Child Abuse Video: Youth football coach ‘smacked’ 9-year-old player in the head

LeBron trashes Gerrell Williams/Daily Mail

Gerrell Williams assaults player.

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KISSIMMEE — Youth football coach Gerrell Williams will spend the Christmas holiday behind bars after he smacked a 9-year-old player twice in the head during a tournament. He also grabbed the youngster by the throat. The heinous ordeal transpired on December 7th in Kissimmee, Florida. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Williams — coach of the Savannah Gators — knocking the child upside the head following a rant on the sideline. The little boy’s mother said she wouldn’t press charges. But the video, in conjunction with testimony from eye witnesses, are more than enough to prosecute the case.

“The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office along with our local state attorney’s office have reviewed this case and the decision has been made that charges for child abuse will be filed, regardless of the parent’s decision not to press charges,” said Maj. Jacob Ruiz. “The actions of this person are despicable and there is zero-tolerance when it comes to the abuse of a child.”

Williams, who’s African American, said he’s sorry. But his apology fell upon deaf ears. Several sports figures have censured Williams’ deportment and that includes Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. “Ain’t no way!” he wrote on Instagram. “Hell if… it’s not even my kid we gone have more than words for sure.”

Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe tweeted a similar sentiment. “I’ll whip him even IF* that’s his kid,” he wrote. “I won’t let anyone [prey] on the weak or vulnerable in front of me. Not going to happen.”

In addition to catching a case, Williams has been proscribed from American Youth Football (AYF).

Do you agree with King James and Sharpe?

Does Williams deserve to get his ass kicked?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Bruh is a sucka but those “men” around him are even more so than him…how the fuck can anyone stand-by and just watch that?

  2. suffer in silence S.I.S

    That dude more than likely hits women. Probably beats on his family. Sad man.

  3. He couldn’t even knock him out what a bum

  4. nigga aint playin 👀

  5. Image Me partner

    What’s really sad is the fact that the kids mother refuses to press charges

  6. Ghetto Superstar

    the mother didnt press charges??? what the fuck??????

  7. Coach took it way too far. I get concept of “being tough” but yeah that way too hard. I get outrage about mom not pressing charges. Don’t know mom but just guessing she figure he was trying toughen up young man. He may not have strong role model around and coach maybe like father figure. Like I said don’t know but got feeling that prob it.

    The guy lost really good job and honest father not see another black man in jail. I think definitely needs anger management and counseling.

  8. thank God the Coach was not a White Dude …….there would be riots in the streets…….but he is an Upstanding African American Football Coach….so there aint gonna be no riots.

  9. WTF!!!!! Why would he hit him that hard? I’ve seen coaches smack your helmet even when you make a good play but that was straight up violent. Where was his parents???! This is straight up abuse. I can only imagine the mental abuse this kid suffered also from what the coach was yelling at him…smfh

  10. Where is his parents. It would have taken me 0.5 second to get from the stands to the field.

  11. Smokimus Dankimus

    Why nobody jumped to the field to whip his ass I will never know…

  12. Why is the hell didnt the other adults handle him. This is bullshit

  13. He’s trash. Point blank. It’s a youth football game…dude acting like this is the pros. And if it was, I dare him to lay hands like that on some of these athletes. So sad to see the parents aren’t pressing charges.

  14. Richard Castrellon

    Do that to my kid shit…… I’d whip his punk ass !

  15. Literally everyone in attendance failed those kids. Nobody stood up and said a single word as far as the video shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if those abused kids grew up with abusive personalities. Florida, you suck.

  16. Both coaches and the adult standing there, all three should have charges put on them. The mother refuses to press charges, i hope DFC is paying attention

  17. My dad would do some shit like that to me when I was little playing baseball

  18. coach is probably tapping the mom , that’s why she’s not pressing charges..

  19. Slurms MacKenzie

    Wtf could he have done that bad in the game? My only guess is he caught an open pass, was going for an easy TD, but instead turned around and scored for the other team

  20. VitoAngelino Kaiewe

    Wow. And no one did anything to him after the first smack!!?? They all deserve to be punished.

  21. the fact that nobody I mean nobody did anything about it, it’s really annoying

  22. Thats why i will never coach pee wee again. I did it for 2 years. Its all politics and most of the coaches be acting like they coaching a damn college or NFL team and getting paid for it. Its supposed to be all about the kids and the coaches be making it all about them. And another note most of them dont know a damn thing about football anyway. Sad as hell. He need to go to jail and let them slap him up a few times. And the coaches who just sat there and didnt do anything along with the parents in the stands need to be charged too.

  23. Who the hell this dude think he is??? I know what he thinks… he’s a bad ass standing over top of a 9 year old child! He will see how bad he is when he’s locked up with dudes that will make him feel like a 9 year old boy! Smfh

  24. CrmsnTyde 4ever

    The prick needs his ass kicked…So do the other “men” standing there and doing nothing to stop it…Just curious if the kid’s father was there in attendance…Because if he was, that coach most likely would drinking his lunch through a straw.

  25. I am speechless 😭😭😭

  26. This is a crime! They need to put his ass in jail with some men who can hit back!

  27. Jakhoury Roberts

    This is why you need a dad. Where his dad?

  28. The jailhouse will make sure justice is served🍆

  29. Abraham Lincoln

    He’s disciplining that kid like it’s 1794

  30. What a shame that someone didn’t whoop his pathetic ass for doing that !!!! This country is all to hell.

  31. If that were my kid, that guy would be broken in half

  32. His momma must be screwing that coach

  33. Bruh its never that serious. If the kid made a mistake em do suicides and run like hell, not literally whack em into next week. Little Leagues really be dark on the inside than the outside bruh poor kid

  34. Gregory Guerrier

    I just watched the video and this is not child abuse. He definitely went too far in disciplining the child, but I would definitely rather have my child be disciplined by a football coach instead of a correctional officer later in life.

  35. Monkey

  36. Imagine if the coach was white…

  37. And they wonder why our youth can’t keep their hands to THEMSELVES…

  38. Man. What the hell? I don’t care whose kid that is. Why didn’t anyone charge the field? Somebody should have done something. You see something like that going on, it’s your job as a friggen parent to do something about it. You don’t even have to be violent. Just go down on that field and get between the coach and the kid.
    Unless you’re the only one in the stands not recording it on your cell phone. Then by all means, get your phone out and hope for the worst.

  39. I would beat the shit out dude

  40. That is crazy who would want to do that to a 9 year old Jeez some people are just crazy

  41. It’s okay, it is just another young Black child being slammed around and parents doing nothing about it. It was Black on Black so no problem. The coach should be in prison. The little league organization should be disbanded. This action by a coach makes me puke.

  42. This is INEXCUSABLE!!! Bully much, coach?

  43. Black men at their best.

  44. And then he apologizes and says he should have disciplined in private? That’s even more appalling. Imagine if that had happened… 😡

  45. I hope they beat the living shit out of him in jail

  46. Preston Guttormenson

    He’s lucky he didn’t hit my kid, I would’ve beat his ass to a pulp

  47. I would beat his ass even if it was not my kid!!

  48. I would of ended that mans life if he punched my kid like that. My Freedom be damned.

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