Scientist fired over coronavirus statistics, Governor accused of ordering police raid

Police raided Rebekah’s home/Leon County Sheriff’s Office

The police raided scientist’s home. 

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TALLAHASSEE — Authorities in Tallahassee, Florida are catching hell after they raided the residence of Rebekah Jones — the whistleblowing data scientist who was terminated by Governor Ron DeSantis after she refused to falsify coronavirus statistics. In other words, the powers that be wanted her to bamboozle the public. The incursion transpired on Monday. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows a SWAT team making an ingress through Rebekah’s front door with firearms drawn.

Hell, for a minute, I thought they were Navy Seals.

“[They] took all my hardware and tech… [They] took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country,” she said in her message. “They pointed a gun in my face. They pointed guns at my kids.”

Rebekah then went on to inculpate Governor DeSantis for dispatching agents to her home.

“This was DeSantis,” she vented.

“He sent the Gestapo.”

The Gestapo, in case you don’t know, was the secret police of Nazi Germany.

Officials with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said a warrant was executed after the Department of Health filed a complaint claiming Rebekah used “unauthorized access to a Department of Health messaging system which is part of an emergency alert system, to be used for emergencies only.”

Law enforcement officials also said when “agents arrived, they knocked on the door and called Ms. Jones in an attempt to minimize disruption to the family. Ms. Jones refused to come to the door for 20 minutes and hung-up on agents.”

Rebekah, who created the COVID-19 Dashboard, hacked into the system on November 10th then disseminated the controversial communiqué to 1,750 employees, telling them to “speak up before another 17,000 people are dead.” She also said, “You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.”


Was a police raid necessary?

Do you think the governor had something to do with it?

Watch disturbing footage of the foray.

Share your thoughts.


  1. 🖕🇺🇸. Killl all fascist pigs

  2. I know it won’t be done but arrest of treason against the American people should be made with these racist radical people who cost lives with lies about the virus. They can start with Trump, over a quarter million people are dead because of him and his enablers in government.

  3. Alexander Skinner

    Cops like this are why we have a second amendment.

  4. What f***ed up country, this is just a joke. This country is seriously out of it’s mind and getting dumber and dumber by the day. All you people that keep supporting this crap, soon they will be policing everybody, even you maga-turds and I bet then you will cry wolf.

  5. Pigs will be pigs

  6. This was a terror raid. They sought to terrorize anyone who would speak out and give us the truth.

  7. Look at these bums. Body armored up in full battle rattle to take one unarmed woman who has committed no crime. She answers the door with her hands up and walks out calmly and even after detaining her, they’re still they’re pulling out guns for no reason. Out here takin corners like navy seals, aiming weapons up the stairs like they were about to bring in Osama Bin Laden. They look like clowns. It would be funny, if it wasn’t an obvious attack on American civil liberties.

  8. Keepruvthknight

    This is the kind of thing that happens in the movies.

  9. That’s what happen when crooked ass republican are in positions of power.these bastards do this kind of thing to exhibit their power. I feel every stupid republican in positions of power that exhibit their power doing shit like this,treating innocent citizens this way cops point guns at them and their CHILDREN. those governors,mayors or any other type of political official should be booted out of government.this is no way to treat people..I’M MAD AS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wilhelm Moggeridge

    Obviously if you are faced with someone who uses messaging you need guns. They might tweet you mortally!

  11. Waffle House Worker

    all of that over a damn message?

  12. P.O.L.I.C.E. ….acronym for People Of Low Intelligence Criminalizing Everything….

  13. Governor DeSantis has been an absolute failure and complete trump ass kisser! We are living in our preview of a nazi Germany state! God help us all!

  14. Flipside Shock

    MAGA loves when the system is ignored and let people give direct orders to do whatever they want. Not realizing that it will effect them eventually and then they will cry like little cowards when their house is being raided illegally.🤡🤡🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. This is the same thing that china did. When whistle blowers wer trying to sound the alarm to warn the rest of the world about covid. Many of them still haven’t been seen since….

  16. This is TOTAL BS!!! Republicans, Florida, and trump are LOSERS!!! IT IS DISGUSTING THESE SCUM ARE GOING AFTER REAL SCIENTISTS!!!

  17. SHAMEFUL this governor is worse than Trump and the people of Florida should be in an uproar but no because they drink the hoax PUNCH

  18. WTF, they raid the house with guns drawn lol. Police are getting ridiculous, what they were expecting the kids to have weapons? What is wrong with Republicans and Police in general? The Police who did this seriously need to evaluate their life and wtf they did wrong to end up in that womans house weapons drawn because of emails. They knew children where in the house and judging how trigger happy police are I can’t believe they went in with guns drawn.

