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NEW YORK — Less than two months after suffering a devastating miscarriage, Chrissy Teigen finally opened up about losing her baby. The “Lip Sync Battle” host and her husband — R&B singer John Legend — appeared virtually on “Good Morning America” to elucidate their “complete and utter grief” and how the expulsion of their fetal son made them stronger. Had the baby lived, they would’ve named him Jack. “I definitely give myself permission to have complete and utter grief,” Chrissy, 34, told GMA host Michael Strahan. “Every day is so different. So when people ask me how I’m doing I always say I’m okay — today.”

John, 41, extolled his wife’s controversial decision to share private hospital photos online despite the opprobrium she received in return. Many felt she should’ve kept those images confidential.

“Obviously it’s so painful to go through something like this as a woman — something that was inside your body, you’re nurturing and taking care of. But obviously there’s a father involved and the support for the both of us has just been so beautiful, so incredible,” Chrissy explained.

“I don’t care if you were offended or disgusted. I understand it can be that way for people. It was designed for people that were hurting.”

John admitted he was a little trepidatious about taking the pictures because it wasn’t his intent to commemorate the loss. “The thing about having a miscarriage is you don’t walk away with anything,” he said. “You have this emptiness and we wanted to take the photos to have something to remember it by.”

The Hollywood lovebirds did, however, receive “thousands of letters” from verklempt fans who offered their condolences. Fortunately, their epistles succeeded in drowning out all the negativity. “The world is inherently good,” Chrissy said. “As hard as it was, it is beautiful to see this side of it.”

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said “what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

John echoed a similar sentiment.

“We’ve been through so many challenges together and they’ve made us stronger,” he said. “And I know that doesn’t always happen when people go through tragedy. But I feel like the challenges we face together have made us feel even more sure about who we are together as a couple, and who we are as a family… We’re stronger together than we’ve ever been.”

John and Chrissy are parents to 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles.

Should they have anymore children.

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  1. They ate that baby!

  2. Bless their hearts & protect them at all cost!

  3. The baby was probably republican and her body rejected it…

  4. This is the worst publicity stunt they have ever done these people are sick

  5. As a man whose wife had a miscarriage I’ve earned the right to weigh in on this. Seems funny how these folks, as well as MANY others refer to a fetus as a “clump of cells” when they abort it, then are racked with grief (rightly so) about the death of their “baby” when it’s a miscarriage or stillborn. So, does that mean it’s a woman’s right to choose if it’s life, dependent upon the manner of death? If you want the baby, it’s a living being you lose, and if you don’t want the baby it’s just a clump of cells to be torn to pieces and sucked out.

  6. The Piper's son

    Who takes publicity photos of a miscarriage?
    Narcissistic freaks.

  7. Isabella Lopez

    She sacrificed her baby, that’s how bad she wants to be popular🤮

  8. My GOD, how long is she going to talk about this? Seriously WTF????? STOP REPORTING THIS FAKE PREGNANCY AND FAKE MISCARRIAGE

  9. Jessica Wright

    I respect them so much for sharing their experience with loss. The general public sees someone like them experiencing something the every day person has. They’re helping so many people. Rest peacefully little jack

  10. Chrissy is a phony vindictive beach!,she is reaping what she sows! She is documented attacking many people thru twitter! Her losing her baby does not rectify her evil!

  11. Renee Roberson

    They are a breath of fresh air as a couple and as normal ppl. It’s been a long time seeing the norm again.

  12. Janet Hutcheson

    Powerful story. 🙏🏼 To you insensitive people, obviously you have not experienced pain and loss, wait for it, you will. I hope then that you will understand what other people go through. The pain and loss is real, let them tell their story, who are you to object?

  13. My condolences but That woman is PURE EVIL..I Hope shes changed

  14. Open up? My God, they haven’t shut up once since it happened. They’re milking this for all its worth and it’s disgusting.

  15. I suffered from a miscarriage this year also, an Anembryonic pregnancy where the fertilized egg attaches but and embryo doesn’t develop. I could not imagine this type of pain. My heart goes out to them and anyone else who has felt this type of loss. ❤️

  16. nazeemah pretorius

    Crissy and john your little one is waiting at heaven’s doors for both of you…love you guys sooooo much

  17. Gitty Rosenberg

    What a beautiful and powerful thing thing to share something so heartbreaking and personal with the world!!🙏💖

  18. Kanani Peppermint Plant

    Bullcrap. Liars

  19. I delivered my daughter at 20 weeks 5 months early she was born at 1 pd 10 once ….she is most definitely my miracle baby .she now is 11 yrs old and a little fighter she has her struggles still but most amazing child ever … i no what its like to go threw what she did ….even though my daughter made it ….i almost did lose her though .god had other plans for us ….

