Body Cam Shooting: White police officer murdered ‘unarmed’ black man at home

Hill shot dead by police/YouTube

White cop kills unarmed man. 

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COLUMBUS — Law enforcement officials in Columbus, Ohio are catching hell after a white cop murdered an unarmed black man on his own property. The sanguinary ordeal transpired on December 4th during a non-emergency disturbance call. It was also captured on video. Body cam footage shows police officer Adam Coy shining a flashlight on 47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill who was in his garage mindin’ his own damn business. “Put your f*ckin’ hands out to the side!” Coy yelled. Hill, who’s black, held his cell phone up in the air with his left hand to capitulate but Coy shot him anyway — claiming he couldn’t see his right hand.

To add insult to fatality, Coy ordered Hill to roll over despite the fact he was writhing in pain.

To compound matters, none of the officers who arrived at the scene felt it was imperative to effectuate emergency medical succor. Hill was pronounced dead moments later. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther was utterly livid over the shooting and demanded that Coy be fired immediately.

The Caucasian cop was stripped of his badge and gun.

He was also charged with murder.

Coy, 44, has a history of complaints filed against him.

Watch the graphic video.

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  1. Stand by for the police union to argue whether he died of a stroke, or a drug overdose, or diabetes…. Or maybe covid….

  2. InsanelyBlessedTheBlack0.5%

    White people the universe is getting so sick of you …….

  3. These cops now they don’t believe in backing up take cover they have no problem taking your life then they sit there and say I felt as though my life was in danger none of the videos that I watch nowadays show cops taking cover they come at you in a group and they all discharge their weapons if the cop didn’t see his other hand he could have back up took cover until back up but no he anticipated shooting someone to take a person’s life it’s like drinking a glass of water nowadays

  4. Getting tired of seeing cops that can’t control themselves and fire before seeing a gun present. Sure the guy had his hand where he couldn’t see it, the cop had the drop on him and could have arrested him as long as the guy didn’t pull a gun out all of a sudden, plus he has on body armor. Why are some of these cops so trigger happy? I was a bail bondsman for 9 years and arrested many people with guns in their hands, could have shot many of them legally but since I had the drop on them, I gave them a choice and hell, I had a bullet proof vest so even if they got a shot off first, I would still be able to return fire if the person was some kind of quick draw. When I was in those situations, I never went in thinking to myself that I wanted to hurt someone. I think it comes down to training, they need to train some of these guys like this so much better. Sure, I get it, you want to go home to your family but you took a job to help people, not shoot everyone down because you can’t see their hands. To the credit of all the good officers out there, I have seen many videos, where the police officer could not see the mans hands and in much more dangerous situations and still called out commands and only fired once the perp went for shooting at them. The point is, that these good officers that I am referring to, gave the person a chance to live or die. That is a good cop that has discipline and does everything he or she can before shooting. We need cops like that to be training these police officers. I still support the blue but I don’t support killers like this bad cop here. To all the good ones keep your heads up and don’t change.

  5. This man was reaching for his ID and the idiot cop that shot him should’ve never been given a badge. That cop deserves the death penalty.

  6. Just an idea but I feel like there needs to be a third party person involved with all Police – Citizen interactions. A Citizen Advocate if you will. Kind of like a Child Advocate, who acts and decides based on the child’s best interest when the parents or court system cannot come to a conclusion.

  7. They order his immediate dismissal like it will bring the dead guy back.

  8. These pigs don’t stop

  9. It’s ONLY an issue when a cop does it. When nigggers are killing each other everyday its ok?

  10. what a dumb ass, there’s no justice anymore except for an eye for an eye with these white monkeys

  11. Most white men who chose to be cops are the lowest of the low. This was a murder…plain and simple.

  12. Yeah Yeah Yeah

    @chocodoggy1: I don’t trust no cop. There is no such thing as a good cop. There can’t be when the entire system is corrupt.

  13. Another one bites the dust..

  14. Jamaal Williams

    The cop is probably demon possessed.

  15. This wouldn’t happen if this was a Whiteman because you damn Cops gives these white offenders a inch and they take a yard and you would never shoot a white person to kill him… “Y’all will reap what you sow.” SMH


  17. Lady Youngblood

    These scary white BOYS!! Scared of a shadow coming out the dark! With his cell phone lit up in the air, they shot like they seen a boogie monster. They can’t police no one’s neighborhood. If there scared of Black people, because they were Born not to love, But to hate, and that’s not away to raise a child, these people have been full of misery and sadness from being brought up with a heavy heart.

