Original Aunt Viv Janet Hubert lambastes actress Lori Loughlin over white privilege

Janet Hubert slams Lori Loughlin/Daily Mail

Original Aunt Viv slams Aunt Becky. 

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LOS ANGELES — Aunt Viv versus Aunt Becky! Janet Hubert, who starred as the original Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” went nuclear on Will Smith a few weeks ago for sabotaging her métier. Now she’s shifted her venomous cynosure towards “Full House” star Lori Loughlin (aka Aunt Becky). Janet took offense to the Caucasian actress spending a measly two months in prison for her role in the infamous college admissions scandal which pales in comparison to the 5-year sentence handed down to Tanya McDowell, the Black mother incarcerated for sending her child to the wrong school district.

Now that’s f*cked up.

The black chick got 5 years and Lori got 2 months.

To compound matters, Lori served her time in a lavish, low-security, Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. Janet believes white privilege was exemplified in her premature liberation.

Lori, 56, and her husband — Mossimo Giannulli — pled guilty in May to using spurious pretenses in conjunction with a $500,000 bribe to get their daughters enrolled in the University of Southern California. It’s one of the biggest scams ever. Janet vented her exasperation Monday after Lori’s manumission.

“So when white actresses commit crimes they get new shows, pilots, etc.,” the 64-year-old thespian wrote on Twitter. “Lori Loughlin… I assume, will get an Emmy for her time in prison. Hmmmm… oh to be white, blonde, and privileged! No thanks, I would rather be bold, black, and dignified!”

Janet wrapped up the opprobrium with the peroration “#onlyinamerikkka.”

Felicity Huffman, who was also involved in the scandal, landed a TV gig after getting released.

Do you agree with Janet?

Are white actresses privileged?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Oh please. Hubert and het racist bitter ass

  2. Here we go again

  3. Lori Loughlin is the poster lady for “White Privilege”. Any average poor person gets 50 yrs in the penitentiary for stealing a pack of Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum.

  4. Hades' Girl 💝

    While I do think she has a point I also think she just wants something to bitch about. She feuded with Will Smith for years and five seconds after that’s over she starts in on this

  5. It’s a federal white collar crime. All races get this treatment when they do it. Lori L. Is a douche bag but it has nothing to do with race.

  6. Janet Hubert is a prejudiced, racist, has-been trying to make herself relevant again.

  7. got a slap on the wrist

  8. It must great to be white/blonde/celebrity…”White privilege” in action.

  9. What a sick joke.
    Watch now liberal Hollywood will embrace her and she’ll have plenty of job opportunities just like actress Felicity Huffman has who also served in a nice camp that is supposedly a prison too for only ten days.

  10. She was found guilty and given the proper sentence for her crime. Sorry, but those are facts. “Aunt viv” is just trying to keep her name in the news.

  11. An average person would serve 2 years in prison instead of 2 months and not having all the amenities. She’s a rich privileged white gal.

  12. Gary Chin Balls

    Oj Simpson got away with killing 2 white people.. lol

  13. michael Rodriguez

    Thats the difference between black parents and white parents….whites will do anything to secure a decent future for their kids while an unthinkable amount of black men abandon leave the mother and child upon notice of the women being pregnant….watch the pro sports draft and see how many blacks dont have fathers by their side….only for the deadbeat fathers appear to make ammends after getting signing bonus…..what….im wrong….if i could afford half million to secure my kids future i would pay in a heartbeat

  14. Im sorry all my white privilege has somehow got that black woman a job in Hollywood. Now that she has made millions can I have some? I am also waiting for LeBron to give me some of that money he has made. If this is white privilege then I will like to change my skin color and magically have money in the bank somehow by being black. How does that work? Was it a welfare check that LeBron got that made him rich? Did all my white privilege coins become null and void? What is the secret?

  15. KillaTrollSeason 187

    So a man who happens to be black can get damn near life for a dime of weed but they bribe and give half a mil to cheat their childs way to college and get 2 months???? wel fck me sideways

  16. Oh how HUbert forgets the number of blacks Trump has pardoned while in office, just for starters. Perhaps Hubert needs to educate herself somewhat and get over the white privilege bullcrap. Just like the race card they always pull, the rest of us are sick of it. Time to grow up and move on.

  17. What a shame, she deserves many more years!!!

  18. OMG!! Give it a dam rest she did get time move on give it a dam rest OMG everything with you dam people is racist it’s been going on before our time and it’s going to still go on omg move on !!!

  19. It’s not about race with this, it’s about rich and celebrity privilege. I agree that she should of got more time in prison.

