Marvel Studios: Trailer released for ‘Loki’ miniseries, ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ too

Loki is back/Photo: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios release previews. 

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BURBANK — Officials with Marvel Studios released the trailer for “Loki” on Thursday in conjunction with an exclusive first look into “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprise their action-packed dramatis personae. Both miniseries are scheduled to premiere via Disney+ in 2021. If you recall, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki (aka God of Mischief) was last seen purloining the Tesseract in “Avengers: Endgame.” Now it appears he’s trapped inside a time warp where he’s manipulated by Owen Wilson’s TVA organization. Black Widow appears for a nanosecond in the preview.

But there’s no sign of Thor.

Loki” hits Disney+ in May 2021.

In the teaser for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” Sam Wilson (Mackie) is lookin’ to fulfill the devoir of Captain America’s shield after it was handed down to him in “Avengers: Endgame.” To do so, Wilson forms an alliance with Bucky Barnes (Stan) to foil the stratagem of supervillain Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl).

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” will make its Disney+ debut in March 2021.

Are you excited?

Is Marvel still the cream of the superhero crop?

Watch the previews.

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  1. I cried when loki was dead in infinity war but now I am insanely happy though he is villain 😁

  2. When did Falcon became cooler than the Winter Soldier?😎

  3. Loki – the guy who never dies


  5. Falcon didnt use his shield in the trailer

  6. I knew it. Loki was not dead. 🙂

  7. Winter soldier just needs his own movie or prequel

  8. Give it up to Marvel for another great trailer. Giving you just enough of what you want mixed with enough confusion to leave you just wanting to know WTh is going on.

  9. I got a theory:

    Loki will explore into wandavision, spider man 3 and docter strange 2 with the multi verse collapsing, the TVA will be watching and once it goes even more messy they will send in the living tribunal to balance everything, the 3 faces of the TVA seem to be the 3 faces of the living tribunal and so at the end of phase 6 we would have the new expanded avengers and villians facing off against living tribunal OR living tribunal himself cleans everything up.

  10. The past months have been D.C.’s times…December is Marvel’s

  11. Captain America shield not even shown in the trailer even a second. what is the logic of showing trailer?

  12. Loki is the new Joker

  13. Don’t be second Captain America be the first falcon and winter Soldier

  14. Ohh my god

  15. Vian92 Warriors

    DC’s Joker: I’m the best trickster there ever was

    Marvel’s Joker aka Loki: Hold my Tesseract…

  16. Yasss finally my drug’s is coming 🤗

  17. Love marvel❤️

  18. Disney + is gonna break the World records.

  19. Marvel ruined the main characters like iron man captain America and even vision and thor ❤️ I literally Don’t have any interest to watch any upcoming Marvel movies.

  20. Why are these only on Disney plus, a lot of people are going to bloody miss out Disney, you messed Star Wars over and Marvel, Good job on messing up the movie world

  21. … Bucky should be Cap. I like Sam but if the show was called Captain America and the Falcon, imagine how cool that’d be, also those flying scenes look whack

  22. Loki is the John Constantine of MCU

  23. Black widow 😃🍾


  25. Producers: Would you like to play an old version of Pedro Pascal?
    Owen Wilson: Yes

  26. Sumi Bura Gohain


  27. Bucky: we need a plan to attack
    Falcon: i have a plan….. attack

  28. Loki is going to be out of this world

  29. Me:”Wait loki is not dead ?”

  30. Winter soldier ain’t no winter soldier anymore with that haircut.

    Summer Soldier

  31. Yay Loki is alive. Best news of 2020 and also that Brie won’t be taken the roll of Captain Marvel.
    We will see the evil Loki before his character ark. I can’t wait to see how this plays out and how Thor will react knowing his brother is alive just not the same one they lost. So pumped. Let’s go!

  32. Other characters: we got movies
    Falcon and bucky: we have our own series

  33. At this point, every single MCU flick feels like an after thought/rip off that is scavenging on decades of glory.

  34. Confusing, like tom hiddleston though. Will give it a chance

  35. Marvel will make us crazy. I’m so excited and I need to buy Disney+, immediately.

  36. Technically Purple

    i wish bucky had his long hair like in captain america the winter soldier

  37. Me: is Loki dead?

    Marvel:well yes but actually no

  38. What’s black widow doing here lol

  39. Seeing Owen Wilson like that makes me feel old. This look great and I can’t wait to see what’s in store

  40. If the banter between Falcon and Winter Soldier is anything like that from Hobbs and Shaw, I’m all for it.

  41. Hillary Crosson

    Loki as the new James Bond

  42. I feel conflicted. I want to like it because I love Loki and it seems really interesting, but I’m also very scared they’ll change the Loki character. He is closer to an anti-hero than an actual hero and I hope he remains that way.

  43. I am so so so so excited ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎😎

  44. Count of Monte Fisto

    damn Loki looking old. I guess father time catches up to us all.

  45. My guy Falcon finally got a film

  46. hellochuzz486E

    I thought Steve Rogers going back in time to return the stones was to prevent exactly this. This means that endgame’s logic is completely thrown out the window.

  47. Éireann Simpson

    I love Loki but I would have to subscribe to Disney Plus and cannot afford it 🙁

  48. Barbara J. Hedrick

    Poor Loki. Always getting into trouble!

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