Bloody Video: Ekom Udofia, former NFL ‘defensive’ lineman, shot dead by police

Udofia shot dead/Phoenix Police

Ex-NFL lineman brandished gun. 

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PHOENIX — Law enforcement officials in Phoenix, Arizona are catching hell after they shot former NFL player Ekom Udofia at least 10 times before siccin’ a police dog on his black ass. The sanguinary ordeal transpired around 2:00 a.m. on November 30th. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows officers pointing their guns at Udofia who was visibly high on crack. The 33-year-old malefactor was also armed with a weapon. “Please drop the gun, dude!” one officer yelled as Udofia approached the patrol vehicle.

“Please, please do not make me shoot you!”

As Udofia got closer, the officer told his partner, “Dude, I got to shoot him, bro!” That’s when they opened fire, causing the 300-pounder to hit the pavement. Udofia was shot again and masticated by a police dog after he brandished what turned out to be a BB gun. He was pronounced dead moments later.

The dog must’ve ate his spinach, because he dragged a 300-pound man across the street with ease.

Officials with the Phoenix Police Department said they tried deploying stun bags and pepper balls at Udofia but nothing worked. The Stanford alumnus suffered from mental illness and his rap sheet includes disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. He was on probation at the time of his quietus.

Udofia was acting deranged and jumping on vehicles when officers arrived.

Do you think CTE played a factor in his deportment?

Was this suicide by cop?

Watch graphic body cam footage.

Share your thoughts.


  1. prob another head injury from football…lets see the scumbags try and blame the cops for this

  2. Jeez 😪 so sad he was prob had a lot of head injuries in football

  3. Great job officers

  4. Mullcrum the Sage

    Suicide..featuring you guessed it..the Cops! RIP

  5. that dog is stronger than the 300 pound man


  7. Well that sucked. I wish the police could have shot him less when they initially shot him. Big dude, took some bullets. From what I saw, I think the police did a pretty good and justified job. Hate the result though.


  9. One down millions to go

  10. @Matt Hannahs: They coming for you too my boy never forget

  11. Wow they smoked him.

  12. The dog did great. Can’t believe the strength. Pulling over 300lbs of dead weight.

  13. How many shots do you need to take 1,2? Above that it’s cold blooded murder.

  14. So sad, I wish these cops would release footage of shootings before the media assumes and people riot. But that’s not how 2020 works.

  15. @Luke Wenberg: At this point it doesn’t matter. They just want cops shot first. I’ve seen dudes shooting at the officers and they return fire and still protest and riot against the Police. Nothing will please them. I’ve given up on their agenda. They just want cops abolished and send in social workers to kill them with kindness. I’d love to see that. I’ll grab some popcorn and watch from a distance as bullets start flying at the social workers.

  16. The fact it was a BB gun is just sad he was obviously mentally unstable

  17. RipCity Drummer

    What a terrible way to die. If he wanted to end his life he shoulda just did it quickly 😞😞😭😭

  18. This is so sad… and to all the people turning this into a sobstory for the cops its a sob story for everyone. Dont victimize cops. They didn’t want to kill him they are NOT celebrating and its entirely possible that the gun wasn’t a real one (like a BB gun) and ENTIRELY possible for more de-escalation training can prevent tragedies like this. Its obvious he was suffering from consecutive brain injuries caused by football. CALL FOR UNITY. HUMANITY. AND BE A PART OF DEMANDING BETTER PREVENTION. Football needs to change. Law enforcement needs to change. This is a teachable lesson no matter what identity you have or what “side” you are on. This was brutal and it did not have to be. We can do so much better.

  19. It’s so sad that an officer is now scarred for life because he had to shoot. Somehow, somewhere, someway, some dumbass will call this racially motivated

  20. Darryl Manning

    Suicide by cop

  21. So sad cops have to beg now. It’s like criminals are right and cops are the bad guys.

  22. @Anthony B: Its sad that you seem so misguided in how you are viewing this. They were begging not to be “forced” to hurt him. ANY GOOD COP should care this much. Its not a point of pride its about humanity, open your eyes. They didn’t want to take his life and he was suffering from consecutive brain injuries.

  23. Tarantula Fingers

    Lmao the way the dog dragged that giant ass dude had me weak

  24. Grimes & Lorde :Ocean EYES

    The officers did the best job they could almost perfect they were not trigger happy right away, they also gave him so many chances & he had a gun in his hand, they were begging , the officers resist as much as possible not shooting unlike other cases , even use bean bags , if America police took a little note from this incident of the Phx police the country would be better off not to much protest the citizens would understand this is how it’s supposed to be handle well done Phoenix AZ police these are good cops not corrupt, u could tell by the voice of the officer when he said : I have to shoot him man , like he really didn’t won’t to like what I’m I suppose to do ~ it’s a hard job, decision making, at the same time I fell really bad for are local Phoenix Az football player Ekom Udofia , he was suffering from mental illness most likely, I wish the NFL could support players more in need, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is serious, that True story movie Concussions will smith was in, about the NFL & the players suffering aftermath is a real eye opener unbelievable

  25. @Tarantula Fingers: its obvious you need more love in your life. Im just expressing to you that I wish the best for you when you’re hurt enough by the world that you find humor and pleasure in that brutal display of violence and tragedy.

