Insurrection: Capitol is raided by Trump ‘supporters,’ many people killed in riots

Trump incites Capitol riots/Photo: AP

Trump supporters breached Capitol.

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WASHINGTON — Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse in the Divided States of America. Armed supporters of President Donald Trump raided the United States Capitol on Wednesday, forcing legislators and employees to take cover. The insurrection transpired an hour after President Trump incited thousands of MAGA attendees at his “Stop the Steal” rally to protest congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, a procedure that would validate President-elect Joe Biden’s triumph.

First, the pro-Trump mob encircled the Capitol Building.

Then protesters were able to ingress House and Senate chambers where lawmakers were busy debating whether to certify Electoral College votes in Arizona. Windows were smashed. Doors were kicked in. Several police officers were injured and a female protester, 35-year-old Ashli Babbit, was shot dead.

Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were escorted to a safe location.

With the use of a ladder, one man stood on top of an entrance and yelled, “This is epic! We’re taking the Capitol back!” Another dude screamed, “The president invited us here, and we’re not leaving!” Protesters also deployed “chemical irritants on police” during the attack.

It was the type of sh*t you’d expect to see in the Banana Republic, not the United States.

President Trump, 74, tweeted a belated cris de cœur for tranquility.

But he only added kerosene to the inferno when he refused to instruct his supporters to vacate the premises. “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful,” Trump wrote before his Twitter account was mercifully suspended. “No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

Several NBA players genuflected during the national anthem to show consternation. ‘‘It’s an embarrassing and shameful day in our country,’’ said New Orleans Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy.

“I’m 59 and I’ve never seen anything like this,” bemoaned Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford. “Our country, we’re being laughed at all over the world. From the way that we’ve handled the [coronavirus] pandemic to this … it’s a sad day for everybody.”

Clifford is right.

World leaders mocked America without leniency via social media.

“We must call this out for what it is: a deliberate assault on Democracy by a sitting President & his supporters, attempting to overturn a free & fair election! The world is watching! ” tweeted Irish Foreign and Defense Minister Simon Coveney.

China’s Communist Youth League disseminated a photo montage of the donnybrook on its Twitter-like Weibo microblog with the caption: “On the sixth, the U.S. Congress, a most beautiful site to behold.”

Iranian officials labeled the United States a “fragmented democracy” on their Twitter page while circulating a photo gallery of the sanguinary ordeal with hashtags that included “#DownfalloftheUS.”

A total of five people were killed during the uprising and dozens more were arrested.

Cabinet members are now looking to evoke the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office.

Should Trump be allowed to finish his term?

Watch disturbing footage of the revolt.

Share your thoughts.


  1. If these protestors were Muslim what would have happened?

  2. Such a disgrace! Trump should be ashamed!

  3. American White Supremacy. So called a Peaceful Protest 🙄

  4. What a party for corona 🙂

  5. Cut The Chicken

    With Capitol Police, D.C. Police, Private Armed Security and Secret Service, I’m surprised they were able to get in.

  6. Each of these MAGA maggots committed insurrection and should be arrested. Each one of them, including Trump, should be charged with murder for the death of a woman who was shot in the chest.

  7. China is laughing seeing this

  8. It’s a shame to be alive right now… smh

  9. I’m embarrassed watching this.

  10. yves Jean-Baptiste

    White privileged at its finest if it where a group of black protesters they wouldn’t make it past the front steps

  11. this is the first step to make america great again

  12. Damn. This is what a lack of brain cells looks like.

  13. Pauline Lambert

    the beauty of american democracy: a riot incited by the sitting president of united states

  14. What a bunch of snowflakes

  15. This happens when you can’t convince the people of a fair and transparent election.

  16. junko enoshima

    There isn’t one bright bulb in that crowd…figures

  17. This is one situation where I’m rooting for Ms Rona and her babies.

  18. Amerika’s enemies watching:

    So it’s easy to take a shit inside the house of people of the ‘greatest’ country in the world.

    Putin is rubbing his hands

    If there was an Isis terrorist in that group he could easily blow up the building, think about that dumb amerika

  19. jacque wallace

    Black and Hispanic folks would’ve been shot by rubber bullets if they ever tried this..

  20. Is like zombie attack

  21. Treason!

  22. I love it. The people are standing up to their government. The corruption has been rampant for decades and the government should fear it’s people.

  23. White people attacking the White House………. never thought I’d see the day.

  24. @Fast Freddie: It was the capitol building dumbass

  25. The whole world watched Donald.J trump’s supporters raid Capitol hill
    While Switzerland just eats popcorn

  26. all of these idiots got covid now.

  27. I just want to thank all who voted for Biden. From all your votes that changed America to the worst. Now because of all of you life will be hell. All those outsiders will come over here and take over just because of you

  28. wonder n reality

    If they were the BLM they would have been shot.

  29. I saw this coming lol.

  30. All this is, is a bunch of privileged crybabies throwing temper tantrums 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  31. Look at all the burning cars and buildings what animals i can’t believe they are doing this

  32. This is how people act when they feel their freedom is being threatened, sad day in America.

  33. Flying Squirrel Tribe

    Afghanistan warlords are smoking weed in a cave thinking,” Our infidel enemy are starting to think like us, finally! “

  34. Wow, my country is full of idiots

  35. God bless these PATRIOTS

  36. This is like watching fall of Rome but with 4G+

  37. These white Americans are out of control looting & trashing the capital building

  38. The Sexy Banana

    If only they were storming it for liveable wages and actual healthcare rather than a man child who can’t accept he lost, the democrats may have fiddled it, no doubt, i mean they even sabotaged their own candidate twice, but there is absolutely no way he won again after his abysmal job in 2020.

  39. Those people were the same people at blm protest. They were not Trump supporters. Republicans don’t act like liberals.

  40. Where was the outrage when BLM & ANTIFA was burning & looting & murdering???

  41. Our America with Donald Trump. If this is how 2021 starts how is the rest of the year gonna be like? Just when we thought 2020 was bad….

  42. Shel Whitfield

    We now know that you need more black people present to get the police and National guard to appear. That’s the only way to stop a riot.

  43. Antifa: Burns down buildings
    It’s a peaceful protest guys!

    Trump supporters: Walk between velvet rope

  44. Antifa-mily rioters dressed up like Trump supporters this time, that all
    came in buses. PAID by planned chaos of George Sorrows Foundation. If
    they dressed up in their usual black garb, they might get beat up. Now
    they pose as rowdy Trump supporters.

  45. What did Trump do to these people to make them go this far to support him? Were they tricked by Trump’s lies and that’s the only reason? I don’t thinks so. The politicians should seriously think about it to prevent another Trump coming.

  46. More double standards by liberals and fake news. BLM mob burn and over turn police cars, throw Molotov cocktails at police and federal buildings, murder people with opposing views, destroy and loot businesses. Yet Biden, Harris and rest of liberals along with fake media call them peaceful protestors.
    All the while ordering police to stand down and refusing to call up National Guard.
    Now that mostly peaceful protestors wave American flags and sing patriotic songs, liberals governors are calling out the Guard, setting curfews and trying to suppress free speech.

  47. Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation to achieve a political goal. These people were terrorists, every last one of them, and they should be punished as such.


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