Walmart Brawl Video: Black woman got ‘pummeled’ fighting over PlayStation 5

Woman knocked out at Walmart/YouTube

Lady knocked out fighting over PS5. 

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CHARLOTTE — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Law enforcement officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are investigating after two splenetic chicks got into a fight over a PlayStation 5 — leaving one of ’em knocked out cold. The bout of fisticuffs transpired December 13th inside Walmart. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a maskless black woman in red pants cussin’ out a female in a black hoodie. “What the f*ck are you gonna do?” asked the lady in red. “I’m gonna whup this bitch’s ass,” the hood damsel replied.

A male customer riding a motorized cart tried to conciliate. But it was to no avail. The woman in the hoodie dragged her opponent by the hair, thwacked her in the face, then stomped her unconscious. Police officers arrived moments later but there were no arrests. Both parties had already fled the scene.

Do the she-devils belong in jail?

Is a Sony PlayStation worth fighting for?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Just fuckn senseless over a game system

  2. Welp, some times in life you get what you ask for.

  3. The lady in the red kept asking for it. Her daughter tried to calm her down, and that didn’t work. Her daughter acted more mature than her. The lady in the black should’ve walked out the door laughing at her because she had the ps5, so it really didn’t matter that the other lady talking her shit, and now the lady in the red pants feel stupid because she got beat up and still didn’t get the ps5. She lost in both ways!

  4. Red pants had cakes.


    the worse part about this video is those grown a$$ men standing around letting them fight. our race is doomed.

  6. Same ole black fighting others blacks

  7. Now this is sheep. Mofos fighting and going off over something material like this. Shyt my kids want one and I will get them one,,sometime next year. Im not about to endure this kind of fucckkery to get something for my kids they dont need. Nah this can wait and they know it. They fine with waiting.

  8. Wow! With every thing going on in the world, they would let the possession of a game escalate to this kind of violence. All I can say is……………….”Attention Walmart maintenance, clean up in aisle 7!

  9. Comedy ain’t dead. 😎🚬

  10. She looked way to cute to fight with them boots and the toilet touching braids

  11. I hate niggas. Why can’t these fuckers get the vaccine?

  12. When keeping it real goes all the wrong!

  13. This aint about a PS5, this is about running your mouth!

  14. Mind ya biznis

    Ok so here’s my issue with this video! BLACK PEOPLE, WE ARE GETTING MORE AND MORE STUPID ABOUT NOT STANDING UP FOR EACH OTHER! It is ignorant AF to me for black men to stand around to watch and RECORD a vicious fight between 2 black women! Meanwhile, yall are the SAME “men” who will complain that no one intervenes if it was THEIR family member getting hurt! This ridiculous double standard we have for our own people does not impress me about our progression AT ALL! Black men talk a lot about respecting black women on TikTok but then we have these assholes who will stand there recording while a woman gets beat up! As a black woman SOME OF YALL ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!

  15. I wanna see BLM protest this foolishness! I guarantee you they won’t!

  16. She got stomped the fuck out!!

  17. Black lives won’t matter to anyone until they matter to Black people. This is sad on so many levels. Not that other races don’t fight but our race is stereotyped as violent and ignorant. That fight was pointless and one or both of the participants could have ended up in jail or worse. Who got paid from that whole exchange?? Not the two dotbrains that fought. Just race disgraces…Next!

  18. Black Girl Magic

  19. Azaiah Yahudah Israel

    Wow.. really our people are seriously lost as a nation and that shouldn’t have happened period stop with the dumbsht foreal

  20. The only reason why she got her is because of those damn braids

  21. Mauro I. Ferdez

    She did a fucken dance on that girls face….🤣🤣🤣 she went, Nate Nate

  22. papa'sgotabrandnewbag

    Pro tip: Don’t write a check that your body can’t cash

  23. y’all actin like this over a game system????

  24. Talking all that Sh** and got knocked the Fu**ed out!😅

  25. Mauro I. Ferdez

    First clue you are about to get an ass whooping, when the dude in scooter tell his wife Handle Your Business, you should know she throws down for living. the confidence in his wife should have been enough to say I don’t want none Especially if you can’t fight. next time re-evaluate the situation before this happens to you again

  26. queenofattraction

    come on sisters lets unite not fight

  27. Bitches are sick

    she only won because ol girl got long hair.

  28. Queen’s huh???? Smfh

  29. Always the loudest ones who get handled nicely

  30. Black women are real savages, sheesh

  31. Nothing is funny or cool about this. She literally stepped on her face. She got the best of her sure. But over a game this is so stupid


  33. God that line “whtchu gon do”….kiss of death, its usualy a guy u hear screamin that….& then the same results….plus ur girl looked to hve a lil ground & pound game….i advise everyone to tke sme form of mma evn if its at the local ymca…..specialy if u gona scream 😆”whaaaaatchuuuuu gon dooooo”???

  34. The PS5 is junk, not even worth it! Better off just sticking with PS4 or otherwise go retro

  35. Ghetto niggggers

  36. This is the best that America has to offer. Thats why the rest of the doesn’t take us serious. Grown ass men filming and not helping a lady. Damn sad.

  37. No one tried to break them up, they instead pull their phones out and record it. This disgusting, dumbasses

  38. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.

  39. Tyniesha Smitg

    How u shopping in Walmart in high heels 😒😭😭😭

  40. She was acting tough and get her ass dragged

  41. no one is fighting over xbox 😂

  42. If you want to understand white privilege it’s simply this: White people have to deal with this way less often, allowing for a smoother running social environment.

  43. Black lives don’t matter to their own? Shocker.

  44. Why? What examples are we setting for our young generation?

  45. Stomping on someones head is actually considered attempted murder. That PS5 better be worth cause she bout to do real time.

  46. Damn america is a third world shithole

  47. I guess the only thing that matters more than black lives are video games.

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