rhonda Pollock

    Dang Will….30 freaking years?! It’s best to mend those fences while you still can. If you don’t you may regret it. Both Vivs brought a different appeal to the show BUT no shade Ms. Hubert was my FAVE!!! Aside from this show I liked her playing Wanda”s mom on Bernie Mac Show.

  21. Are they sitting that close during the pandemic, or was this filmed before it hit? I saw on other sites that everyone was hugging. Seems strange they would do that with the way things are now, but from their Instagrams and videos like this online, it seems like it was recent.

  22. I’m glad they’re able to make peace but one thing I wish Will would realize is that when Janet is pouring her heart out and giving her testimony about what she’s endured – it’s best to not follow that up immediately with what YOU have gone thru. Will hasn’t hurt or wanted for anything at least as far as business is concerned. Hear the woman out and give her her due moment. It’s been a long time coming.

  23. My goodness. Isn’t she still lovely after all these years? I am so glad she is back.

  24. CheekySchnoodle

    The real Aunt Viv ❤

  25. Her whole career was on hold because of this. Unfair!! Kiss of death, saying she was difficult. For real. As a dark skinned black woman, I can relate.
    She is still a beautiful queen. Reminds me of Whitney for some reason. I feeI her pain and hope we can see her act again. I loved her chemistry with “Uncle Phil”. What a shame that James never lived to see this. And that episode when she danced her butt off, was my favorite. Welcome back “Aunt Viv”.

  26. I can’t tell you how much this was needed. We have the Coronavirus, political upheaval and all sorts of pain, but now that Will Smith and Janet Hubert have made up, makes it all better and right with the world. WHO GIVES A SHIT!?

  27. Disappointing reading these comments. Will is fake AF, people buy all that red table talk bs not seeing it’s all a facade

  28. Things I Wonder

    Will Smith was in his early 20’s, not even a real adult yet, certainly not the one he was to become. Janet Hubert was older and I have often wondered why she was unable to quietly move on. She kept this in the news and fell headlong into the bitter, angry black woman roll. And to say it was a feud between them I didn’t see them just her. I’m glad this chapter has closed. However, I have a problem with this host putting this whole thing on Will Smith. I do believe the more balanced perspective of the other host to be more fair. Ms. Hubert didn’t know what Smith was going through either…… though she hated him. Also, Joseph Marcell was good friends with Ms.Hubert and I found his interview concerning her part of this very interesting as he spoke about his conversations with her at that time. from the video it seems she had no problem with his words. I would think Will Smith may do something for her, but I don’t think she should expect it.

  29. Yea it’s Will’s fault but Viv wasn’t emotionally responsible. Barking at the lead star won’t get you any bones. She lost her composure bro lol. You gotta think long term, play your part.

  30. BaraKuda Warrior

    I believe that all will work out according to the Lord plans and orchestration. This is the year for all truths to come forward. Will Smith will make it right for her in order for his healing to begins as well as hers. Those doors that was closed for her shall become open again. The blessings is upon her now. Take back what the enemy stolen. She will rise again like an eagle with wings. Time has definitely stood still for her as she looks wonderful. Our Heavenly father is good all the time. Want he do it!!!! Hallelujah

  31. Lola El-Mokadem

    I LOVED HER!!! I’m genuinely upset about this! Mr. Smith, you fell from grace,in my eyes. Shame on you for taking so long to do this! What a huge ego you have! TSK, TSK!

  32. She didn’t move forward. She blames him still. And she made the choices she made. She will die blaming him. Until she accepts she messed up and her choices ruined her life. Then she will be bitter.

