Dr. Fauci tells Blacks to trust COVID-19 “vaccine” because black lady created it

Dr. Corbett helped create the vaccine/BlackHistory.com

Dr. Fauci lauds black scientists. 

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NEW YORK — If you’re African American and skeptical of the coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci wants you to know one thing: a Black woman was at the forefront of creating it. Therefore, there’s no need to fear… right? Dr. Fauci, arguably the nation’s most renowned immunologist, spoke Tuesday afternoon at an anti-trepidation symposium hosted by New York’s National Urban League. While addressing racism in medical research (including the infamous Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male), Fauci was quick to point out the contributions of Black scientists in the groundbreaking concoction of the COVID-19 panacea… most notably Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy” Corbett.

“So, the first thing you might want to say to my African American brothers and sisters is that the vaccine that you’re going to be taking was developed by an African American woman,” Fauci said. “And, that is just a fact.” Dr. Corbett, 34, is a viral immunologist at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — a subsidiary of National Institutes of Health.

Do you trust Kizzy?

Does her ascendancy sway your unwillingness to get immunized?

Watch Dr. Corbett, Ph.D. discuss all things coronavirus.

Share your thoughts.


  1. USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel Peres

    Lose my soul for a vaccine? I don’t think so…
    Don’t be fooled.

    The end is nigh. The night is far spent. .


  2. Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!
    Covid 19 is a LIE!

    And your all going to lose. Try to force vaccines and see what you get. Not my words…. Those are the words of the heartbeat of this country… Your all satanists!

  3. SimsOf OurLives

    They’re gonna push this killer vaccine on us black people

  4. Take it yourself! “KIZZY”

  5. Is it ok to not get vaccine? I’m willing to go without and given the virus has mutated about 30 times, I’m willing to forgo. I don’t think unvaccinated are a threat to vaccinated so tell me where I’m going wrong?

  6. Let’s just make sure it’s not a bill gates from hell vaccine.. A guy that wants to depopulate the World.. He should be jailed putting this virus out into the world than trying to kill us with his vaccines.. When is that dude going to get arrested! Facts.. 👍

  7. We dont want vaccines

  8. She works under NIAID (Fauci) and holds a patent on the vaccine. Conflict of interest.

  9. timothy yorgensen

    We do not want a vaccine mark of the beast for your hoax China virus!!! This is a hoax to kill us and deceive us.

  10. Puneet kumar Dogra

    Let’s all pray 🙏 everything get well soon and we all live happily around the world.

  11. Christie Shafer

    Please. Don’t. Let the. Vaccine be. Poisonous. N. Kill. People off

  12. Use an African American woman to promote a vaccine to kill the very African American group u want to get rid of…smart😒🤔

  13. Ivory Heru Ma'at


  14. Pretty Knoxson

    ALRIGHTY THEN….let’s test it on all the politicians and stockholders first.

  15. This african booty scratching bitch is in the pocket of Bill Gates

  16. We’ll all feel better just as soon as the vaccine is announced –for AIDS,! It’s only taken about 40 years so far.

  17. AmericanBabeee

    Me or my family will not get that bs

  18. Well done Dr Corbett 👍

  19. Charles Koushik

    So our brainiac scientists know whats inside a planet form another galaxy thats 10/20 light years away… And cant understand a virus thats playing around our earths playground


  21. it’s a trick…….. kizzy works for bill gates

  22. Is there a vaccine to protect against trumpervirus infection??? Congress needs a rapid response shot in the ass!!

  23. Thank you Dr. Corbett for your work and for sharing your talents for such a time as this.

  24. as a African American Male I’m so proud and moved by her!!!!! and her knowledge and the plan they had in place already for a pandemic outbreak, it’s so beautiful to see!!!!! I normally don.t think of people walking on water but after seeing the interview with Her I believe she can walk on water anytime she wants!!!!!

  25. Smart lady! ☺️🙌🏾

  26. Paul Thuo Muraya

    The cure for corona virus COVID-19 is a bees stings AND WILD BEES HONEY. Thank me later.

  27. I’m sure she is very intelligent and educated. But they may be making her the poster child for this vaccine to get the trust of blacks and other minorities. None of this sounds right. she said they were testing it 5 years ago. deception. be careful people.use wisdom.

  28. I don’t trust a damn thing they want to put in us. Especially when they rush it. This way when a bunch of people get fucked up they can say they had to rush it. They won’t be putting that shit in me or my family.

  29. Fadiel Benjamin

    I’m glad it’s a black woman

  30. country collapse

    For the love of God she is absolutely beautiful I hope she like white guys cause I’m going to ask her out

  31. Kristine Willems

    Kizzmekia, beautiful name 🌻 Thank you for your work.

  32. Georgina Blackwell

    Dr. Corbett 👧🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  33. Strong black lady

  34. FAKE PANDEMIC and FAKE CURE/SOLUTION. No evidence whatsoever that vaccines are safe and no evidence whatsoever that this virus is any more dangerous than the common cold. Fake News living up to its name.

  35. I hope the vaccine comes very very soon, millions of lives can be saved.

  36. Her teeth are too white.. I don’t trust that

  37. Mellow Man Ace

    So now they put a black face on bill gates product, is that what im seeing and hearing?

  38. They always use black people as puppets

  39. Using our own to kill all of us. Wake the hell up.

  40. You go Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett! I feel confident in her opinion and expertise.

  41. Cesar Calderon

    Did she say she researched corona virus vaccine development for Seven years? Why 7 years? Bitch yall knew this was comming?

  42. She’s a trojan horse who is a black white supremacist. Look up her old twitter account called BeautifullyBlaq. Those retweets prove she’s a fake!

  43. Courtney Winston

    Vaccinations not for me I will stay immune with healthy foods. I dont trust any vaccine coming out of the government even if it’s been sponsored by a black person we need natural immunity with natural foods and diet and not injections!

  44. Dr. Corbett needs to be on air EVERY TIME Fauci makes an appearance.

  45. You smell that? Its called bullshit.

  46. Why isn’t Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett getting more recognition? Oh, wait…, let me guess.

  47. Patrice Riddick

    Her black face won’t persuade us to take the vaccine.

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