  26. Racist pigs!!!

  27. There’s no way anyone can find something wrong with this. The cop asked “Please” like 20 times. Guy needed to drop the gun that is all haha

  28. This is what is wrong with police. Dude didn’t point the gun at them till he was shot. Just a shame these cowards hide behind the badge.

  29. @Brad johns: Are you an idiot? They desperately tried to get him to put the gun down.

  30. Phx Police did a PHENOMENAL job! There better be NOTHING from BLM on this black guy getting shot. The Phx Police gave him every opportunity, but this black guy BLEW it, so he deserved what he got! Phx Police to be COMMENDED! Thx for sharing this video-though disturbing, it’s important that citizens see this sort of thing so we don’t get “sucked” into the BLM BS!

  31. Why shoot so many times?

  32. I can understand the police shot an armed man walking towards them. What I can’t understand is why US police almost always shoot many times. Looks to me like they’re trained to kill and not to disarm?

  33. Gregory Thomas

    It’s heartbreaking to see a life end in such a tragic manner. Especially a life that had so much promise. Obviously Ekom Udofia had some serious issues going on in his life. And what happened to him here should indicate the importance of seeking help when we feel that the pressures in our lives have become too much of a weight. There is always some place to go to seek help. And there is no shame in doing so. Another thing to note here is that, given the circumstances, the Phoenix police officers conducted themselves in a manner that should be held as exemplary. They did all they could to try to take Udofia in alive. In particularly, the one officer that was giving the commands to Udofia to drop the gun. At least that shows some progress in the way Black men are treated by police in this country. Hopefully other police departments across the nation will take notice.

  34. Thank GOD for the police getting there and stopping the threat. Innocent people could been killed by that mad man. FUND THE POLICE

  35. Reginald Martin

    Those idiots got tasers , no need to shoot guns for killing.

  36. From what I see here this is completely justified. They gave commands and attempted to “beg” on a human level. The guy failed to comply and was a serious risk to the public. The cops don’t know your state of mind or if your gun is real or not. If that was me I dont know if I would have done anything differently but thats not my place to say. He was a serious threat and they stopped the threat, gave him plenty of chances. No shooting is good, but this was justified from what I know know.

  37. kazimir kennedy

    Black people need atheism period 💯☠️💀

  38. brother shabazz

    No need to shoot him once he’s surrounded and on the ground. That’s called an execution. American police are big on deadly force and small on training that could have saved Ekom’s life. UK police killed 3 people in 2018. US cops killed about 1,000 that same year. The US pop is roughly 5X the UK. But even if we increased the UK fatal shootings by a factor of 10, that works out to 30 fatal shootings. There is something horribly wrong with US policing. Too many Americans, especially white Americans, think this is normal. It’s not normal.

  39. A bad Importer

    Again, one example of how unskilled US police are really. How do these so-called police officers even call themselves policemen. It’s no wonder that people in America are about to shoot police and do not blame them for it, maybe they also deserve to be killed. Everyone knows that American police are the biggest joke in the world. Hope someone kills these cops and their entire family .

  40. He once was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals… no wonder he had mental health issues.

  41. Cannon Campbell

    Drop the goddamn gun

  42. This man was tortured by the police !!!! So sad. Also don’t do drugs kids. Trixs are for kids

  43. Good. Another dead democrat.

  44. We need BB Gun Control

  45. Shout out to all the heroes that could tell that was a BB gun while it was dark and it was being waved around and wouldn’t have cared if it was a real gun and still would’ve ran at the guy and tackled him with no fear of getting shot and no fear for their own safety. You are true heroes and if you were there that night that man would still be alive. It’s too bad you were in your home, sitting on your couch, watching this on your i phone.

  46. I would have done the same thing. In fact, the cops did far more to save his life than I would have done. This idiot threw his life away over a BB gun. RIP moron(LOL).

  47. @Daniel Duncan: This is so wrong how many times did they have to shoot him.Stop trying to justify this he was already down. My Black Men of Color Lord Blessings upon you! Like we said earlier this year Police need to be Trained to Treat Black Men Equally! Shame on that Department

  48. GridIron Matrix

    Suicide by cop.. ex nfl star .. he was cracked out.. sad.. but true

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