  33. I think Vivian needs to take responsibility for her own behavior because she is trying to project her own feelings and mishaps on Will. Will is not God and I don’t think he had the power to destroy her career. I feel that Viv based on her body language and how she talks, she really was the one with the issue…I don’t understand how ppl don’t see it???…it’s hard to accept that sometimes we are jealous of ppls power, talent and stardom…I think Viv needed to accept that she was not Will but Viv and the viewers liked her because she WAS a very LIKEABLE character on the show. But all in all Will probably did drag her but Viv kind of ruffled some feathers, she shouldn’t of, she should of accepted Will for his role, power and stardom…she should of just played her position and I’m very sure something would of came through for her but I believe her attitude messed her up not Will. So I hope Im not the only one who feels this way.

  34. And still I can’t feel good about it. She lost 27 years of her life, no family, no work, bad name… And now it’s all good all of a sudden? I am happy they were able to do this so they can move on but… The major damage already has been done to the woman while the man in question here will remain to be on top!

  35. Will Smith screwed her over! I knew this when I was 23! Now I’m 44! The first aunt viv to me is the only aunt! The second one had no spunk! That’s why the ratings and viewing among blacks went down! The show I feel would have lasted longer if the original aunt viv was there! My opinion!🤷🏽‍♀️♥️

  36. This woman has been hateing on Will Smith, blaming a knuckelhead kid at the time, for destroying her career? What career? Who really knew any of them at the time? I really could care less about any of these tired reunion’s, yet If anyone can’t see that WILL, decided to squash conflict between him and her, so he could move forward with another : waste of time, Fresh Prince revamp. Then you must be chasing butterflies!

  37. I give Will Smith BIG TIME kudos for doing this! As big a star as he is he had every reason in the world not to do this, yet he gave this woman her moment to speak. Very big man with a big heart.

  38. Milagros Granados

    I honestly heard so many stories about the fued. I feel bad that they gave her a shitty contract on the show . I wish Will or someone from the cast could of done something so she wouldn’t be out of work. She had a new born baby for crying out loud. This just shows you how Hollywood can take everything from you. This lady is an incredible actress and should not have been bamboozled like that. I hope after this she is able to get back into the acting business.

  39. The African Experience

    I understand we all go through difficult times, especially women after giving birth; however, that is not a good excuse to treat your co-worker any kind of way demeaning. If she had just be humble and have a heart-to-heart conversation with Will (or somebody), instead of dragging all her problems from home to the workplace, things might have worked out differently. Will was still a “child” in a way, but his childish behavior also kept the show going; but if she was treating him like a “no-talent-child/actor, then he has every right to voice his concern. She was probably making it difficult for him to work with her. Adults need to treat children with respect, too!

  40. She WAS by FAR (very far) the BEST Aunt Viv EVER !!.. ❤️💯

  41. Will Smith owes 200 (two hundred) million dollars in restitution to Janet Hubert.

  42. Shawn haggerty

    Hollywood is a nasty industry. Blackballing people and destroying them. Her being kicked out of the show is one thing, but her not getting any other job was beyond evil.

  43. Still such a beautiful woman!! It makes me so angry that a simple label of being difficult could cause her to just lose her career and family and yet, look at all the truly difficult people out there whose careers have flourished because of their attitudes. (That’s not including those that lost their dang minds and went totally out of control, btw.) Janet Hubert was and always will be, an amazing actress. I won’t lie, I pretty much sneer at the title of “artist” when I’ve seen it used for actors/actresses, but she truly is an artist.

  44. Cheryl Williams

    Just wasn’t the same show when The Real Aunt Viv left I only looked at it because of the connection between Uncle Phil and her….there was no connection with the other Aunt Viv…

  45. She was difficult to work with, very demanding and had the rest of the cast at odds with her. She was not the victim.

  46. Omg, why wont they just say wtf she did that made her difficult. Thats all that matters! If she was a pain to work with, then she screwed herself, its not wills fault

  47. Aunt Viv was really popular. I stopped watching when they replaced her. Uncle Phil had no chemistry w/ Daphne Maxwell Reid. I think Janet’s firing shortened the life of the series. Will happened to land on his feet.

  48. Will can you give her 10 million for what you did punk?

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