Seductive Pics: Sasha Obama’s ‘private’ photographs somehow leaked on Twitter

Sasha photos leaked online/Twitter

Sasha Obama’s pictures leaked. 

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ANN ARBOR — Two months ago, Sasha Obama — youngest daughter of quondam President Barack Obama — set the Internet ablaze when she uploaded a maskless TikTok video of herself rappin’ explicit lyrics to Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” remix featuring the City Girls. In the clip, the 19-year-old popsy and her BFF take turns bustin’ profanity-laced bars (N-Word included). Now Sasha is trending for a different reason. A trio of her private photos were leaked Sunday night on Twitter and have gone viral.

In one photo, Sasha is showing off her curvaceous bod’ while posing in front of a mirror. In another midriff pic, the University of Michigan cheerleader is donning a “hot girl” ensemble at a house party with a scary lookin’ black dude ogling her from behind. And in the third photo (referred to by some as a ‘thirst trap pic’), Sasha is modeling a bikini. There’s no sign of Secret Service agents in any of the pics.

Fan reaction is priceless.

One Twitter user wrote, “Sasha Obama is GIVING honey! 💕”

Another added, “Why does she look so cheap?”

Are you ok with Sasha’s deportment?

Is it time for her to eschew social media?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Payola Peasant Fraudi B

    I hope she don’t look up to Cardi B and end up selling WAP

  2. She is young, let her have fun.

  3. She grew up in the white house. That thot life chose her, she didn’t chose it. Look how ppl would tease her mom on not dressing sexy enough saying she looks like a man. Of course she’s gonna dress like that. Let that girl live.

  4. She is enjoying her young life she is not thirst trapping

  5. oh no thottery isn’t even out of the view for an ex president daughter. oh mechelle you failed us

  6. What’s wrong with that? I seen way worse on IG. This is pretty tame compared to the things I seen.

  7. That is not sasha obama.

  8. monique J deans

    She is human just like us

  9. I knew Sasha was gonna be like this 😂😂 She probably smart asf Straight As then straight to the bar.

  10. i would’ve thought her mom schooled her better –

  11. Dude in the back f’kd up the whole pic.

  12. she from the family she from, hanging around some muthafu*kas that look thirst and low level.😂😂

  13. Pics weren’t bad at all at least she was respectful about her body and ain’t busy it open or get her nipples hard before she took the pic

  14. Jeremy Morningwood

    i am soooo telling mommy.

  15. @Van Sertima: Sasha Obama is a beautiful regular girl who obviously just having fun. That girl is just living life. Why do some ppl have a problem with that…?? Michelle literally said ” she was a strict parent ” raising them. They taught right from wrong. So some ppl must be figure since she was raised in proper environment & taught to be proper lady. She gonna always be proper. Nah, if you thought that you thought wrong. She ain’t doing nuttin wrong. Leave it be. Some ppl in society are very sensitive or just want something to talk about. It’s just crazy.

  16. I pray I don’t have daughters

  17. She’s young??? What the hell is she supposed to do?? She’s living her best life period

  18. Sexymamihottamali🖤😈

    Who the hell is the creepy pervert behind her?

  19. Ok Sasha, I see you. LOL

  20. She is free to do what she wants, but no good father wants this smfh 🤦

  21. Asians are dog eaters

    She looks better than her sister

  22. Both Obama girls are gorgeous, intelligent, and living their best life. I’m just happy to see that they are normal and happy cause their celebrity life can change that. People never look at them as human and it is unfair.

  23. Omg she’s 19! Leave her alone. Most of us were living our best lives at that age. 🤣🤣 She has time before she has to be professional and join the real world. Give her a break

  24. This looks fake. Like someone photoshopped her face on someone else body.

  25. This lil bitch can get it 10x…

  26. 🌞9Ether Queen Goddess🌕

    Stop forgetting these are the daughters of the same Democrat/liberals that people vote in who promote Thot culture, abortions, birth control, homosexual, basically everything that has to do with sexual deviance….I’m not surprised the little lady doesn’t know how to close her legs, and has her vagina out and not be conservative, Because they are not conservative. 🙄 It baffles me why people of color have conservative values but vote in a liberal agenda. F#cking pawns.

  27. Nickey Jackson

    There will always be a world of haters. I take a step back and look at things from my teenage me. I never criticised the way a person dress because I do not supply their wardrobe. 99% of the people that’s dropping shade on this young lady either dress like this and mad cause she wore it better, or just jealous they can not wear it. This society is so messed up. They speak about building one another up, but daily in the blogs, on the news, and even the magazines we see society is beating us down. Baby girl me personally appreciate my haters. Like Kat Williams said if you don’t go to bed with 15 haters you doing something wrong. This thing about her being the President’s daughter; ok she is also human as is the President. Too many people wanting to raise other people kids. Sit back and monitor your own affairs. Jackson Southerners said it best: ” Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.”

  28. Let her have this! She’s been raised in the white house all her life, always had security around her and couldn’t be herself. As long as she don’t act like the bush sisters or start getting naked on the gram let her do her!

  29. Hope she ain’t about to turn full thot

  30. What college girls don’t show off their bodies? That’s most of our best body years – and the most appropriate time to show it off. As long as she’s also doing her work, she’s good. Shoot – she doesn’t even have to work that hard bc she’ll be hooked up for life bc of her daddy.

  31. Time Lost BSing

    I don’t like it. I know teens are cray cray but come on Michelle and Barack. Reel her in. At the least school her on shady “friends” taking/ sharing pix of her in compromising positions. SMH

  32. From the pictures of her I have seen she seems to be around white people a lot. That is just what her parents want because they know she will be a lot safer.

  33. Normal cheerleader antics. Y’all go back to your thottie business and move along..

  34. Damn she’s hot!

  35. @MC1021: No that’s not sasha, you talking bout the older one she’s a coon

  36. Our little girl all grown up… she’s a beautiful young lady … Let her live…where was this energy when the 1st lady had the 1st vagina all over the internets…🤔

  37. Typical thot

  38. blackKingofBASKETBALL

    her father barack obama (real name barry soetoro) was a well known homosexual pervert at the gay bath house mans town in chicago. Sasha was known to get gang banged by white kids in school. Joe Biden is not white he is jewish as is Obama. Jews are from the kjazars and are turko mongolian . Jewish joe and his filthy whore vp are full fledged communists, her husband is jewish,

  39. Sorry I don’t think it’s a picture any parent would be proud of. She looks drunk and the guy looks like he can’t wait for her to pass out so he can take advantage. I don’t know of any Republican first kids behaving like this


    ❤️With makeup she is unrecognizable…put very pretty nonetheless ☺️😬

  41. You mean all the racists aka white “people” are coming for Obama girls.

  42. Blake About mine

    People really need to find something better to do. Leave that young beautiful black woman alone. 💯

  43. Sasha is gorgeous. Can’t believe this is even an issue.

  44. Christian Lake

    They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Sasha is and always has been a cutie, but her sister, like her mom on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

  45. I couldn’t care less! She’s an adult living her own life. I don’t blame her. 🥱😒.

  46. Who cares?! Seriously!!! There are other pressing matters going on in the world that required our attention. Not what some 20year old kid is doing! Stfu and address what’s important!!!

  47. Valangsta Tolbert

    SASHA OBAMA is a BEAUTIFUL, respectful young lady ❤ Leave her alone.

  48. She’s f* gorgeous.. let that girl live.. I’m sure she was raised right.. and won’t do anything to embarrass her parents…. Let that baby live!!!

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