Black Boys: Chiefs All-Pro Travis Kelce elucidates importance of killing racism

Kelce making a difference/

Travis Kelce joins racial discussion. 

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KANSAS CITY — Travis Kelce, star tight end for our Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, wants you to know he’s down with the negro cause. And yes, he believes black lives matter. The Caucasian pass-catcher and several NFL players — namely Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett and Baltimore Ravens defensive end Calais Campbell — released a documentary titled “Black Boys” that illuminates the spectrum of negro Homo sapiens in America.

Kelce, an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati, is the only white player in the group. He recently traded in his black girlfriend for a blue-eyed blonde. Sponsored by Old Spice and produced by New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins, “Black Boys” also provides perspicacity to African American congruence and latitude at the nexus of athletics, pedagogy and criminal justice.

“It is just a beautiful way to get people to start to discuss the matters that are at hand socially in this world,” Kelce, 31, explained. “I think it’s my job as a white man to be able to step up and say, ‘Listen, something is wrong here. How we are viewing African American people is wrong. How we’re treating African American people is wrong.’ And, there needs to be something that’s done about that.”

“It’s important for me because of my upbringing, the people around me that I love, that I cherish as friends, as family, people of color,” Kelce continued. “And it’s been something that I’ve seen as a kid. And it’s very upsetting.”

The aforementioned Jenkins elucidated the importance of conducting chinwags with urban youth.

“We’re using the film ‘Black Boys’ to really create some more dialogue among Black boys and be able to create spaces where they can feel comfortable in their own skin,” he said.

“We had some conversation around what they took out of it, what are some things that resonated. And to hear these young men talk about the importance of mental health and talk about the psychological kind of effects that it has on them or how it makes them feel when they walk into a space and can tell that people are afraid of them without even knowing who they are, what they’re about.”

“The biggest thing is we need to be able to encourage Black boys to see themselves as more than just athletes and entertainers,” Jenkins continued.

“See themselves more than what they can do with their bodies, but what can they do with their minds. What can they do with their creativity and showing them that it is OK to be emotional, it is OK to laugh, to cry, to feel just as much human as anybody else, and to encourage them to boldly walk in that regardless of what the world or society might tell them.”

“Black Boys” is a Peacock original.

Do you plan to watch the documentary?

Is it Kelce’s job to help rescue the urban community?

Share your thoughts.


  1. El General Del Aire

    JesUs Christ 😂

  2. blacks should be ashamed….. this is not a white man’s job

  3. 100% agree. We should be ashamed

  4. First of I am from Kansa City and Travis Kelce is not in our communities AT ALL. Second of all his project is FOR ANYBODY. Tyrann Mathieu has a program as well So did Derrick Thomas. This is just something these athletes do to build their brand.

  5. blog king is always starting some shit

  6. Unfortunately, such narratives contribute to racism more than any while supremacy movement.

  7. Keeping victimhood alive and well. One fake narrative at a time.

  8. Stormie Weather

    I’m a Kansas Citian, and I agree, but I also disagree. These pro athletes do have a responsibility to help these communities. They’re making millions, and people in the inner city are buying the jerseys and tickets to the games. But of course, parents are not doing a good job raising their kids. Having kids they can’t afford and don’t know how to properly raise. Not promoting education in the household. Not setting a good example for their children to follow, etc. Unfortunately, many just don’t know any better.


    Me in my son gonna look at it

  10. I will watch this today.

  11. Tricia Hagerty

    This documentary was powerful, heartbreaking and thought provoking. I hope it will help to change the narrative away from “fixing” or blaming children, youth and families to dismantling oppressive racist systems and practices that perpetuate harm on Black boys and youth. Our children are not broken.

  12. @Fast Freddie: I totally agree! Black folk needs to save our black communities! Always looking for white folks to help us, help yourself first! SH!T!

  13. A lot black people in America are still on the plantation

  14. Can’t wait to see it

  15. GTFO.. You sound like Whitlock.. Kelce more of a brotha than you playa… Stfu

  16. Kelce is a fake. Had a black girlfriend but left her for a blonde.

  17. 1st problem having kids before the age of 30. 2nd problem having kids in the 21st Century.

  18. Burner Account

    As a black man who has been in Kansas for a little over a decade, Kansas is mainly old white conservatives so they don’t really care about shit that goes on like this unless it affects them too a level, Travis has always been a cool guy though so I respect him trying to help but then again we need to do this shit ourselves instead of begging

  19. Government Cheese

    Kelce loves black pussy

  20. Blacks quick to praise a Caucasian! But always find fault wit their own!

  21. He putting into the community and our women. Still the 2nd best TE in the league though

  22. He dont care about black kids, he cares about black nooky



    We as black people need a major reboot , and it start with the black family , religion , leadership and accountability

  25. black people should fix their own problems and stop seeking reparations

  26. @Charlie Brown: So you don’t believe in reparations? White people should give us as much as they can. Its their fault. Saying that they shouldn’t give back is pure ignorance and anti black. I said it.

  27. And we thought Travis Kelce was just another swirler but he seems to really care

  28. Kelce is a city boy, Cleveland suburb and he went to college in Cincinnati (Bearcats) both have a heavy Black population. He seems to be just as “comfortable” around Blacks as his own.

  29. Every athlete has a charity

  30. But black men won’t do it, instead, they’ll take that money and get themself a white girl to make white babies. By the third generation, the future of the Mahomes family and wealth will be white kids. smh

  31. Travis about to pipe all the single moms in his building 😂

  32. But but but HES white. He’s gotta be a racist, right????

  33. Is this the dude who knocked up that black bed wrench and dumped her?

  34. Paul Henderson

    Watched the movie last night and I enjoyed it very much. It details how this system attacks black boys’ bodies, minds and hearts on a daily basis and offers solutions…not coming from experts but the boys and men themselves. Suggesting this to everyone I know. Thank you!

  35. @Narada: I think he can’t have kid’s probably got a vasectomy

  36. Travis loves chocolate

  37. Unfortunately, such narratives contribute to racism more than any white supremacy movement.

  38. Man i was so uneducated about my race when i went to school age 14 i thought malcolm x was like a fictional movie character like scarface or something i had to educate myself about my race

  39. Melissa's Life💜

    This man is fine

  40. Looks educational I’ll watch it

  41. I can’t wait to watch Black Boys – we need more pieces like it. We are past due to change the narrative.

  42. kelce, once you go black you cant go back

  43. One CRAZY Who Dat!

    White and PROUD.

  44. @One CRAZY Who Dat!: Its ok to be white and proud, but how does that solve the problems that are stated in this documentary? You should love your race but at the same time, you should respect ours.

  45. black black black black black black as if they were the only ones having problems

  46. Im Black, Latino, Caribbean and Immigrant, this country is great, stop the victimization, please, no more excuses, go out, get education, job and save money, work in yourself values.

  47. @Super Size Me: Most white men who date black women eventually go back home. This is typical!

  48. Brown Sugar Babe

    The thought of laying up with some raw pink meat, makes me dizzy af. 😅

    I love Black Men. They’re More Beautiful, Smart & Strong To Me.

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