  20. Leroy Lawrence

    Aight original Aunt Viv you just got back relevant…… pick ya battles! 😂

  21. This is white privilege at it’s best! Shocked? Nope!

  22. She got out and was drove straight to a private jet.
    Tone deaf. Fucking idiot.

  23. I do agree with what Janet said but we need to look at the bigger picture a black man destroyed her career……. black woman again forgiving BM for destroying there lives but highlighting WW faults……………

  24. I think Janet should now focus on rebuilding her brand in Hollywood. Let someone else fight injustice. She fought enough.

  25. Your Local Potato Farmer

    She just had to make it about race. Were never going to get past this if black people keep bringing it up. But they wont stop because we “owe” them something.

  26. To Janets point, the other woman involved in the scandal got a role damn near upon her release. Monique stopped getting roles just from a rumor of her being “difficult”. See the difference?

  27. When Will said Janet had an “attitude”, it was a wrap for her hollywood career but Lori goes to prison and she’s going to come back and it will be like nothing bad happened. That’s what I think she was trying to say.

  28. She frauds the system and gets to go on a vacation resort, people who carry dime bags of weed or whatever get sentenced to harsher places….. this is BS

  29. Sounds about white

  30. With liberty and justice for all yeah right only if your white.

  31. What was the point in sending her to jail ??

  32. They are coming out to their 9.5 million dollar home. what a hardship! White privilege on display.

  33. Let’s look at all the myriad of hip hop stars who have committed more violent crimes, did longer stints in prison because it was well-deserved and then come out , put out an album and it ends up on the top of the chart. And then everyone forgets what a violent criminal they are. The real issue here is not race, but it’s a money game. You can buy your way out of anything. Look at OJ. I used to like Janet Hubert but you know what I’m starting to realize what a bitch she is. I used to just did defend her all the time when she got kicked off of fresh Prince of Bel-Air but now we really see why because all she knows how to do is race bait and start fights with everybody. She comes across as a shit-stirrer.

  34. Wealth privilege. If you got the cash, you’re good to go.

  35. Anthony DeWitt

    I think racism is an overused reaction to different scenarios. But that being said, the disparity between the sentencing of white offenders and black offenders is very real and anyone who has spent any time in a courtroom knows this. The Missouri Supreme Court has now required lawyers to have implicit bias training, and when you start looking at the way implicit bias works into things like sentencing, it’s easy to understand why someone’s initial reaction to a disparity would be racism. That we have to have Batson challenges in criminal and civil cases (and that the responses don’t incur more judicial skepticism) tells you all you need to know.

  36. Kirby Morrison

    Has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Rich Vs Poor !

  37. I don’t think it has anything to do with race. It has everything to do with privileged whether white or black. Actors, stars, Congressman people in charge high societies. They believe they are above the law that’s because we allow them. We the people together have a strong voice divided we fall.

  38. Imagine paying all that money to get your kids in college when you can just set up a business and invest but whatever these people disgust me and then goes to prison 2 months protective custody prison …..and when she’s released she’s already going to go back to acting she is so priveldge it’s not even funny

  39. Sentencing needs to be taken out of the hands of judges. Fixed penalties for all crimes. CEO, movie star, pro athlete, homeless person, white or black should all face the same jail sentence for the same crime. This 2 months for a felony but “lower classes” get years for misdemeanors is B.S.

  40. Only color issue here is Green. Money talks.

  41. This family should be vanished once and for all , fuck them all , the daughter’s, the bitch herself and her husband, need to stay longer than two months

  42. The House of Ní Vara

    Can we just cancel this bitch, let’s not make her and her brat richer, please people boycott this fool anyone who allows her back on TV are just as bad, justice was not served here, it was slap on the wrist, fucking Hollywood

  43. Her so called prison was a Federal resort.

  44. It is Richism!! Money has power and Attorneys make a difference.

  45. I know this will be a controversial comment but I don’t really see the problem. Aunt Becky only wanted the best for her daughter and if you had he money & power to do what she did, you’d be tempted to do so too. That being said, USC isn’t that difficult of a school to get into right? She should’ve went for Stanford or Harvard lol

  46. Everyone relax and do some research before being ignorant. Dont let Blog King get you worked up. The black mom who got 5yrs also had a crimal record with Bank robbery on it. So quit with the blm shit. Yes I think lori loughlin should of got a little more time but it was her first offense, and everyone knows when its your first offence its basically a freebie , due to the nature of the crime of course

  47. She got off easy…imma try this just to see how much time they give a black female like me…
    Nope wait,I already know this one

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