Deputy Assault Video: Maskless woman pummeled security guard at gas station

Deputy assaulted by woman/Twitter

Sheriff’s Deputy beat with baton.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ST. LOUIS — Law enforcement officials in St. Louis, Missouri are investigating after a black sheriff’s deputy got her ass kicked by a woman who refused to wear a face mask. The pummeling transpired Christmas Day in the parking lot of Shell’s gas station. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a pugnacious black chick beating the sh*t out of a female sheriff’s deputy with her own baton. The 59-year-old officer, who was moonlighting as a security guard, tried to coerce the malefactor into donning a face mask inside the convenience store which prompted the contumacious patron to beat her ass à la Rodney King.

A pair of bystanders tried to conciliate. But the recalcitrant damsel thwacked the deputy in the head before speeding off in a red car. “[The deputy] performed admirably while injured and under duress,” said Sheriff Vernon Betts. “This incident points to the dangers law enforcement officers face every day.”

The deputy was hospitalized and treated for a concussion.

Is it time for her to retire?

Are face masks becoming a nuisance?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. That’s a damn near 60 year old woman! That biiitch needs jail and then hell. If I could punch her in the face, I would! I do not wish ill on people normally but, I hope that biiitch catches covid19.

  2. My question is why is this woman a “sheriff” do they not have physical requirements? Or is St Louis taking anything? She is LUCKY she was fighting a woman and not a grown man

  3. The COP should have busted a cap in her ass.

  4. This “cop” should be fired or asked to retire or resign.. And, she should have shot this dirty b i t c h! F u c k that BLM dumb ish!

  5. This is stupid for so many reasons, old girl going to jail over a mask. And that security lady sherif whatever should be embarrassed. Cause from the look of things it seems like she might have more attitude than hand skills. It has to be more to this I hope cause both these Hoffa look crazy for different reasons

  6. These cops pass boot camp/physical training and let themselves go. They get out ran and beat in physical combat on a regular which is why they are so quick to shoot cause they are out of shape and cant fight. They should be required to pass a yearly or bi yearly physical agility test. Weight should maintained. THIS IS EMBARRASSING AS A POLICE OFFICER. You should not be getting your a** kicked like that by a civilian. 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

  7. LeBronJamesCaveCreature

    Niggurs love being niggurs. It gives them a sense of pride to be violent in their communities

  8. I’m surprise that old 59 yo Sheriff didn’t put a hole in her. She def deserve to get shot. Then all those ignorant asses in St louis would wanna riot and yell BLM.


  10. PuertoRicanPanther



    Wow damn shame. All you gotta do is put on a mask. She needs to be in jail

  12. Are we sure that isn’t a man?

  13. Next time shoot

  14. Camera man ain’t shit.

  15. The only good NIGGE® is a dead one!

  16. selfdestructin321

    That was a man.

  17. This broad risked it all for a mask.

  18. 👀That has to be a dude in a wig 🤔

  19. Police need to stop acting like tyrants and going along with evil government and lying media over this “pandemic.” Stop wearing stupid masks!

  20. That was a TRANNY !!! NOT a woman. Go BACK and look…THAT is a 6 foot NIGGE®

  21. She’s a HERO f the police

  22. The Sober King

    Thats not a criminal that’s an American hero

  23. DragonTroopBeta

    Populist and freedom-loving Americans are ready to go to war. We just need a leader, and love him or hate him, Donald Trump honestly might be the one everyone rallies behind – right and left. The establishment, the police, and large corporations need to be reminded who is in charge: We, the people.

  24. This comment section gives me hope

  25. She’s a Hero. Hope nobody turns her in.

  26. Yes, please identify this woman, so we can congratulate her directly for smacking that tyrant.

  27. @Walter: your white women have flat ass & tiny tities ..& you dont think they look as trany.. when they look exactly like them as if they was men !! 😂😌😌💯💯

  28. Toby Cunningham

    That woman is an absolute hero. Love it! Everyone should refuse to wear a muzzle for a virus with a 99.997 percent survival rate.

  29. I thought its was Michelle Obama

  30. People are getting fed up with the nonsense… it WILL get much worse if we don’t back to normal immediately..

  31. Keeping pushing people around over a mask and they will push back this isnt even the beginning

  32. I seen two chicks arguing with another chick in a local store where I live over the exact same thing a damn mask.

  33. Joy Michele Timmons

    Not everyone can wear a face mask. Some people have medical reasons for not wearing one. If there were no face mask requirements, we would not have these issues. I do not wear a face mask but I still go to the businesses and respect everyone’s health, safety and life. Face mask requirements need to end now because more situations like this one happens. If people do not wear a face mask, that is on them.

  34. Fact is America is already in a Civil War and only one side will win.
    Side 1 – People who will put their own life on the line to ensure the American Way Of Life, for all, forever!!
    Side 2 – People who will Destroy the American Way Of Life to preserve their own Precious, Oh So Valuable Life.
    Choose Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!!!

  35. How trashy and disrespectful. Wear a mask folks.

  36. Justin Prather

    Well officer, you get what you fuckin’ deserve!

  37. That’s what needs to be done everytime !

  38. Good, resist communists

  39. You can’t restrict someone’s right to buy food ever. How fucking insane has the world become?

  40. DO NOT call crime stoppers and report this hero of a woman! DO NOT CALL!!!!!

  41. I see most of the comments are very ignorant, must be Trump supporters.
    Trump supporters are the stupidest people on this Earth,
    Yes a mandate is not a law but a proprietor of a business that is a private business can follow the mandate and insist that it’s customers where a mask.
    This is their right to run their business anyway they want.
    when you go into a business and see a sign posted on the door that says,
    “no shirt no shoes no service”
    Do you take off your shirt and shoes because your rights are being infringed or because you’re an ass.

  42. EVERYONE just needs to stop wearing masks. There’s not any jail space for millions of people. How would the tyrannical gov’t handle that? They can’t and will just let it be.

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