‘American Idol’ star Fantasia Barrino and husband Kendall are expecting 1st child

Fantasia and Kendall are expecting/Daily Mail

Fantasia Barrino ‘pregnant’ again.

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CHARLOTTE — It took five years of conjugal insemination but it’s finally gonna happen. Fantasia Barrino is about to have another baby! The “American Idol” winner and her husband of half a decade — Kendall Taylor — are expecting their first crumbsnatcher together. It’ll be Fantasia’s third child with a different father. The 36-year-old vocalist shared the maternal news via Instagram Live. “Keep trying and you will conceive,” Fantasia said in the video to which Kendall replied, “Only God can do it! I’m having a baby, cuz!”

Sh*t, can’t blame Kendall for lauding Fantasia’s gestation because he’s been shootin’ blanks for years. If you recall, the semen-starved lovebirds got hitched in 2015 after only 3 weeks of dating. Fantasia said they rendezvoused at a romantic “rooftop spot” where they chin-wagged for hours.

Not once did Kendall try to get the ass.

“Never did he ever try to come onto me,” Fantasia recounted.

“It was just great conversation. I knew he was my dude. He became my boyfriend that night.”

During last year’s appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” Fantasia ruffled some feathers when she said women must “learn how to submit” if they plan on getting married. “Most women are trying to be the leader, that’s why you can’t find a man,” she explained. “[Women] can’t be the King in the house. Fall back and be the Queen and let your man lead the way… The King needs his Queen.”

Do you agree with Fantasia?

Is it in a woman’s best interest to become obsequious?

Watch Fantasia’s maternal video and her appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

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  1. Love them Together!! God is Amazing!!!

  2. She’s right about the submission part. Today’s Black women want to be hard like DMX! 😧

  3. @bigddykn2: Today’s black women are hard, that’s not a jab against the black woman more so the failure of the black man. No other race of women have to be hard they have men to protect them

  4. @isis Osiris: Exactly. And these black men want to be pretty princesses and house boyfriends/baby daddies (of course not husbands lol smh). Most black women literally have no choice, because we have to do everythinggg. And these dudes want to sit back and paint their nails while the ladies work hard and take care of everything. And they complain if a black woman isnt pleasant, relaxed and well rested.

  5. Congratulations to her because she is a married woman but all her kids are by different men. That is still tacky. I don’t like blended families as someone with a traditional family, I can instantly spot the difference between real families and blended…Why black women always have no family or a blended family with different daddies for their children…That isn’t special to me. ..I like that my husband is the father of all my kids…I know, they are loved equally. If I want to leave my kids, I know that they are safe with my husband. I love that better. I hate blended families..

  6. This is sexist, why the fuck would she say men are born to lead but women are not as if we’re stupid and don’t have a brain

  7. @Finn: most folks will disagree with your comment because so many many folks do have kids ALREADY when they hook up and marry or remarry so it is indeed a very delicate subject matter. you are 100% correct in your assessment about so called blended families. It is a reason why the Lord only gave each infant ONE biological mom and dad and no step parents at birth.

    that is man made because so many parents start over and of course the kids have to come along. the kids are forced to just all willy nilly to come along with each new love partner no matter how many times the parent remarries therefore another blended family.

  8. Majidah Smith, M.A.

    I believe in the word of God. God spoke first about submission and Fantasia was close. In her case she is married so it applies. But submission is not for boyfriends and unbelievers. That’s a REQUIREMENT ONLY FOR GODLY MARRIAGES.
    Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.

    Colossians @‭-‬19 ESV

  9. Submit to God 1st

  10. I see this a lot in the Black Community. A woman gets a man and that gives her the right to be the sounding board for all the rest of her single sisters. After 12 years of marriage, only one baby daddy (my husband), and 14 years of being together I’m more qualified then Fantasia to say this. First, nothing’s wrong with being single. Work on yourself. You are a whole well rounded person with or without a man. Don’t allow married women to pull rank, and make you feel like they’re doing things the Riverview way because they have a Man. Be authentic to your own needs. Every relationship is different. The way Fantasia is doing it is her way,. Why women feel like there’s some imaginary thrown because he put a ring on it is beyond me. She’s giving out all kinds of desperate please pick me energy. You’re beautiful and you’re better than that.

  11. Religion is guilty of distorting the concept of submission. Submission can never be associated with tolerance or worse yet surrending to humiliation. Submission is untiring upliftment. The thought to betray the other person will never exist, they give their best to each other. Take the image of motherhood. The concept of motherhood being obligated to protect or worse surrending to her children, does not exists. Motherhood commands respect. She stands at the ready to always protect all her children and will never comprise her image, all for the sake of these children. The word motherhood should always stir up hope and joy. Submission in a union, holds a higher ground. It represents nothing less than upliftment for both souls concerned. It is not an obligation. It is a crime to demand or expect any human soul to involuntarily submit. Involuntarily will always be against the Will of The Almighty. In fact it is clear many relationship will never experience true happiness as long as these false concepts of submission continues to be forced upon women.

  12. Mature women don’t mind being submissive to their men WHEN he’s being submissive to God. It’s like playing follow the leader, he’s following God and we’re following him following God. Now if he ain’t following God… DON’T follow ’em follow satan to hell!!!

  13. @Karen Sherman: Preach😷

  14. Her beliefs are on point. Its really a balance . Submit to your husband wile he loves and protects you . 💯

  15. @loveispain: Slaves submit. You sisters need to stop spewing biblical nonsense all over the place

  16. Im so happy for her and Kendall. May God bless their children. I know alot of black women don’t like what she said but, it’s true. This is coming from a former alpha female who wouldn’t dare listen to a man 😂. But, when you find a man that can take the lead, why not? We as women have a hard enough time dealing with everything as it is so why not let your king handle business while you fall back? It feels good to be able to finally do that.

