Iron Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight unofficially ruled a draw after 8 rounds

Tyson and Jones fought to a draw/Joe Scarnici

Tyson & Jones fought to draw. 

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LOS ANGELES — In what was billed as a legendary bout of fisticuffs between two has-beens in their 50s, Iron Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. put on quite a show Saturday night in an eight-round exhibition at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. But, unfortunately, there was no victor. That’s because the 54-year-old Tyson and 51-year-old Jones fought to a draw. Yep, the judges ruled it even-steven which was no doubt anticlimactic. But we gotta give credit where credit’s due. Given their close proximity to senior citizen status, Tyson and Jones delivered one helluva performance and it sounds like a rematch awaits.

“I could’ve done everything better,” Tyson bemoaned. “Everything I was doing I could’ve done it better, so God willing, I’ll be better the next exhibition.” Not sure how Jones survived because he suffered ample shots to the rib cage and abdomen. He even admitted the body blows “took a toll” on him.

Statistically, the fight was a mismatch.

Tyson landed 67 punches compared to Jones’ 37.

Iron Mike also held a sizable 57-28 advantage in power punches, which included 35 to the midsection.

“I like him, but the dude is so strong, man,” said Jones who had images of Kobe Bryant crafted on his gloves to pay tribute. “I understand why they say some things are ‘bucket list’ because when he hits you, if it’s his head, his punches, his body shots, it don’t matter. Everything hurts. So, for me, I thought I did enough boxing on the outside to edge it out, but I’m cool with the draw. It means we just might have to do it again, but I don’t know.”

Of course Jones is cool with a draw because he got his ass kicked.

Nevertheless, it was Tyson’s first fight in 15 years. Jones last fought in 2018. The former admitted he was a little trepidatious returning to the ring after such a lengthy hiatus. “I’m afraid I might get hurt. Why nobody cares about my ass?” Tyson told announcer Jim Gray in a postfight interview. “I haven’t fought in 15 years. [Jones] stopped fighting two years ago, and everybody’s worried about his ass.”

Tyson also confessed to smoking marijuana prior to the bout.

Yep, he was high the entire time.

“Listen, I can’t stop smoking,” Tyson explained.

“I smoke during fights. I just have to smoke, I’m sorry. I’m a smoker … I smoke every day.”

Speaking of marijuana… Snoop Dogg, who performed at the event, served as commentator.

Ne-Yo sang the national anthem.

Additional musical performances were delivered by French Montana, YG and Wiz Khalifa.

In the undercard, Jake Paul knocked out former NBA guard Nate Robinson in the second round.

The Tyson/Jones fight brought in $80 million in pay-per-view purchases.

Would you like to see a rematch?

Is it time for both to embrace retirement?

Watch highlights and interviews.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Two great champions. Two great men.

  2. Their techniques and punches are still good enough but age can’t lie to the physique, it’s not their time anymore, it’s time for the younger ones. 🙏🙏

  3. Tyson has only really aged in the face. His body looks like he could be 25.


  5. Cody Chickadee

    Both of these guys were so damn humble after this what a pair of champs. Great work boys.

  6. Exhibition fight is the reason why Mike Tyson really didn’t go for it 💯

  7. AllThingsBts_ ProudA.r.m.y

    Mike is still the G.O.A.T

  8. Big Juice Get Saucy

    It’s not a fight then it’s just for fun and that shit is lame af fuck we watching a acting fight I stoped watching wwe when I was 11

  9. The real mvp is nate robinson

  10. I was disappointed. Roy Jones kept hugging and not fighting 🙁 How could they score this a draw?

  11. Tyson robbed

  12. Nate kept trying to wrap jake up and got knocked the fuck out

  13. Roy ruined the fight smfh..


  15. Nate Robinson should stick to basketball

    I saw more hugs then punches

  16. that was absolute trash

  17. Tyson beat the shit out of Roy.

  18. RacerXXX / Only racing will do!

    Looks like Roy’s ribs are either crack or broken, By the way he was holding his arms up near his midsection I’ve been there before.


  20. No way it was a draw. Tyson destroyed him.

  21. Mike took it easy on him. Sad

  22. Best fight in years

  23. This is why boxing viewership has been slowly declining.

    Obvious win by Tyson, even the commentary during AND afterwards are agreeing Tyson won for sure.

    So why the tie? The same thing that boxing got infamous for….. Rigging

  24. Roy Jones – Can’t we just Hug this out? 😂🤣😂

  25. We need to know who judge three was so Tyson can beat his ass

  26. What a farce

  27. I hate fucking fake fights it’s an exhibition but it’s not right when you pretend you want to knock someone out but you just play fight when you fight I’m very disgusted with this fucking fight I’ll never watch a fihtbby either man again so much bullshit

  28. None of them were throwing punches with bad intentions. Tyson rarely hit Roy in the head. It was an exhibition fight like it supposed to be.

  29. Roy : imma hug you
    Mike : yea man imma break your fucking ribs

  30. Didn’t see this fight…but really? A draw…..obviously.. “Tyson pocketed around $10 million for this comeback fight, a handy payday for the boxing star who famously blew most of his career earnings, which Forbes estimated could have been as much as $685 million. Roy Jones Jr, meanwhile, reportedly made around $3million for his appearance”

  31. As boxing always proves once again, this was yet again another great “fixed fight” with allot of money made for everyone behind the PPV network, managers and of coarse the BOXERS

  32. Dameon Johnson

    Mike was holding back. He was only going for body shots mostly.

  33. love to see mike tyson vs kamala harris ! at the garden

  34. This fight was whack. Made no sense to be a draw. Seems like it was going to be a draw no matter what the outcome is. Boxing is the one sport where the clear winner won’t win. Tyson won this fight. Exhibition or no exhibition. Rocky vs Thunderlips was way better

  35. What a boring fight 😰

  36. Spartanbananah

    Holy shit Tyson is fast!

  37. Looks like Tyson was fighting for fun not to win or maybe his timing wasn’t spot on but it looked like he held back from the big head shots he was always known for. Still moving well and the low advance and speed also good cardio.

  38. This was not a draw wtf. Tyson man handled him

  39. Snoop was the best part of this fight

  40. Nate got knocked into hibernation.

  41. is professional boxing match not wwe shit
    It was really bad mike tyson and Jones are legends
    Snoop don’t belong in boxing

  42. Mike is now a really nice guy – he’s been seasoned by life and has come out a winner. Roy’s another good man – it was nice to see these guys get together for their fans.

  43. Nefarious Jones

    Iron Mike is GOAT

  44. froggystyle9284

    You have to give alot of respect to Mike Tyson. He worked hard to make a return. He followed the rules and was very humble. For his age he earned respect. He made people fear him before. I enjoyed seeing him come and fight for us. This was a treat for us. No he isnt the same beast as when he was younger. But still skilled and dangerous

  45. They hugged for 8 rounds and came out as friends

  46. American Hostage

    Hats off to both of these champions! These guys love what they do, and we all love to watch… thx guys.

  47. 3xtra Terrestrial

    Snoop was funny af this entire fight

  48. 100% Iron Mike won this fight.

    Blind judges 😂😂

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