  19. Republicans way, LIE or else.

  20. The agents weren’t wearing mask 😷 🧐

  21. Gully gullible

    Police in America thoroughly enjoy putting guns in the faces of women and children it’s in their nature ! Peace

  22. This stinks of retaliation from the GOP DeSatan administration. Doesn’t whistleblower laws protect against this kind of harassment?

  23. I hope someone defends her “pro bono”.

  24. When is Amerikkka going to wake up . Amerikkka is over run by filthy stinking Nazis in police uniforms . Open your eyes , the country has become a “3rd world shit hole police state.”

  25. QuestioningYourSanity

    The cops went there to seize her computer and her kids got a gun pointed at them. Disgusting!

  26. Trump wants to Destroy all Evidence of His Keeping All 411 from American People…Florida Leaders are Complicit & Help Trump Get Evidence from The Career Experts He Fired to Silence … Now Trumps Acting Like Putin & Is Treating Our American Patriots who try to save lives Like Common Criminals & Trumps Using Our Police to Help Him …..Who Do Our Police Work For⁉️ Trump or American People….Are they Public Servants or Are They like Putins KGB⁉️

  27. Never voting for any republican as long as i live

  28. What was the charge? Upon what statute did they claim the right to enter her house?

  29. Denise Fuentes

    The gestapo has arrived. Doesn’t surprise me in Trumps Nazi regime.

  30. DeSantis shame on you !!!
    Pleasing your boss 👅??
    Karma !!!

  31. So that’s what we do now? Butthurt politicians using the police to extract revenge on their political rivals?

  32. Hold the Governor accountable- these politicians have too much power and they abuse it. This could be any of us😡

  33. proof that pandemic is fake

  34. Many of us have been trying to expose this fraudulent operation since earlier in the year and have faced ridicule, censorship, death threats, and more as a result. Thousands of doctors and scientists have come foward only to face the same, along with loss of jobs, revocation of medical license, and some with a sudden compulsion to kill themselves and more. Investigate this fraud and get the message/info out there in any way possible because our way of life, and our lives period, and the lives of our loved ones along with future lives depend on it.

  35. Whistleblower aka a person who knows what’s REALLY going on and can expose the TRUTH but THEY will come for YOU and silence YOU for letting the WORLD know. Isn’t that something? We live in a public world but THEY have a secret society Smmfh.

  36. Trashlie Mezzer

    This is worrisome. Cops are not friends. They are not protecting anyone.

  37. THIS FAKE RAID IS A SETUP to remove DeSantis who just required testing labs to report PCR CT values.
    If people saw that the PCR covid-testing machines were really only detecting non-viable virus fragments (hence the 80% asymptomatic rate) the game would be OVER.

  38. Step 1- NEVER open your door to police before arming yourself first, thisnwas a gross overstepping of authority,.Step-2 point a gun a her children? Are you actually serious? Point a gun child you’re recieving a blast from a 12 gauge I’m taking your face off Pig. She should have armed herself this is absolutely ridiculous,No reason to point a gun at a child, she should have shot them,

  39. America back in the day: Home of the free

    America now: Home of fear

  40. Robert Hermens

    Admittedly, being a police officer is a potentially dangerous occupation. But come on! You must have the presence of mind to know when and when not to draw your weapon. That was WAY inappropriate.

    If this girl is guilty or not, we need to re-address our posture when confronting our citizenry. Especially when children are involved. That’s ridiculous!

  41. Amitabh Ranjan

    It’s crossed all limits ! It’s probably time that all police be banned from carrying any arms unless specifically authorized by a judge for a limited time & purpose and only if that officer has established de-escalation skills. Or have only 5-10% police armed while the rest can depend on their wits.

  42. She hacked into the state’s Covid dashboard after she was fired. She was caught committing a cyber crime.

  43. Welcome to trump’s America where the truth is Illegal

  44. I guess White Privilege didn’t work this time.

  45. If she has nothing to hide, why was she being so uncooperative?

  46. @M. Wayne: Yeah why wasn’t she more subservient to the men with guns? Why wasnt she on her knees before them? Why didnt she ask “how high?” When they told her to jump? Why didnt she serve them tea and biscuits the moment they arrived…

  47. Have fun in prison sweetheart

  48. those kids will never trust another police officer again. She compared them to Gestapo….she wasn’t too off. This was clearly meant to intimidate, and the police department should be ashamed of themselves, it was overkill. She had no history of violence, and yet, they pulled a gun on children? These guys are heavily armed, no threat to them, and yet, they act like they’re raiding the home of some drug lord in Colombia. Pathetic.

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