  20. This is all they talk about now, interesting how after all her bad press about treating people horribly on Twitter, they are now on a press tour about something that happens to so many people without a million dollars. It reeks of a PR stunt. Can she ever keep anything to herself?

  21. I love this couple! God Bless Them and their entire family!!!!

  22. I LOVE CHRISSY! Praying for them and their family.

  23. I love how Chrissy is real and sincere. John is a strong talented man. Love them together.

  24. This is the same couple that believes in abortion which kills kids at later weeks then her baby died

  25. In order for satan to keep her and her husband out of jail and for both of them to remain in Hollywood’s good graces they had to sacrifice that child. They all do. lucifer morning star demands that as a ritual to honor him. democrats pushing for late term abortions is their greatest gift to the most low of low.

  26. Wow🥺 Hope they’re doing okay❤️

  27. I love them! So sorry 4 the loss of your Beloved JACK😪🌈🙏💙

  28. Linda Williams

    A lot of families go through this. They’re not the first and unfortunately won’t be the last. The only difference is they did a photoshoot and now they’re going on a “press tour.” I’m pretty sure a book is coming next.

  29. Okay enough already!!

  30. More Thinking Needed

    I think that celebrities who feel the need to share their most personal and often tragic events in their lives in a public forum have a misplace sense of importance and ego.

  31. claire charles

    Beautiful couple. Dealing with their loss by helping others.

  32. God doesn’t like ugly. The husband is nastier than her. I remember how they insulted President Trump. Life has mysterious ways to punish ugly and mean-hearted people.

  33. Alexandra Guțu

    As a woman who suffered three misscaryages, I can tell you that the feeling when the doctor tells you that you just lost your baby, it’s the worst one in the world! Prayers for both of them! ❤️😘😘

  34. Richard Callahan

    This bitch is a weirdo into weird fucked up things. She’ll end up like ELLEN. I was one of the first to claim Ellen was going down so don’t doubt me.

  35. Jolliebearfor Christ


  36. Isabella Lopez

    She sacrificed her baby, that’s how bad she wants to be popular🤮

  37. These people are sick

  38. Chrissy and John are the best and deserve the best💙

  39. PEDOS!!!! Nothing but PEDOS! I guarantee she took the abortion pill! Not traceable… Lost all respect for John Legend

  40. Those two people have such uglyness in them it’s hard to feel compassion for them. Plus it’s very uncomfortable and weird for them to be pushing this on people something is not right. There’s something deep and dark going on with them. There goes Hollywood thinking they’re entitled once again. That woman is something else and he’s not so innocent himself. She’s Got a Spell on him that’s what it seems like. And all that ugliness that comes out of her mouth makes her so unattractive, which she’s not all that attractive to begin with. She seems to have been a very very spoiled child. It’s like he doesn’t even have a mind of his own. No respect for him either.

  41. Kayyisa & Affan

    She will be fine, there are women who lost babies in even worst conditions. With less advantage. Its great shes talking about it but lets not forget there are way more less fortunate people out there.

  42. Is it just me, but somethings in your life should remain private and personal.

  43. Melinda Mullins

    Rest in peace jack & to all couples who hv lost a child our hearts hurt for u 🙏💛

  44. Fuck that nigga john legend.

  45. The Piper's son

    Who takes publicity photos of a miscarriage?
    Narcissistic freaks.

  46. In order for satan to keep her and her husband out of jail and for both of them to remain in Hollywood’s good graces they had to sacrifice that child. They all do. lucifer morning star demands that as a ritual to honor him. democrats pushing for late term abortions is their greatest gift to the most low of low.

  47. John is the poster boy of the Democratic far left cancel culture & she’s even worse –it goes like this: if you’ don’t think like us – then you’re bad and you need to disappear..

  48. Wow, there are some serious haters on this thread! Don’t know how any of you can call yourselves decent while spewing venom like that. Oh well…I am sorry for the loss that this beautiful couple experienced. But I hope they keep winning in love and in life…God always has a plan and will help them rise above.

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