Deadly Video: Ruthless thug jailed after murdering black woman at liquor store

Thaddues murdered Aieshia/YouTube

Ruthless villain murders woman.

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JERSEY CITY — Thaddeus Williams, 37, had his nefarious ass thrown in jail after he murdered 36-year-old Aieshia McFadden because she wouldn’t date him. The sanguinary ordeal transpired around 8:30 p.m. on December 4th outside a liquor store in the vicinity of Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue in Jersey City. The aftermath was captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Aieshia’s cadaver lying in the street face-first. Thaddeus reportedly asked her out on a date then groped her derrière when she said “no.” Aieshia then slapped him silly and he retaliated by shooting her in the face.

She was pronounced dead at Jersey City Medical Center.

“She wasn’t protected. Trying to protect herself is what got her killed and that is sad as a Black woman in America,” said Pam Johnson of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Community. “So I think we have to do much better.” Aieshia, a mother of four, worked as a cafeteria worker at Lincoln High School.

One of her kids witnessed the murder.

“She really, really loved her children. She loved them. That’s all she talked about,” said Jersey City resident Latresha Thomas. “She was an all-around nice person. She was the life of the party. You’d see her and she’d be yelling. ‘Hey girl!’ She was just a really sweet person. She’s going to be missed by a lot of people because a lot of people loved her.”

Thaddeus is facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder and criminal sexual contact.

Does he deserve the death penalty?

Is there anything Aieshia could’ve done differently?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. hopefully, they execute this man ASAP

  2. Its better to play nice then not play at all. She shouldve just gave her number and she would still be alive.

  3. Fucking bitch ass nigga.

  4. Every big city got a Martin Luther King Drive and you don’t want to be on any of them after dark.

  5. Jail isn’t enough justice.

  6. John Ward no not that one

    Why is Martin Luther king blvd always the worst street in every city?

  7. I hope his butthole get the exact same energy when he get to prison…….

  8. Joshua Figueroa

    What the hell is going on in them people minds . The demonic energy is out out for real and they have no remorse for anybody . So sad

  9. Now four children are gonna grow up traumatized because their mother is gone.

  10. Sounds like an amazing woman. A school lunch lady and mother of 4. RIP Ayesha

  11. Wtf is wrong with people, my father told me one thing i will take to my grave. There so many fish in the ocean, if she aint feeling your vibe then another woman will. They should lock his ass up in a cell and throw the key aways

  12. Lord have mercy. This is so devastating. God be with her family

  13. It’s sad women have to endure this but this happens more often than we think. I now just smile and take the advance and if he’s aggressive I leave. Bless her and her family

  14. So sad. Why why why can’t men just know how to respect a woman who most likely was performing errands for her family during the Holidays. What a horrible way to leave this world. Prayers go out to her family during a tough time. I hope he gets what he deserves

  15. Furious Stylez

    Shorty had a nice ass

  16. And the sad thing is that black people are not going to protest this senseless murder….BLM is a joke….

  17. @Mike: Why would they protest?

    This man was arrested the exact same night.

    Your statement is beyond stupid.

  18. Wtf is wrong with the men nowadays can’t handle rejection and out here carrying guns but no degree or certification of any kind. I hope he get everything he deserves and more. Sending strength to her kids and family.

  19. Listen dumb ass simps, if a lady says no keep it moving as a matter of fact dont even ask, mofo.

  20. I really hate you boys out there. All you boys do is talk mess about black women online, live with your mother, sell oz’s, send your crotch pics to unsuspected women like flashers on a train platform, listen to Future like he is Jesus (which he is going to be broke in 10 years like the rest of you little boys), and buy Jordans. Ya’ll are degenerates. Everytime I see you idiots talk mess about the women of your own race I want to spit on you! Then have the nerve to say black women are the problem. No you idiots. You little boys are the problem. Black women shaking their butts don’t make the black race look bad. It’s you boys who act like little boys and hurt your own people that makes the black race look bad

  21. @Paul O’Doherty: If men are so bad, then women should have less kids. But noooo, women wanna have kids in an overpopulated world. Genius move ladies.

  22. 4 children lose their mom right before the holidays, this is so very sad to say the least.

  23. Wow. Guess grabbing $&@“! only works for the President.

  24. Poor kid to witness such heartbreaking horror. That just sucks

  25. So damn sad smh. When ever I have to go into a hood area I get nervous. The guys hanging outside of the stores are always trying to holla. I just speak and smile and keeping it moving. This is my fear. RIP sis😢


  27. Execute this fool immediately

  28. @Mike: Hate destroys the soul that results in a total loss of conscience and finally eternal damnation. All lives matter in my own opinion, however, I total understand the concept behind the phrase BLM. Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear that blacks must first learn to love themselves first before expecting other race to respect or love them. You cannot have what you do not practice and that is respect for human life. RIP.

  29. My condolences to this young lady dammm a mother of four kids shot 😩😩😩😩where is the love

  30. I had a man just this past week try to corner me when I was on my break from work. Dude got super close and asked me for a hug. I told him not to touch me, but he got super aggressive about it. This poor lady was just going about her life. What a waste!

  31. Nikki Nightingale

    You will not find me anywhere on a street called Martin Luther King Junior after dark

  32. Thaddeus Williams need his ass beat

  33. Francois Camara

    A low life took a beautiful sister’s life away.

  34. Live From the Ground!

    This is why I do not go to these places! Between the begging asses and disrespectful bastards standing outside … it’s just not worth it. Smh

  35. He deserves the death penalty!!!

    I pray for those children Heavenly Creator YAHWAH ELSHADDIA please protect them ALL the DAYS of their lives from any1 family & others that has ill intentions towards them in your HOLY POWER RIGHTEOUS NAME🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. Blok7898 R.R.R

    Who the fuck just start touching people! Sad part she died because she ain’t want to be violated. R.I.P. I’m tired of writing this shit…let’s start protecting each other my people of color wtf.

  37. Cynthia Johnson

    That was so evil

  38. Sheila Bradley

    My heart go’s out for this young lady God watch over her children and family. Rest in Paradise sweet heart 😇💞

  39. Where are the protectors of BLACK WOMEN nowadays? WTF

  40. Shamier Delvison

    i wish it was the other way around that she shot his ass for touching her not him shooting her because she aint want him touching her i hate guns !!!!!!!!

  41. @Mario Boyd: Why would i protect black females and 9 times out of 10 they are with anything except for a black man. They said fuck us and now they are like protect us.

  42. Reign Robinson

    Bear arms ladies and ward off these mysogynistic predators!!! I’ve been licensed to carry for a few years now after a man jumped out of my window when I awakened in the middle of the night…He stole all of my jewelry😣 If a man ever touches me inappropriately…he won’t write his mama again!!!

  43. Jay Cee Russell

    Okay where is Black Lives Matter?? Where’s the protest? They’ll show up when a white man with a police badge did the killing. But this right here is beyond police killing. We have to protect our women at all costs. The bastard killed her in front of her kids at that!!!!

  44. A Star is Born

    @Nikki Nightingale: You right about the MLK , St ,Blvd Whatever , always has the most crime /liquor stores no matter what city it is in. So sad.😢 Such a dishonor to his legacy!

  45. That’s Fucked Up!!!!!! She was a Awesome person….. A Queen of Four Beautiful kids. And worked.. Praying for the family

  46. No one should die but she ASSAULTED him first then was shot not so she isn’t that innocent at all

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