  17. FACTS!! I Find no Lie in anything she said!! I want my King to lead! Im tired of having the world on my shoulders! God let it be and I will be thankful for it

  18. Gods child😃😇

    Yea submit and honor him when he laying his life down and taking care of u . Not u taking care of him and honoring him 😆😇 he should submit to u cause u the man tasia if u paying 4 everything. U submit 2 a man laying his life down 4 u and marrying u . He not even gettn up to go 2 work 4 yall he just opening up her wallet and want submission. Noooo😇😅 she submitting because of lust not love cause he not taking care of her so he dont love her. He love her taking care of his ass. These feminine men got game they get women whipped and get spoiled for that penis game. ( all they got is looks and stroke game ( meal ticket) ) get a husband w work ethics and morals more fulfilling.

  19. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    @Gods child😃😇: You took the words out of my mouth! YOU SAID THAT!!

  20. Rafer Singleton

    if she sing to me i’d would have knocked her the 1st time, with her fine azz, congrats beautiful.


    @Rafer Singleton: Beautiful where?

  22. Bishop Johnson

    I am so happy that this subject has finally found it’s way to the forefront. Just a few things to give thought to. In early relationships before marriage there should be respect not submission. Marriage is a totally different type of relationship. True that the head needs the neck for motion, yet it is the head that gives the instructions to the neck as to what it needs. The neck would be non functional without the directions of the head. From a biblical view, from creation, the woman was made to be a help meet, as in president and vice president. The place of power given to the vice president is to assist and to execute his or her part of the final decisions of the president. We also see that the two (man & woman) in the marriage become one. They are both vital parts that attain success by working together in the joining of different capacities that bring total coverage and functionality for success. Submission is a great and powerful honor. Remember the Bible tells us that JESUS himself submitted.

  23. Rafer Singleton

    @RESPECK VS ERBODY💪🏽: i am not gonna argue with you bruh, but fact is, the older i get, it seems the more i find beauty in my sistas, where i didn’t see it previously. she is fine to me and i would enjoy her light ass voice whispering in my ear. now thats real bruh.

  24. @Rafer Singleton: Until they cuss your ass out!

  25. LaRocco S. Glory

    I’m loving Fantasia right now she is walking by faith and not by sight. It’s in the word of God that crisis over every man and every man is over every woman and every woman is over all the children. In that dynamic order according to what is written women don’t understand that is all weakness and they will get so much more from us when they submit. It makes us better it makes us a better husband and a better man and a better christ-like Christian

  26. She 💯facts

  27. I totally agree with Fanasia , I started do that fall back and allowing him to be the man.

  28. keyron Campbell

    I love her mindset and we need more out here with her mindset…. That will fix the black community…

  29. I hope he is real and not another user… she doesnt have good luck with love or men. He just secured the bag for 18 years of support. Wish her luck and a strong pre-nup (BUT YOU KNOW SHE AINT THAT SMART).

  30. Follow a man who follows god.the family that preys together stays together.

  31. Fantasia does not need to be giving anyone love advice…no offense

  32. Smh, too bad we can’t be equal

  33. I am a man but if a woman told me that she wanted me to lead her whole life and let me be her master I would instantly lose respect. # BeYourOwnBoss

  34. 5 years??????? It would have took me one night

  35. Thinker Patriot

    Good for FANTASIA, she obviously knows her BIBLE and the order for human beings that God placed there!!! She can teach all these Celebrities a lesson!!!!!!!!

  36. Hats off to Fantasia and all the women who have Understanding of what she really meant. We can be equal and should be equal when it comes to pay, jobs, education, ect, but when you get married both the man and woman should work together to build their home while realizing that the man is the head of the household. he is supposed to be protector, provider, ect. The thing people forget to consider is the TYPE of man you have. Many women have had abusive men therefore it is a sore subject. What many may not see is the fact that some parts of the feminist movement helped to destroy the black family along with so many other tools that are and were used against us. If you notice, black women still dont have equal pay over all with anyone, not the white male, white female or black male Never forget, the black family was separated from the beginning. Society’s role historically has always had it’s hand in the lives of black people. We as a people need to love and respect one another and unlearn a lot of the garbage that was pushed on us. If we submit to the God of Scriptures, follow his direction and treat one another Right(eously ) we will be ok.

  37. Fantasia spoke fax❗️❗️

  38. That’s the way I was raised too. Men should be the providers and protectors of the family. Women should be the caretakers and providers of culture. This is the traditional way of life I was brought up in. Nothing wrong with this lifestyle. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  39. Such A Beautiful Couple! This Made Me 😢!! Congratulations To The Taylor’s!! God is Excellent!!🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  40. To God Be The Glory To God Be The Glory Hallelujah Yes Lord Thank You Lord for Everything. Bless Husband and Wife Fantansia, In Jesus Name. Amen

  41. Im just so happy for her!! She looks beautiful and glowing well.. 🥺✨💯🥰😘

  42. The doctors said i couldn’t get pregnant either..and 2months later i was already 6weeks pregnant..Only God Have the last say so in everything..Me and Hubbie was so happy and grateful and thankful for God

  43. My husband is the King of our castle.. He takes the lead all the time.. When I let him 😁 But no seriously, my husband treats me like I’m an absolute QUEEN so he will always get the big piece of chicken!!


  45. Sounds like somebody KNOWS THE WORD…and that’s what’s up.

  46. See what God can do???

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