  18. Nothing is going to change for us as black people

  19. It’s sad these cats arent arrested but asked to be fired first.

  20. Supremacist turn cop to kill blacks with impunity. We know wtf is going on.

  21. Thats fucking murder and if this cop is not put on trial for murder and found guilty, then I dont want to hear a fucking thing about anything else. This was fucking murder.

  22. first name last name

    He was also hiding his other hand behind his back….but let’s not talk about that.

  23. This is why the Dallas shooter sent five PIGS to HELL🤷‍♀️

  24. Dam shame! Sick of these racist pigs 😡

  25. F U C Ked up can’t even sat in ya own damn garage w/o a mofo killing you, it’s a sad world we live in….

  26. I told people voting for nothing will always =nothing. Biden, and Trump refuse do do anything to stop the police from murdering Black people. when Black people start to defend there self the white media will try to make the Terrorist Cop the victim.

  27. Wow, the karmic energy coming for black men is real…I’m sorry that this is a continuing situation that won’t end..No one deserves this…I wonder if he was a black husband or baby daddy. I notice the killings or baby daddies vs black husbands…Either way, this isn’t good and this shouldn’t have happened…

  28. Feeding the race war I see.

  29. Fry the pig

  30. This is murder plain and simple. If you can look at this footage and say the cop did nothing wrong then you are a sociopath plain and simple. The police has become the biggest criminal organization in the US. Something has got to give. It’s more than just a few bad apples. The entire barrel is rotten.


  32. Wolfgang Ya Sin

    Again, if you’re approached by the police, STOP and put your fucking hands up, is that so fucking DIFFICULT!!!

  33. Why are cops always so foul-mouthed. It seems to be second nature to them to bark out f bombs…

  34. Kimberly Moyer

    This is police sanctioned holocaust!!!

  35. Raytheon Nublinski

    Good mayor otherwise this piece of crap would still be patrolling.

  36. If you slow down the video you can see Andre start to run at the officer, this is why the officer got spooked. Doesn’t justify shooting and killing him, but Andre was acting maliciously.

  37. Franky Broadcast

    How is that a black man?

  38. Should’ve raised both hands. Just saying.

  39. “Sir, show me your hands.” See how easy that was?

  40. Christina Rose-Lowen

    Well he shouldn’t have been black in public..

    (Ideology of all the racist, cop defenders)

  41. Andrew Martins

    Where are the BLM protests for this? Oh yeah forgot they only care when election day is around the corner. See you in 2024 when black lives matter again.

  42. Zoomer Enlightenment

    Pro tip: NEVER walk towards a law enforcement officer without BOTH of your hands visible. I’m certainly not pro-police (I think they’re another tool that the left will use to infringe upon my rights) but this is the kind of thing that an officer probably should be weary of. Tamir Rice took the orange tip of an airsoft gun off to make it look real, walked in a public park pointing it at people, and when the cops were called, he pointed it at an officer already ordering Rice to drop the gun, resulting in him getting shot. Is it tragic? Of course. Is it unjustified? No! Officers have FRACTIONS of seconds to decide what they will do, and when the chips fall, it’s either you or the cop, and that cop has better things to do than end up dead and be another statistic cited in an FBI crime report.

  43. BLM pretty quiet now that Biden is in.

  44. He told Hill to put his hands on his head after he shot him. Ok.

  45. How come there isn’t a mass outrage on social media platforms like Instagram w people posting “blm”, “this needs to stop”. With the George Floyd and Brianna Taylor situation there was mass outrage. So something is fishy with their deaths. Both of their deaths were mostly likely sacrifices. Because the media wanted everyone to know about those two people. So clearly it was done to push an agenda.

  46. I blame White Americans who have almost universally supported racist cops and police brutality for over 200 years. Now their trifling asses is stuck bc Coy skipped the pretext saw Black skin and just executed an unarmed black man. They secretly believe that Casey Goodson did pull a gun bc White people always believe lying racist cops and their lies

  47. This is a systematic genocide aimed at killing off the black race. BLM ain’t enough, it’s time for some Malcolm X therapy.

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