Coming 2 America Trailer: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall return after 32 year hiatus

Eddie and Arsenio are back/Prime Video

Coming 2 America trailer is released. 

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HOLLYWOOD — From Zamunda to Wakanda now back to Zamunda. Amazon Prime executives released the official trailer for “Coming 2 America” on Tuesday and the sequel to the 1988 comedy looks fantastic. Set in the luxuriant royal kingdom of Zamunda, newly-crowned ruler Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and his trusted sidekick Semmi (Arsenio Hall) embark upon a rib-tickling escapade that has them athwart the planet in pursuit of Akeem’s long-lost son. “Prepare the royal jet,” Akeem tells Semmi.

“We are going back to America.”

After hearing the exhilarating news, Semmi yells: “Oh hell no, your Majesty!”

In spite of a 32-year hiatus, many of the original characters are back in a star-studded cast that includes James Earl Jones, John Amos, Shari Headley, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Teyana Taylor, Kiki Layne and that black ass Wesley Snipes.

Eddie and Arsenio also reprise their barbershop dramatis personae in addition to several others which includes the coquettish Reverend Brown and gospel singer Randy Watson (aka Sexual Chocolate).

“Coming 2 America” premieres March 5, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

Are you excited?

Did they wait too long to concoct a sequel?

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Watch the trailer.

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  1. Sigurður Kristinsson

    Leslie jones.. ughh

  2. Thank you Eddie for bringing back Randy Watson and The Barbershop gang

  3. Eugene Steven Kong

    Eddie Murphy is back baby!

  4. My body is ready and my Soul Glo is gre-SAY!

  5. Haven’t seen Wesley Snipes for ages.

  6. Looking forward to see if Louie Anderson’s character Maurice finally became Assistant Manager at McDowell’s, making the big bucks.

  7. …..can’t wait for this muthafuka

  8. Craig Savarese

    Finally, the triumphant return of Sexual Chocolate! (Mike drop)🎤

  9. Looks great!!!!!

  10. I don’t get the part about trying to find a son in USA? Did he not have that child with the wife from the USA? Confused?

  11. Eddie Murphy has barely aged compared to most celebrities in his age group

  12. Eddie Murphy has the exaggerated swagger of an African King

  13. Made my Day

  14. I can’t believe this is coming out

  15. Nostalgic! I used to watch this over and over again on HBO!

  16. Saye C. Leneus

    I can’t wait. From the preview, the movie looks like it will be just as timeless as the first.

  17. This has nothing to do with the video…URGENCY! ALARM BELLS GOING OFF Holy spirit says choose today if you are going to be in heaven with Jesus as your Lord and Savior, his arm is extended #repent #believe. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again and is seated at the right side of God in heaven!! Choose him as your Savior, invite Holy Spirit into your heart. (Get baptized) have a relationship w/God, turn away from sin, read your bible KJV or NIV are some options. It isn’t about a religion, about a relationship with Jesus Christ/ God!!! We are living out Rev. In the Bible now. Jesus is returning soon to get his bride from the earth!! You can join us!!! Jesus wants you to come home!!! 🙏🙏💐💐😄💝💝💝

  18. I’m just glad Sexual Chocolate is back!!

  19. Those ole bastards from the Barbershop still alive loool.

  20. The book of enoch

    This movie will be pure comedy 😂😂

  21. Mr Randy Watson, yay-us!

  22. Is this black panther 2?

  23. Rollnunderthebus

    Honestly, I know my opinion isn’t wanted as a white man. But this trailer does not feel like a step of progression in the 30 or 40 years since the predecessor. From the marketing, I feel like they are trying to grab onto the nostalgia of the 80’s…when white men were the literal most powerful figures in America.

  24. Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate. I never thought I’d see the day.

  25. I hope the movie bring a brand new Soul Glo commercial

  26. 🎉🍿🎊Entertaining🎭🎬🎥

  27. “Leslie Jones” I immediately lost interest.

  28. Low hanging fruit comedy, inundated with cultural insensitivity, colorism as the original and disconnected to current times of awakening.

  29. Courvoise Howard

    This finna be good

  30. The real king of wakanda

  31. this is proof that God exists. Check mate atheists.

  32. Lmao FINALLY a movie that im looking foward to

  33. Richard Alcocer

    Fucking A Mr. Randy Watson!!

  34. Hassen Noormahomed

    This just makes me want another Nutty Professor haha

  35. It’d be really cool if Semmi & Akeem revisit McDowells, Now owned by Akeem’s brother in-law, Darryl ( Soul-glow ). Louie Andersen still on fries, while Samuel Jackson is mopping the floor as a condition of the prison work release program

  36. Those n!&&@$ in the barbershop is older than my great grandmother 👵

  37. Okay, but wait – when did Akeem sow his “royal oats” to father this son? Before he met Lisa or after she broke up with him but before he went back to Zumunda?? 🧐

  38. Cuba gooding jr better return as well

  39. Its nice to see that alot of the original characters and actors who played them are coming back for the sequel.

  40. If I’m from Zamunda, do I need a visa to Wakanda?

  41. They ruined a great classic. This looks stupid as hell

  42. I can already see this won’t be anywhere near as funny as the 1st movie. Won’t be as good either. Sequels rarely are. Sorry Leslie Jones fans but any movie she appears in simply isn’t good or funny. I also question why this is being made now. Did Eddie need a paycheck? Waited 32 years to make a sequel?! Something doesn’t add up with that. Lastly, hollywood is clearly out of ideas. Everything a remake or a sequel to a movie from 20-30 years ago.

  43. I’m excited for this!! We need a Nutty Professor sequel next. 🤣

  44. Ima guess that Lisa left him for X reason shortly after marrying him and went back to America while with the child and he needs to find her again. The alternative is that Akeem slept with women while in America the first time without us knowing. The later would lessen the character we have grown to love sadly….the original is on my “watch every year” list.

  45. Seems like a great idea. But probably going to suck really bad. Guess we will find out in March.

  46. I hope Louie Anderson is at least an assistant manager at McDowell’s

  47. william Aggrey-Orleans

    They got Wesley Snipes acting the fool in this one. Just wrong.

  48. Wait. What happened to Akeem’s wife? How does he have a random son back in Queens unless he had a fun night with one of those weird chicks from the club?

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