Coronavirus Vaccine: Black nurse Sandra Lindsay becomes ‘first’ to get vaccinated

Lindsay took the shot first/Business Insider

Sandra Lindsay immunized first. 

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NEW YORK — Sandra Lindsay, the Black nurse in New York City who became the first person in the United States to receive Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine outside of trial analysis, is doing everything within her power to convince you and I to “believe in science” and get our asses immunized because “healing is coming.” Lindsay, director of critical care nursing at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, was inoculated in her left arm. Then she received a COVID-19 credential to show she’s been vaccinated.

Pessimism be damned, the 52-year-old physician is glad to get the process over with.

“I felt a huge sense of relief, hope for everyone around the world that healing is coming, that we took a step in the right direction to finally put an end to this COVID-19 pandemic,” she said during Monday’s chinwag with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “I know that we still have a long way to go, and so I encourage people to listen to the experts, to continue to social distance, to continue to wear masks, to continue to practice hand hygiene, but it really felt good to get that vaccine in my arm finally after all these months.”

Lindsay also reassured Blacks that the panacea is FDA approved and completely safe. Many African Americans are skeptical thanks to the 1930s study at the Tuskegee Institute in which 600 negro men weren’t treated for Syphilis. “I would say to them that I understand that, based on the history, they have mistrust in the medical system,” Lindsay said. “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science. What you should not trust is COVID-19 because you don’t know how it will affect you.”

“So I would say to you that I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you and that you should trust the science,” she continued. “What I have seen, I was just tired of seeing. I’m tired of seeing the hurt, the pain, the suffering and the deaths and that was why it was really, really important for me to take the vaccine and to do my part to put an end to this pandemic.”

In case you didn’t know, two former Pfizer employees co-authored a petition earlier this month calling for the end of clinical trials of the vaccine because they believe it causes infertility in women.

In other words, it’s birth control.

Not to mention drugmakers can’t be sued amid vaccine complications. So if you die or end up suffering from infertility and/or Bell’s Palsy, there’s nothing you can do from a litigation standpoint.

Is Lindsay the second coming of Eunice Rivers Laurie?

Was she given a handsome douceur?

Watch the interview.

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  1. We can’t spell HERO without HER!

  2. Kumāra Bhikkhu

    How come the people who developed the vaccine don’t take it first?

  3. When the government admit that this was made in a lab . Maybe then I’ll have respect 🤬 but I’ll never take this Vaccine . 25 yrs of nursing I have no trust for these oppressors

  4. Okay black people here’s your bait

  5. Taking credit for running to be “The first” COVID vaccination taker is only a desperate attempt at putting in your submission to be a willing tool of white supremacy. I see the standard are very very low for some on the other side. She didn’t develop the vaccination, she was simply a willing lab rat. 👏🏾 congratulations for being “the first” to take their vaccination, 😂.

  6. Dondrea Houser

    She can say what she wants. I’am not taking that poison.

  7. How much was she paid🤣

  8. do not follow this piper

  9. Question? Why is vaccinating Americans so important? The vaccine just prevents people from getting sick who haven’t gotten the virus yet. It doesn’t cure the virus. People who get the vaccine can still carry the virus.

  10. Adrienne Thompson

    Where is the apology about black people used as medical experiments? Where is the apology? The trust starts there!

  11. Jennifer Godboldo

    What is in this VACC????

  12. That’s good for her and all the people who decide to take the vaccine. However, we need to respect people’s freedom to chose. Will you promise not to discriminate, punish, alienate and threaten those who chose not to get it?

  13. The only time a black person get to go first for anything, good luck

  14. Brigith Hippolyte


  15. Well I guess this is the point where once again they need African American turnout again, an African America woman, a reporter interviews another African American woman who publicly took the vaccine to show all of the other African American people that it’s ok, the water is fine jump in SMMFH.

  16. The vaccine is expected to turn everyone white. Be warned. Lol

  17. Darrell Williams

    Why didn’t bill gates take the 1st shot

  18. I just hope the most high protects her because we dont know what these demons put in her body.

  19. The most naïve race on this planet is the black race.

  20. Brave Woman!!!👍

  21. I’m latino its not just African Americans who are going to take this vaccine alot of Latinos are going to run to take this poison like a bunch of sheeple why because they dont research anything and believe everything…..

    As for myself I like to ask questions and research for myself.

  22. Thank you nurse. You are amazing. You are on the front line and you seen so much. Amen😘💞

  23. Nurse: I believe in science and indisputable facts.

    Trump and his cult of sociopaths: fake news!

  24. Right, healing is comming!
    But not from the US… ☝🏼🤷‍♂️

  25. Didn’t even flinch. I’m impressed 🙂

  26. Why can’t I find her on the NYSED site to lookup her credentials as a “nurse”

  27. Using African Americans again!

  28. I don’t care how many black people they march up there to show it safe I don’t think so

  29. Fernie Arenivar

    Honestly, this is proof that this is just a trial…. if this vaccine was a definite success, white ppl would have been the first.. it sucks that it has to be political, but it is. This so called vaccine be introduced to more ethnic races and not pushed towards white ppl.

  30. This is a wonderful step forward for humanity. How appropriate for a nurse to get the vaccine first ❤️

  31. Helena Jefferson

    The first test dummy smh

  32. Always using black people

  33. I know……. how about have a black news presenter and a black puppet be the first to get vaccinated, then get vaccine chatty happy and tell everyone how good it is…. it will increase the black votes on taking the vaccine 😂 we black people will never take the vaccine!!! Not after u experimented on us in secret!!! How about tell us how to increase our immune system naturally!!!

  34. You can keep your filthy Billy gates eugenics tracking poison.

  35. Leave me alone Damnit

    Propogand machine is rolling don’t take it thier trying to con y’all into believing that it’s safe

  36. I got my shot.

  37. White Supremacy at its best trying very hard to socially condition black people to take their poison this is chemical warfare against black people

  38. She is a sellout!! Don’t trust her or that cring worthy smile!

  39. We’ll talk to you in a year when the real side effects kick in!

  40. Tuskegee 2.0

  41. Ashan /JUDAH De Leon


  42. second sho second sho

    You can trust science I’m gone trust God!!!

  43. Warren Winston

    Funny. She is an ICU nurse with sculptured nails. I thought that was against CDC & OSHA guidelines???

  44. Black people have never went first in this country, we have always been dead last for everything. But now we get to go first??? I will never trust it and I won’t ever get it.

  45. The fxckery is real.

  46. Dragonfly Princess

    so because she takes her black behind up there and get it black people gonna go get it… GTFOH!

  47. “Trust the Science”
    the severely diluted altered Science constructed to fit their narrative
    Trust the Science over your own intuition…

  48. upliftment good

    Bill Gates Nano chip vaccines which automatic turn someone to robot with the help of 5G network. Majority of the dead rate was being mastermind by the Illuminati world. Sandra Nurse experience illusion

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